Ezra Levant Pummels Swamp Line 9 Protesters At Hamilton Court Protest!

Mike Roy of The Indignants gets pummelled by Ezra Levant...

Mike Roy of The Indignants gets pummelled by Ezra Levant…

The protesters who occupied the Line 9 pumping station in Westover had their first day in court on Wednesday. To celebrate, they and their allies arranged a pre-court protest. A motley crew of anarchists, rabble rousers, and useful idiots showed up- and, as expected, they seriously went off the rails. What was billed as a ‘peaceful protest’ became anything but.

Due to economic constraints (donations are much appreciated), Your Humble Narrator wasn’t able to make it out to Hamilton. Luckily, Ezra Levant was able to go to and document the mayhem for us. After a long day of travel and filming, he spent the entire night writing an epic monologue outlining his observations. On Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Ezra in his studio to watch the taping- it was the most entertaining afternoon I’ve had in a while.

The protests began with a march through the city. Activists came with drums, horns, signs and cowbells ready to make a lot of noise. Normally, the police let them get away with a lot of bad behaviour. But this protest was different, rather than turn a blind eye, the Hamilton Police took a lot of effort to keep them under control.

For example, when they tried to march into an intersection and “take the street”, mounted police officers warned them they weren’t going to be allowed this time- trying to block them with their horses. Despite this, the protesters didn’t listen and instead marched right through the horses and took the street anyhow. They probably thought they got away with it at the moment, but they would soon be disappointed.

Ezra embedded himself in the middle of the rabble and did his best to get interviews from a very hostile group. Much like my experiences, they tried block his camera and made a lot of noise while he was filming. But due to a lot of persistence, he was still able to get some great clips and expose much of their hypocrisy.

Iranian government ally Ken Stone holds the megaphone...

Iranian government ally Ken Stone holds the megaphone…

Watching the raw footage on Thursday morning, I kind of felt bad for the protesters- they were seriously outclassed. Despite their reluctance (and instructions not to talk) Ezra and his crew got some fantastic clips- showing how many of the protesters were seriously misinformed.

For example, Mike Roy of the Indignants had no clue that the pipeline is currently carrying oil imported from other countries. When Ezra asked his opinion on this imported oil, Roy defiantly told him that Line 9 is only carrying product from the Alberta Oil Sands. Wrong answer!

Bailey Lemon being interviewed by Ezra...

Bailey Lamon being interviewed by Ezra…

Most of the other interviews went in the same direction. The protesters had so much misinformation drilled into their heads it became obvious that most didn’t really have a clue about what they were protesting. Like many protests, the majority appeared more interested in creating a rabble than taking a deep look into the issues. No wonder the organizers instructed them not to talk to Sun News!

The protest ended when it was time for the Swamp Line 9 arrestees to go into the court. It’s unfortunate it’s not allowed to film in the courtroom because what happened inside would have made some great footage. First, the police approached some of the protesters and ticketed some of them who blocked the streets that day- this was a surprise to everyone, it looks like Hamilton cops are beginning to take things more seriously.

Hamilton mounted police pushing the crowd back...

Hamilton mounted police pushing the crowd back…

Then, much like the Black Bloc courthouse theatre during the sentencing of G20 vandal George Horton, the protesters got rather out of control during the hearings. They began by applauding the defendants as they spoke to the court- the judge quickly told them to stop or face the consequences. Then, one of the protesters decided to snap instead. The judge wasn’t impressed, and ordered her to be detained and taken out of the courtroom.

Things then quickly degraded. The crowd got more out of control- and, in the end, seven people were arrested. Five were charged with causing a disturbance. Two of the others weren’t so lucky- Alexander Tigchelaar was given an extra count of assaulting peace officers, Patricia “Trish” Mills was charged with both obstructing and assaulting an officer.

Mills was also arrested during the first Sammy Yatim protest– but, after the crowd threatened a riot, the police decided to let her go free in the name of public safety. The crown sees her as a potential threat- so, when she was finally given bail it came with conditions that she’s not allowed to associate with 20 of her fellow protesters. With a growing list of serious charges against her, there’s a possibility she may face jail time now.

Ezra poses with Gnome Chompski...

Ezra poses with Gnome Chompski

The Line 9 protesters stated that the intention of their protests was to “raise awareness” about their perceived issues with the pipeline’s reversal. And, while they’ve definitely got a lot of attention from their actions, their abysmal behaviour appears to be backfiring. Disrupting courtrooms, attacking police, and blocking traffic only acts as a distraction from the message they’re trying to convey to the public.

Ezra’s show on Thursday was brilliant- clearly exposing the cluelessness and misdirected criminality of the rabble. There were moments during his filming when I had to work very hard stopping myself from breaking out in laughter. But, equally, I was left feeling rather sad.

