Recently Busted London Ontario Anarchist Collective Promotes Eco-Terrorist Arson! (feat. The Indignants & Olivia Chow)

Two weeks ago the police in London, Ontario raided members of The Indignants– an anarchist led “media collective” with close ties to Sid Ryan, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the several Ontario unions. As expected, their supporters complained that they were facing “police oppression”- and, a group of the usual suspects showed up at the courthouse to support them.

The thee people who were arrested for (allegedly) vandalizing a brick wall in a London alleyway and later complained that their arrest was over something petty. But, when you look into this group, it becomes apparent that people inside of it have been promoting criminal activity. Today they posted the above video on their Facebook which gives us further evidence of this…

The unidentified man in the video starts off saying:

“sometimes you have to do more than boycott things, you know- when it comes down to things like animal agriculture, you need to burn the factories and stuff…”

He then continues with a rap with lines like:

“you don’t need a gun, get a lighter in your pocket!”

Your Humble Narrator has been hearing a lot of animal liberation ‘chatter’ coming from anarchist/militant circles the past few days. According to a Twitter posting from Montreal anarchist Katie Nelson, it appears that the Animal Liberation Front are on a tour:


The Animal Liberation Front is an anarchist organization that has its roots in the United Kingdom. They advocate direct actions including arson, releasing of animals, and actions that will “inflict economic damage on those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals. At times, they’ve gone as far as to bomb a veterinarian’s vehicle. In 2006, nine American and two Canadian members of the ALF were arrested for a string of arsons.

I’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. But, if you’re a large scale farmer in the London, Ontario area- it may be a good time to beef up your security. (pun intended)

And, of course, they’re friends with NDP Member of Parliament Olivia Chow! Love is the movement…

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    • Anon on August 5, 2013 at 21:25
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    Lock these criminals up

    1. These people are not criminals. I support them 100%

      1. Are you saying that the person who said sometimes you need to burn things down isn’t a criminal?

  1. Greg find on the video with Chow. That was shot inside the Sheraton Hotel where the occu-cult leaders / fa-schill-itators were staying as well as the place and time when the OFL had their conference You can see Mischa Saunders lurking in the back ground as he always did .

    1. I have to thank our good fiend Toby Lake for the Chow video, he tweeted it out just a few hours before I started this story. Thanks Toby!

    • The Hammer on August 6, 2013 at 10:19
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    Olivia Chow is the Toronto Star’s candidate to run against Rob Ford in the next mayoral race. They have been mentioning in many of their “Crack” investigation stories that Olivia is more popular than Rob Ford according to their polling. As someone (I cannot remember who) wisely pointed out though people know very little about Olivia other than the fact she is the widow of dear Jack Layton. As a previous councilor and current MP for a party that has never been anything at the federal level she has never had to face real scrutiny.

    Olivia does have skeletons in her closet. Like the one shown here. Or like when she and dear Jack lived together in subsidized housing despite both making over a $100K a year.

    1. Besides his relationships with many people in the rub & tug community, Jack also had connections to the anarchists- I’ve got pictures of him with some during an “Anti-Racist Action” event where they set a man’s house on fire…

    • Devil's Trumpet on August 7, 2013 at 19:08
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    Considering the fact that these people seem to be against everything,it’s hard to take them seriously.At some point,you have to be for something. They offer no alternative,just rigid opposition.By not offering an alternative,they expose themselves as just garden-variety thugs and criminals out to selfishly destroy property and disrupt commerce and the lives of others.Those who participate in so-called causes they choose to be a part of clearly do not care of anyone’s livelihood they may destroy,not to mention the potential loss of life associated with arson.While the police may release the names of those who are involved in such actions,the drive-by media rarely,if at all,mentions their names and the level of involvement.The public has a right to know who amongst them are the cause of the damage to taxpayer-paid property,who are those who physically assault members of the public and who are those who threaten the livelihoods of hard-working individuals.It’s beyond time the judicial system treat them as the terrorists they are and the public shun them and their so-called causes.Shame on mainstream media.

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