Saskatchewan Green Party Executive Promotes Train Sabotage! (feat. Daniel Johnson)

This is your brain on the Green Party of Saskatchewan...

This is your brain on the Green Party of Saskatchewan…

Daniel Johnson is a Regina based radical who took leadership during the Occupy movement. He’s a scruffy, unshaven, guy who has a nice home- but spends a lot of time on the streets radicalising the homeless. Your Humble Narrator met him last summer while he was here in Toronto- he’s incredibly personable, but you can tell from talking with Daniel that he has a dark side.

He’s also on the executive of the Saskatchewan Green Party…

Back in July Johnson made an incredibly concerning posting on his Facebook page- providing detailed information about how to sabotage train tracks. He posted a picture saying:

“Supporters of fascism noted that Mussolini made the trains run on time. So, logically, the key to bringing down a fascist regime is…”

Wow, who would have guessed that a Green Party executive would be advocating sabotage? In the text accompanying his picture he explained how commit this crime. Then, he explained:

“If it’s done by enough people in different places across the country, it could dramatically slow down the economy which is the only non-violent way to bring down an out of control government”

Is sabotage Elizabeth May’s secret plan of how the Greens can get into power? It’s hard to tell, but after reading Heather Martin’s recent article on the Green’s co-optation of Saskatchewan’s grassroots movements it seems there’s a good reason that Canadians should be (very) concerned.

Back in 2011, while Occupy Regina still had a camp, Johnson was running as a Green Party candidate for Saskatchewan’s Cannington riding where he got only .021% of the vote. Why did he do so poorly? The answer to that comes from an interview he did with Ezra Levant on-site at Occupy Regina. Like most of his interviews with militant lefties, Ezra totally pummelled Johnson- getting him to admit that he actually never went to the riding to conduct his campaign. Johnson was so badly outclassed by Ezra that BlazingCatFur posted the video of the interview for its entertainment value.

Daniel Johnson is also an actor, playing the lead role in The Trial of Louis Riel, which is billed as the second longest running play in Canada after Anne of Green Gables. Like Johnson, Riel was a revolutionary- so, the question has to be asked- is life imitating art, or is art imitating life?

Daniel Johnson (on left) plays the part of Louis Riel in Regina...

Daniel Johnson (on left) plays the part of Louis Riel in Regina…

The more important question that needs to be asked is whether the Green Party believes that it’s acceptable for one of their executives to be promoting train sabotage. If they don’t, we then need to ask questions about the quality of the party’s vetting process for their executives. Because, regardless of Johnson’s assertion that such action does not “endanger or damage the train in any way”, he’s not an expert on this- there could be unintended consequences.

Back in July, the Green Party’s national leader Elizabeth May made an interesting tweet about a train derailment in Sarnia, Ontario. It was later discovered that the accident never happened. This caught the attention of Your Humble Narrator because of a suspicious derailment that happened after anarchists and indigenous people blockaded a Sarnia rail line. What’s the story behind May’s announcement- is there something she knew that she’s not telling us?


Johnson posted his instructions on how to sabotage trains only a few days after the tragedy at Lac-Mégantic- how tasteless can one be? Your Humble Narrator will be forwarding this article to the Green Party’s national leader Elizabeth May, and their provincial leader Victor Lau shortly. Let’s hope they do they right thing and rid the party of Daniel Johnson…

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