More Racism From Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers! (feat. Davyn Calfchild & Cathy Walker)

When Occupy Toronto’s Dee Shanger (a.k.a. Captain Yarr) introduced Davyn Calfchild’s First Nations broadcast on Thursday, he announced it as the “longest running show on Livestream”. This may, or may not, be true- Shanger isn’t known for having an affinity for the truth. But, if he’s looking to boast about their achievements, it’s quite likely they can claim being the most racist Livestream.

This week Davyn (a.k.a. Davin Ouilet) decided to continue his pattern of overt racism by ending his show telling racist jokes. After he shared his jokes his wife Cathy Walker warned him that he shouldn’t be telling them because “a certain blogger may be listening”. No Cathy, one shouldn’t avoid telling racist jokes because you might get caught- they shouldn’t be told because it’s wrong to do so.

Of course, despite all of the racism and hate speech that’s come out of Occupy Toronto’s Livestream, not a single person in their circles has spoken out about it. The next time you hear one of them talking about racism, take it with a grain of salt- they obviously don’t really care…

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    • AntisemitisimU on August 10, 2013 at 23:54
    • Reply

    Is it just me or are they both high? They look to be in rough shape.

    1. It’s likely, Davyn was talking about visiting his dealer in this week’s show…

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