Curiouser and Curiouser… (feat. Anthony James Hall & Jason Bowman!)

So, I’m looking at the website that Jason Bowman to further his scam against the people of the Six Nations, and I run across something incredibly curious. The screenshot is above- showing people who have “liked” Bowman’s site on Facebook. See the guy on the bottom-left?

Yep, that’s professor Anthony James Hall! Hall is a professor of “Globalization Studies” at the University of Lethbridge-  a department created to help isolate him (he’s tenured) from the rest of the university. Hall appears often on Iran’s propaganda channel PressTV, and is an self-described “conservative, socialist & monarchist.”

And, let’s not forget, Professor Hall has promoted Kevin Annett in the past:


What’s most interesting about this is that Hall is another white person I’ve caught in the act of interfering with indigenous people. Hall, and members of the anarchist organization No One Is Illegal have interjected themselves into Patricia Kelly’s case at the Sto:Lo nation over an (also over-hyped) fishing dispute.

It was only a couple of hours ago I published a story contemplating if there is something bigger behind this whole mess. It seems to me that there is- I don’t believe that so many coincidences are possible in such a small group of people and a short amount of time…

UPDATE: I just found this on professor Hall’s Facebook page too…


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