Updated: The Mystery Of The G20 Hairy Legs Gets Thicker…

UPDATE: The press conference has been held, and I have identified one the the ‘hairy leg 7’. Her name is Alicia Ridge, from Hamilton. I don’t have much information yet- but, have discovered she is a member of the website of the anarchist-run Media Co-Op. More to come…


Yesterday I wrote a quick update to my story about G20 convict Kelly Pflug-Back comparing herself to Jesus. I had noticed that there was a similarity between Pflug-Back’s words and a court case that was filed by some women who were arrested during the G20- they claim they were profiled because they had hairy legs.

Here’s a quote from that story:

According to the lawyer, the provincial police watchdog — the Ontario Independent Police Review Director — found an officer wrote in his arrest notes that “all parties appear to be protesters; back packs; clothing and females all have hairy legs.” 

Something set-off my spidey senses when I read this- because, it was very similar to a line I read in Pflug-Back’s story:

“He leered at my bare legs and told me I needed a razor. Another tied my wrists with zip ties and proceeded to rifle (sic) through my purse.”

I speculated if there was a connection yesterday because all too often there is in these sort of situations- yes, the radicals are that predictable. It turns out I was right- the lawyer running the case of the hairy legs is Davin Charney. He also just happens to be Julian Ichim’s lawyer in his case where he claims to have been unlawfully arrested during the G20. It seems that Charney is making a great business serving G20 protesters!

Pflug-Back is Ichim’s ex-girlfriend. The story where she compared herself to Jesus was published on Ichim’s blog. And, to complete the connection, Ichim wrote an entry in his blog about the case of the hairy legs! Here’s a relationship chart:

Hairy Legs Flowchart

I’ll be expanding this chart as soon as the names of the women in the hairy legs case becomes public. Something tells me that they connections may be interesting. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some wholesome entertainment to balance out all this talk of the Black Bloc…

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    • The Hammer on August 1, 2012 at 15:31
    • Reply

    Charney has been representing Ichim for years. Check Charney’s bio on his website: http://www.charneylaw.ca/front.html

    He and Julian would have been at UW at around the same time. Odd when you consider UW tends to be one of the least activist oriented universities in North America. Anyway, many of them are linked together. Alex Hundent is a leader with Anti-War @ Laurier. A school litterally less than a half km from UW. Sturling Stutz, another black bloc terrorist, belongs to that group. She was also the editor of the student newspaper at WLU ensuring that newspaper had a very biased slant. While Amanda Hiscocks and Kelly Pflug-Back are based out of nearby Guelph, Ontario. All of them run in the same circles.

    For most of them (older members like Hundent, Ichim and Hiscocks)the G20 is just another chapter. They have been at this crap for years.

    1. So sad to think that people dedicate their lives running around in ninja costumes- what a wasted life…

    • Tamara D. on August 1, 2012 at 16:41
    • Reply

    I have hairy legs…. that doesn’t make me bad :(

    1. There’s nothing wrong with hairy legs- women should have the choice to have their legs as they please…

    • brotherwolf1 on August 1, 2012 at 20:10
    • Reply

    I don’t have hairy legs, Does that make me evil, or, can i too compare myself to jesus and proclaim it to be a miracle ?

    1. You’re just evil by default. You need to join the Marxists if you want to be viewed as being otherwise. Lol

  1. the hairy legs is done intentionally for protest! This is part of the planned defense if they get caught they can just say that they were profiled. They needed some sort of defense, after all they are white so it’s not like they can play the race card, the hairy legs card does the trick. Maybe shaving is a good idea, just in case you know, a case of crabs can become a source of public humiliation with all that leg hair.

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