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I first became interested in what is happening at the Six Nations when I heard about Kevin Annett- a con artist who lied to the world about finding a mass grave of children’s bones nearby an old indian residential school. Through my investigation into Annett, the more I learned about people who are influencing this community, the more sad the situation appears to be. Many people there are being manipulated…

Occupy Toronto was deeply involved with the Six Nations, it is from observing them that I learned about community’s connections to anarchists & Marxists.  It is also where I began to learn about the connections to the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), a number of their people appear to be involved- The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is also.

First let me begin with a story about windmills. The band council approved a deal with Samsung and Pattern Energy to build what they are calling “one of the world’s largest wind and solar projects,” on Six Nations Land. Residents of the Six Nations were involved throughout the consultation- including Jan Longboat, a respected elder who had the unfortunate incident where Kevin Annett called her a “black operative”.

This is where the Haudenosaunee Development Council (HDI) steps in- a small group of radicals who disagree with the band council. They are represented by Aaron Detlor, a lawyer who coincidentally commented on my article about Jason Bowman yesterday (and says that Bowman is either a con-artist or insane). Despite the fact that the band council had democratically approved the project, the HDI insisted that Samsung fill-out a ‘development application’ and that they pay a $7,000 application fee.

Many people see this as an act of blackmail…

At one point, Detlor came out and made a claim that there was a grave site involved “An archeological issue is different than a wind mill issue, it is digging up our ancestor remains without permission.” Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find any information to back that claim. But, it echoes of the dispute at Toronto’s High Park where there is a claim of a grave, but investigations failed to find any evidence.

A group of radicals marched to the construction site to protest- when they got there, they began to pull Samsung’s markers out of the ground. In the end, Samsung took the easy way out and paid the “application fee”. I’m sure it was a good business decision for them ($8k is nothing in a multi-million dollar project)- but, I really have to question if it was good for the people of the Six Nations. This act gave a lot of perceived credibility to a small group of dissidents.

I learned about the Samsung story from the Toronto Media Co-Op (TMC). They are a radical anarchist publication, with strong connections to the CAW (and possibly funding). TMC has taken an superordinate interest in development projects at the Six Nations- they also have deep connections with the radicals who have been working with the HDI.

Alex Hundert, an incarcerated Anarchist who led the planning for the violence at the G20 is also close to this group. He also works quite closely to Judy Rebick who was the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy at Ryerson University in Toronto. Winnie Ng is the current CAW-Sam Gindin chair. Both Rebick and Winnie Ng are connected to the promotion of Kevin Annett’s fraud against the people of the Six Nations.

Also connected to the HDI is a man named Steve Watson. He’s a National Representative of the CAW who self-identifies as “a rank-and-file militant” member of the union. He’s also a participant in the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)- an organization that is deeply integrated with Black Bloc and other anarchists.

Let’s move onto CUPE- because, as you know, wherever there are violent anarchists one typically finds their fingerprints. In this case it is through a man named Tom Keefer. He’s a radical anarchist who runs a rather unsavoury anarchist publication named “Upping the Ante”. Keefer is also a grad student who is currently working on his thesis titled “The Political Economy of Energy Transitions: Marxism, Thermodynamics and the Limits of Capitalist Development”. That’s quite a mouthful!

Keefer is also an active member of the CUPE 3903’s First Nations Solidarity Working Group. I’ve written about the 3903 before- anarchist & Black Bloc leader Ashleigh Ingle (from Occupy Toronto) is a member, as was Occupy Edmonton’s Chelsea Flook (sister of Occupy Toronto’s Taylor ‘Pottymouth’ Flook.) Do you see the pattern happening here?

The 3903 has put a lot of effort into stirring-up the pot at the Six Nations, as has the CAW. Members from both organizations have been getting their claws into a small group of misguided Six Nations radicals and helping to stir-up trouble. But, that’s what Marxists do- the they believe that the only way they will achieve their ‘revolution’ is to stir up violent conflicts.

The big question that still lingers in my mind is why hasn’t the government done anything to fix this situation? Are they ignoring it because it is valuable to them to have such division in indigenous communities? Or, perhaps, are they directly involved?

I know that’s quite a statement- there’s a lot of research to be done before it could be concluded that the government is influencing something so nefarious. That said, there are a lot of clues that could lead one to considering this is a possibility.

First, let’s take the Black Bloc & anarchists. As I wrote last week, there are a lot of people out there who believe that the Black Bloc and the police may have deeper relations than have been admitted. Quebec Provincial Police were caught promoting Black Bloc tactics at Montebello, so it isn’t something that is out of the question. And, also, there’s the question of ‘anti-poverty’ organizations and how, in the US, they have been used by government to push secret agendas in the past.

More important than the speculation are the real facts before us. The government has known about Kevin Annett’s scam for years and yet they have let him continue. Equally, there is no evidence that the government is doing much to stop what’s been happening at the Six Nations. It seems that the only person to ever get arrested is Garry McHale. I’m not the only person who has noticed the government’s inaction.

I’ll continue to share information as my investigation proceeds. Until then, if you are someone in the government, show us that you are on the right side- you can start by arresting the con-artists. I’ve given you enough information now to make an arrest- the fact that the RCMP and the federal Attorney General have been silent should be an embarrassment.

And, if there are fellow researchers out there who are working on the same story, please contact me. The more of us who get together to uncover this mess, the more likely we will stop it from continuing. If our government won’t do anything about it, at least we can…

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  1. Excellent research..and analysis…

    1. Thank you. :)

    • The Hammer on September 5, 2012 at 08:59
    • Reply

    I beleive at the very least the police are happy to let the black bloc run amok before arresting them. That way they can justify the cost. They can also justify use of force. As the we saw with the 2003 Iraq invasion, preventative stikes are not popular. Politially it is better to react to a problem than to prevent it.

    As CUPE funds these activists the money trail leads back to all of us. CUPE get their money from public service workers who are paid with money that comes from taxation. So, we are all funding this activity.

    CUPE funds these activities to try and convince the public to spend more on public service workers. This is why they fund “Anti-poverty” groups in Toronto to go protest Rob Ford. Rob Ford wants to cut government spending which is the end of the world as far as CUPE is concerned. If you notice, these groups always protest the loudest when it comes to cuts in government funding.

    So these “Anti-poverty” groups protest to create more CUPE jobs “Helping” the homeless, drug adicts and the poor. And god forbit any of these social ills ever goes away. Then there will no longer be the need for these nice high paying government jobs. It is similar to the US war on drugs. Were this war ever to be won it would mean the loss of a ton of high paying jobs to fight it.

    1. Perhaps the federal government is scared to take CUPE on in this case then? Perhaps CUPE would make them pay at labour negotiations? Hmmm, perhaps not.

      I’ll go with the theory that the bureaucrats ans political hacks in the government are happy to see the justification caused by the anarchist hoodlums. It helps them justify building a police state. Harsha Walia & Alex Hundert – at least unwittingly – have played right into the hands of those who want a more oppressive government.

      Great work guys…

    • Aaron Detlor on October 2, 2012 at 19:38
    • Reply

    First off – I never said there was a burial issue there was an archaeology issue.

    Second – the democracy you refer to was imposed by the RCMP in 1924. Currently less then 10 per cent of Six Nations people participate on the basis that they refuse to participate in an imposed system. As a corollary the project was ‘approved’ by a community consultation process where qualitative results were accepted versus quantitative. This means that in actuality more people rejected the project than accepted it. The band council simply refused to listen to them

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