Black Bloc Courthouse Theatre (feat. Julian Ichim, Sakura Saunders & The Council Of Canadians)

George Horton – G20 Vandal…

Someone shared an interesting video with me on Friday- it brings together a lot of my research on Canada’s problem with Black Bloc anarchists. It’s about George Horton, one of the vandals from the Toronto G20 who got caught kicking in the door of a police car. Horton was sentenced on Friday to ten months in Jail for that mistake- and, apparently, Toronto’s anarchist community caused a bit of a ruckus in the courtroom…

I’ve written about this cop car before. Kelly Pflug-Back (who has compared herself to Jesus) was also convicted for acts including attacking the car- she was sentenced to 15 months in jail for her part in the G20 attacks. According to court testimony, there was a cop inside the car when the attacks began. It was reported in the mainstream media that the cop said he was scared for his life during the incident.

Horton is a member of Food Not Bombs. FNB is a group with deep connections to Black Bloc and anarchists. They were the group who screwed-up Occupy Vancouver’s port blockade last year when they dressed-up in ninja costumes and blocked traffic first thing in the morning- outside the times agreed by the group. That incident caused OV a lot of poor publicity and, overall, hurt our cause.

The video has a cast of characters who most of my readers will be familiar with. The first person to appear is Julian Ichim, Pflug-Back’s boyfriend at the time of the G20. Ichim is a hardcore Black Bloc’er who I filmed during the (failed) attempt to start an Ontario student strike- he was chanting “time to pick-up a gun, off the police” that day. Ichim drones on about how people were forcibly removed from the court on Friday by the police- but, he conveniently omits the fact that one of the anarchists who was removed flipped a bird at a cop after being asked to stop heckling during the proceedings.

Next, and more interesting, was an appearance by “Flagpole Alex”, a Black Bloc member who is currently at-large after a violent assault this June. The police have repeatedly said that they don’t know who Alex is- but, curiously, Alex says in the video that the cop involved in the courtroom incident is “very well known to us”. I find it incredibly suspicious that Alex hasn’t been arrested yet. The police have repeatedly stated that he isn’t working for them as an informant- yet, he’s regularly been seen at activist events and is allowed to roam free. Something about this just doesn’t compute.

The next person who you, my dear readers, will recognize in the video is trust-fund anarchist bully (and serial liar) Sakura Saunders. Saunders is one of the Activistocrats from Occupy Toronto- a member of the ‘old-left’ who was involved in the hijacking of Occupy Toronto. In the video she tries to play-down Horton’s vandalism saying “He really just kicked the door of a cop car.” It was a pitiful attempt though, most Canadians can see that anyone who start kicking cars during a riot has committed a serious crime.

Now, remember earlier this year when I was writing about the Council of Canadians? Back during the 2010 Olympics, the head of the Richmond, BC chapter of the CoC’s was the person responsible for inviting the Black Bloc to join in on the demonstrations. Most people know what came of that- there was violence on the streets of Vancouver, serious property damage occurred, and members of Harsha Walia’s Black Bloc (from the Anti-Poverty Committee) got into a street fight with the police.

I brought this to the attention of the CoC’s Maude Barlow, and had conversations with the CoC’s executive director Garry Neil. He made it very clear to me that the CoC’s made a mistake back during the Olympics, and said that they were no longer involved with Black Bloc anarchists. Considering this, it was quite surprising to find Roy Brady on this anarchist video today. Brady is a member of the national board of directors for the CoC’s- from the video, it appears that their connection to Black Bloc anarchists is a lot closer than Garry Neil said they are.

The video ends with Ichim pushing the anarchist’s tired-out story that Horton is a ‘political prisoner’ who was targeted because of his political beliefs. He and his crowd have also said this about Pflug-Back, Alex Hundert and other vandals who were convicted for their crimes. A political prisioner is someone like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a man who was imprisoned for his writing. Giving this title to a vandal who who kicked-in the door of a police car is an insult to all of the brave people who have fought real battles for freedom…

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