Your Humble Narrator has met many of them in person- and, despite the horrid abuse they throw at me, I know that many are good people who’ve got caught up in some ugly situations. People who’ve known Mike Roy from before the Occupy movement tell me he was a great guy. Bailey Lemon seems the same- you can tell there’s a good person inside of her outside all of the confusion. And if you look deep, despite her charges of assaulting a peace officer, Trish Mills is probably a good person too.

Unfortunately, they’ve become useful idiots for unions and foreign funded NGO’s- it hurts to watch this. It’s equally disturbing to see how activistocrats like Dave Vasey and Sakura Saunders were there for the launch of the occupation but left before the arrests started. People organizing with them in the future should take note.

I was originally scheduled to come on the show and share some of my thoughts and research with Ezra’s audience, but his monologue was so epic that it took up the entire show. Instead, I’ll be coming into the studio on Monday. It promises to be an interesting conversation…

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    In response to Ezra Levant’s report concerning non-expert subversive rent-a-bunch-of-activists who protest against oil pipelines. The same situation exists with activists who destroyed hundreds of businesses operating in the professional lawn care industry ?!?! http://wp.me/p1jq40-43b There are barely 150 prominent culprits who have conspired to prohibit against the use of pest control products, holding the Canadian public as pesticide-hostages. Almost half, approximately 60, of all these culprits ( a.k.a. cancer-lunatics ) are directly supported by Canadian Cancer Society. These 60 cancer-lunatics are provided safe, secure, well-paying jobs, with pay-offs in the form of awards, incentives, bonuses, bounties, and organizational financing. These pay-offs are provided at the expense of the jobs they ultimately destroy in the professional lawn care industry. These cancer-lunatics are employees who are paid substantial amounts of money to work as hired-guns to coerce, intimidate, and alarm government officials into prohibiting pest control products. http://wp.me/p1jq40-1ow Virtually all are same-sex and uneducated housewives. There is more information regarding these cancer-lunatics on The Pesticide Truths Web-Site … http://wp.me/p1jq40-5wl The public must complain, complain, complain. http://wp.me/P1jq40-1PE WILLIAM H. GATHERCOLE AND NORAH G http://pesticidetruths.com/ http://wp.me/P1jq40-2rr

    • Devil's Trumpet on August 16, 2013 at 15:03
    • Reply

    Ezra’s piece was priceless.I’m no expert on the oil industry but I knew more than these “informed” protesters,they should be embarrassed at their lack of basic understanding of the industry.I’d take them more seriously if they actually knew what they were against,watching this,it’s clear they don’t.I believe in the right to peacefully protest but it amazes me that anyone would protest with the lack of any knowledge of what they are protesting.They’re completely clueless,it’s pathetic.It’s the same clowns at every demonstration,If they are against everything,what are they for?They offer no alternatives on anything they grouse about.Their behavior becomes tiresome.Again I observe that only Sun News exposes these people while the rest of the media gives them credibility.Kudos to the cops for enforcing the law for a change.
    Ezra was brilliant,funniest piece I’ve seen in a long time,I hope those protesters take the time to watch it and see just how their actions work against their cause and themselves.

    1. Yep, Ezra’s piece was absolutely brilliant! He did a great job exposing their ignorance- it’s irrefutable. I too was impressed with the Police’s reaction this time, it seems to me that their tiresome behaviour isn’t going to be tolerated for much longer…

  2. Did Mike roy go to the Trey Winney school of Gold fraking by any chance ? Its is amazing how ill-informed these idiots are, even when the facts are slapping them in the face

    1. It simply blows the mind to see how little they know. I had no clue how clueless they were until Ezra put out this piece…

      • The Hammer on August 17, 2013 at 10:13
      • Reply

      That gold fracking comment was priceless lol

    • useful idiot on August 16, 2013 at 16:04
    • Reply

    I agree – that was epic – thanks for this and thank you Ezra! They should show this to all j-school classes…

    • useful idiot on August 16, 2013 at 16:20
    • Reply

    Just emailed it to the CBC Environment reporter – think she’ll watch the whole thing?

    1. It will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

      I was talking with a CBC reporter during the last Sammy Yatim march, asking him if he was going to put out the real story of what was going on with the co-optation by OCAP and No One Is Illegal types. He resisted at first, then he came up to me at the end of the march telling me to watch his show- and, he actually interviewed someone who was critical about the co-optation! So, miracles will happen if we persist…

    • The Hammer on August 17, 2013 at 10:19
    • Reply

    Ezra hit each an every nail right on the head in this one. Can’t wait for the show Monday.

    • brianmouland on October 2, 2013 at 03:45
    • Reply

    Ezra plays professional screamers like Yo Yo Ma plays his instrument

    1. Very well put…

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