Toronto Media Co-Op Finally Admits Swamp Line 9’s Affinity To Violent Anarchists! (Feat. Trish Mills)

Top: G20 anarchists doing their stuff. Bottom: Patricia 'Trish' Mills at Swamp Line 9

Top: G20 anarchists doing their stuff. Bottom: Patricia ‘Trish’ Mills at Swamp Line 9

Someone with a sharp eye for anarchist criminality pointed out an interesting picture posted on the Toronto Media Co-Op today. They call it a ‘meme’. At the top, there’s a picture of the Black Bloc anarchists who smashed up Toronto during the G20 saying “Get On the Fence”. At the bottom is a picture of Patricia ‘Trish’ Mills locking herself to a fence during Swamp Line 9. Mills is currently facing multiple charges including mischief, and assaulting a peace officer, and is well on the path towards becoming a hardened criminal.

Are they trying to imply that Mills was involved with the criminal violence during the G20?

It seems that now the truth has been exposed, the anarchists are no longer trying to pretend that they intend to run a peaceful protest. They showed this on Wednesday, and now there’s this. The big question, as posed by Ezra Levant, is how can a registered charity like Environmental Defence link itself to such people? There’s something seriously wrong with this- isn’t there?

The Media Co-Op is a problem too. They promote violent anarchists who get arrested as “political prisoners”, rather than the common thugs that they are. If you can stomach reading through all of the garbage they publish it’s clear to see that they’re bordering on being a criminal organization.


So, should we be scared of the Media Co-Op? Maybe, they do have the effect of adding fuel to the fire. That said, they hardly get any readers. Their publication has dozens of contributors from across the country- but, according to, they get just barely more readers than Your Humble Narrator. (Rabble, watch out, I’m coming after you, lol.)

The Media Co-Op has published a number of derogatory/slanderous articles trying to discredit my work. The good news here is that they’ve only succeeded at bringing me more readers, and more attention. I used to think they did this because they’re scared of me and are upset about the work I’ve done to expose the criminality of their peers.

But, as my readership expands, I’m beginning to think that there’s more to the story. It looks to me like the Media Co-Op isn’t only desperate because of all the work I’ve done to expose the anarchist’s misdeeds, they’re also trying to drum-up their readership numbers. Now that I’m regularly on the TV, they’re trying desperately to ride off of the coattails of my success. They’ve put a lot of effort into promoting me in the past- so, I guess that’s only fair.

Oh, and Media Co-Op(t) editors, thanks for having a story on your site that says I’m responsible for making the Roma community walk away from No One Is Illegal (NoII). I’m very happy that they left, but I have to tell you that it had nothing to do with me- I’ve not even spoken with them. The reason the Roma community left is because they saw that NoII is a criminal organization, and didn’t want to damage their good reputation getting mixed up in NoII’s misdeeds…

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    • Anonymous on August 17, 2013 at 00:01
    • Reply

    Remember that the Toronto Media Cooperative was founded and is run by Tim Groves a longtime OCAP executive member and anarchis and by Geordie Dent the Executive Director of the city funded Federation of Metro Tenants Associations a group founded by the Communist Party of Canada and Geordie came to Toronto after losing his job in Vancouver as a street worker where he was also a leader of No One Is Illegal Vancouver.

    1. Yep, I’m very familiar with all that. The Media Co-Op has also been funded by the unions- it seems they don’t have a problem with TMC’s publishing violent hate…

  1. Congrats !! Looks like you have finally made it to the big time.An exclusive piece by MC-O.

    1. That’s the fourth article – they really can’t stop thinking about be, must be love. Lol

      1. I can think of no greater compliment than to be called “dangerous” by a bunch of villains.

        1. Very well put – I do wear it with pride…

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