MediaWatch: PressTV’s Stó:lō Fish Story Deception Continues…

Patricia Kelly- Illegally sold fish…

The Stó:lō fish story is becoming more wild each day- each day it progresses it seems to me that we are observing an abuse of our court system. Each day also brings us more information that shows how incredibly biased and/or incompetent PressTV’s and Joshua Blakeney’s reporting really is.

First, notice in the Crime Stoppers clipping above how Patricia Kelly was wanted for “purchasing, SELLING, and possession of fish against the fisheries act. Now, if you remember my first story on this issue, Blakeney’s story on PressTV claimed that the Canadian government was oppressing Kelly from fishing when her intent was simply to feed her children. PressTV are total hacks- their channel can obviously not be trusted.

Kelley was scheduled for court for two days last week. The first day was cancelled after she got herself arrested by rudely walking into the courthouse with a friend banging on a drum and getting into a conflict with the court’s Sheriffs. Kelly was charged with Assaulting A Peace Officer. And, of course Joshua Blakeney ran another incredibly biased and incompetent story on PressTV. Here, have a look:

Once again, Blakeney says that Kelly was “criminalized for catching fish to feed her children”- this guy has absolutely no shame. Then, Blakeney misrepresents what happened when Kelly was arrested- he says that “she decided to sing a traditional song as she entered the court- and, within seconds, she found herself being flung to the floor for merely singing a song and tapping on a small drum!”

But, it gets worse- next he says sensationally  that a “…gun toting, Tazer possessing, henchmen of the state…beat her and put her to the ground!” Geeze Joshua, are you trying to compete with the National Enquirer? This is a prime example of why potential students should think twice before registering at the University of Lethbridge.

On that subject, last week Kelly (who was representing herself in court) tried to get Lethbridge professor Anthony James Hall to be accepted as an expert witness for her case. Finn Jensen, the Crown Counsel, argued that Hall was not an appropriate expert because he was an advocate for Kelly rather than an objective specialist. He’s right on the money with this one- Hall has an agenda, he could hardly be objective here.

Of course, being the total hack that he is, Professor Hall made the statement that “The criminalization of this woman in this case speaks to a process that is bringing infamy on Canada!” Perhaps infamy on PressTV professor Hall- but nobody of any significance watches them anyhow. At least, not outside of Iran! The court will make a decision of whether Hall can be an expert witness or not on August 29th, when the next hearing is scheduled.

There’s only one big question left for today. That is, what the hell is going on in the minds of Hall & Blakeney that they think it is a good idea to push anti-Canadian propaganda on Iranian TV? This seems dangerously close to treason to me- perhaps I’m wrong, but their behaviour is hardly patriotic at the minimum. I’d be curious to hear what federal authorities have to say about what they are doing.

I’ll continue following this story as it progresses. As I mentioned before, this is a very interesting case study in how Canada’s radicals both take advantage of indigenous relations, and how they misuse the media in their quest. What a long, strange, trip its been…

Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

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    • The Hammer on August 3, 2012 at 11:45
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    Press TV is a fascist news organization. Owned and operated by the fascist Iranian government who use it as a propoganda vehicle. It should not come as a shock that PressTV is very biased.

    Canada may not be seem like a big threat but there are penty of reasons for Iran to want to make Canada look bad:
    – Canada’s two closest allies, Britain and the US, are the two countries the Iranian regime hates the most
    – Canada led the walkout on the speech made by the fascist president of Iran at the UN
    – Canada was very vocal in comdenation of the beating, rape and murder of a Canadian citizen who was taking pictures in Iran

    So Iran is quite content to try and point out any preceived human rights violations in Canada to deflect accusations made by Canada.

    Some other lovely highlights. Most of their US correspondants are Holocaust deniers, many of whom call 9/11 a “Zionist” conspiricy. These correspondants also write for the “American Free Press” which has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. Many of them are also connected to David Duke.

    For fun I did some key word seaches on the PressTV website. Key words like Israel, Obama, Jews, war, culture, etc. returned dozens of results. When I did searches for homosexual, gay and and lesbian there returned no results. There are littlerally no articles on their website mentioning anything related to homosexuals. Kinda odd for an English language news site in the 21st century.

    So, Anthony James Hall and Michael Blakeney have allied themselves with far right racist, holocaust denier homophobes. I wonder what Jewish, LGBT and anti-racism groups at the University of Lethbridge would think of that. Since these two men are using their status at said university.

  1. I sure hope this guy doesn’t have tenure yet…

    • The Hammer on August 3, 2012 at 13:08
    • Reply

    It appears Joshua Blakeney also did some writing for the far-left propoganda machine Rabble. In addtion to his work with the far-right propoganda machines Veterns Today and PressTV.

    1. Quite contradictory really- smells like media whoring to me…

    • Standing Water on August 4, 2012 at 01:16
    • Reply

    As far as I am aware, God made the fish and gave us dominion over them. I don’t understand all of these crazy white people who have forgotten that God made the fish and gave each of us dominion over them, as many as we can catch.

    1. I believe the word should be stewardship. If we take as many fish as we wish, there won’t be a stock in the future!

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