MediaWatch: PressTV’s Joshua Blakeney Gets The Casseroles Wrong!

Look! Another white guy with a native flag!

I’ve covered Joshua Blakeney’s work when I analysed his fish story on Professor Don Cherry (Anthony James Hall). I’ve since learned that Blakeney is Professor Cherry’s protégée from the University of Lethbridge. Then I found the above picture. Here’s a white kid with an indigenous warrior flag, sitting on top of a framed picture of Che Guevara- the perfect guy to partner with Professor Cherry and PressTV! But, perhaps not the perfect reporter…

I was watching some of Blakeney’s reports on the Quebec student strikes today and was very far from impressed. First, he seemed to exaggerate way too often- is this something he learned from Professor Cherry? Next, there were a couple of serious errors in his report.

The first error is rather interesting. Blakeney says, in two separate reports, that the students in Quebec are not asking for free tuition, but they are only asking for reasonable rates. Sorry Joshua, but this is simply not true- Classe (the Quebec student union) is actually asking for free tuition, as are most student unions. One has to wonder if this was an intentional error- after all, students in Iran have to pay tuition, and Iran’s main global propaganda outfit may not want to put ideas into the heads of the country’s students.

“Solidarity for free education”

The next error is less important, but it does go to show that Blakeney may not be very observant. He claims to have been at the Vancouver Casseroles march, and he says that it was run by students. But, as any of my readers know, there are very few, if any, students to attend the Vancouver Casseroles. The truth is that the people who go to them consist of the radical leftovers from Occupy Vancouver.

I’ve put together a quick video of Blakeney’s bloopers. I’ll be watching this guy carefully in the future, I’m sure he will be bringing us entertainment long into the future…

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  1. Blakeney’s coverage of the Casseroles protests was actually pretty hilarious. Each report cycles through the following talking points, not necessarily in this order:

    -Neo-liberalism is evil.
    -Austerity is bad.
    -The Harper government is illegitimate.

    1. Yeah, kind of transparent, isn’t he?

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