MediaWatch: PressTV Covers Alfred Webre’s “War Crimes Tribunal” (feat. Russia Today)

Alfred Webre – Kangaroo Court “Judge”

If you have ever wondered about the sincerity of Alfred Webre and PressTV, this article should tip you over the edge- both parties over-sensationalize to the point where they must be considered if they are frauds. What I’ve discovered will also help make some sense out of why Webre & Kevin Annett have partnered- they are both enthusiastic supporters of fake, kangaroo, courts…

I learned about this a couple of days ago when I was watching an interview Webre had with the owner of “Astral Connections”, a new-age Internet cafe in British Columbia. At the start of the interview Webre explained that he was a judge on an international war crimes tribunal against George Bush & Dick Cheney. Wow, who would have thought that a man who thinks Obama is from Mars would be accepted to such an esteemed position!

Well, don’t get too excited yet- like Annett declaring himself as a ‘reverend’, Webre’s declaration is not what it seems. The commission Webre is referring to is the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission, a mock court that had absolutely no authority or power. But, that doesn’t stop Webre from declaring himself in-public as a war crimes judge- only, he is being about as sincere as when he explains to people that they can use his ‘Exouniversity’ certificate in time travel to help get themselves a job or a bank loan.

This didn’t stop PressTV from promoting this mock trial- and, somehow, they neglected to mention that the trial was only for show. If you watched their coverage of the event you would think that this was the trial of the century! And, they didn’t even question how such an important matter as a war crimes conviction could be decided upon in only four days! But, of course they didn’t, PressTV used this event as shameless propaganda to further the cause of the Iranian government.

The big question here is why did Webre, and American, think it would be a good idea to team-up with the Iranian government in such a way? Isn’t this incredibly foolish? Hasn’t he heard that a treason charge could result in the death penalty? That said, his trial was such a (bad) joke, that it is unlikely anyone other than PressTV would have taken it seriously.

So, there you have it, more evidence pointing to the fact that Alfred Webre seems to be pulling a long-con on people. And rather unnerving news about his allies in his deception. Anyone out there who is still supporting this guy needs to think long & hard about who they are getting into bed with, and the potential consequences of getting mixed-up in this mess. It could turn out bad for you…

Here’s a quick video I made last night with Alfred’s proclamation, PressTV’s shameless propaganda, and Russia Today debunking the whole thing. Enjoy!

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