More Hate Speech From Canada’s Radical Left…

Gary McHale with Jan Longboat in Caledonia…

Last month I wrote an article about Jan Longboat, a Six Nations elder courageously put herself between the radicals in her community and the people who live in Caledonia in an effort to negotiate a peace in a challenging situation. In a now famous video, Longboat negotiated with a man named Gary McHale- both parties were reasonable, but the radicals were having a hard time dealing with the idea of there being peace.

Well, it seems that there is more trouble brewing for both sides, and things may get interesting on Sunday. And I’m sure nobody will be surprised to hear that the word “Occupy” is involved:

Typical Lefty hate speech…

Madeline Guérin is the partner of Solomon Wawatie- a member of the ”Traditional Algonquin Elders Council”, a splinter organization that is not connected to the official band council. I wrote about him in my article about How The Radical Left Creates Ambiguity To Hijack Indigenous Relations. He was arrested earlier this month for breaking an injunction that forbade him from blocking Resolute Forestry’s logging activities. Wawatie was released from jail a little over a week ago.

Madeline Guérin

Guérin decides to go all Curtis Nixon on us and pull the ‘racism card’ on Gary McHale- labelling him as a white supremacist. Accusations like that are very serious- so, I did some research to see if what she was saying is true. And, as expected, it wasn’t- in fact, the Six Nations newspaper Tekawennake published an article refuting these accusations.

At the beginning of the Caledonia incident, some neo-Nazis did show up in town- the speculation is that they thought that all of the conflict would make the locals ripe to be recruited. But, the truth is that the people of Caledonia rejected them outright, and they left town pretty soon after.

The lefties tried to label McHale this way during the first incident at Caledonia. It was effective at first, and the mainstream media nearly fell for it. But, as the truth came out, the locals were exonerated, and everyone understood that this was a lie.

But, the problem here is that the lefties never know when to stop- so, Madeline is still using this language to this day. I wish people like Madeline understood the cost of what they are doing. Each time they make-up a lie like this they give power to the bigots. Because the results of this behaviour are that people are desensitized to the real thing. So, the reality of the situation is that these people are as bad as the bigots themselves- perhaps worse…

I’ll leave you with the article from the Six Nations newspaper:

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    • Occultpie Myass on August 23, 2012 at 23:33
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    They can’t help themselves. This is the only way that the radical left can give themselves ego boosts and pretend to be important. In reality they only care about themselves as has been witnessed time and again during Occupy and thereafter.

  1. Great article! So glad to see that the voice of reason has triumphed again.

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