Video: The Tragically Hip Play Impromptu Concert At Toronto’s Kensington Market!

Tragically Hip playing in Kensington Market…

Today was an utterly fantastic day. It started-off with a trip to the Evergreen Brick Works, a beautiful place to spend a fall afternoon, and a place I won’t forget for a long time. Then, on my way home, I stopped at Kensington Market to catch-up with some friends.

Just as I arrived, I was surprised with an impromptu concert by The Tragically Hip. They were there to promote their new album “Now For Plan A”. I managed to catch a video of one of their songs- you will find it after the break…

The more time I spend in Toronto, the more I love this city. And, today tipped the scales for me- Kensington kicks the ass of Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. (Sorry my Vancouverite friends…)

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  1. Kensington is the best place to hang out. Not the best place to buy vegetables but one of the most decent for the herb.

    Had to happen the month I left Toronto! Listened to the Hip all summer long after a few years hiatus and now I’m regretting not seeing them live again!

    Wow that’s Kings Vegetarian Cafe isn’t it? Right next door to where I used to work.

  2. Warm autumn afternoon in Kensington Market. Nice.

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