[Updated] Breaking: #SwampLine9 Supporters Claim Disruptions Due To Rail Sabotage…

350.org must be so proud of them!

350.org must be so proud of them!

Update: Convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert liked this story so much he re-tweeted it for all of his friends!




A statement was released yesterday on an anarchist website by a group identifying themselves as “some anarchists”. In it they not only claim to have sabotaged a train line, but have also given simple instructions on how to do it. If true, this is a dangerous progression (and matches some of the organizer’s Ruckus Society training).

The online representative for the pipeline occupiers responded cheering…

swamp-line-9-rail-sabotage-cheering-anarchists When explaining why they sabotaged the train line, the person posting the statement said:

“We choose to disrupt freight traffic after hearing of the occupation, and wanted to show our complicity with their struggle. The occupation was served an injunction on Tuesday, and we hope our actions let those occupiers know they are not alone. today they were arrested and removed.

Our actions are linked by their anti-capitalist nature, and freight traffic is an easy target for our resistance.”

This has not yet been confirmed with CP or CN, will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Until then, enjoy this video of some of the hijackers (including Sakura Saunders and Dave Vasey) blocking Toronto traffic…

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