Who Set The RCMP Cars On Fire At The Mi’kmaq Fracking Protest? (feat. Harrison Friesen & Jayson Fleury)

He's not a cop...

He’s not a cop…

An interesting picture has been bouncing around the Internet this morning (see above), claiming that indigenous protester Harrison Friesen is responsible for lighting police cars on fire during yesterday’s clash with New Brunswick RCMP. The image also states that Friesen is both an RCMP and CIA informant- a popular accusation used by far left radicals to push out people who they disagree with.

But, is it true that Friesen set yesterday’s fires? His past tells a different story- in fact, Friesen spoke out against arson during the G20. That said, he has an interesting companion on his trip out to New Brunswick- a well known cop baiter who’s known for his love of fire…

Friesen (a.k.a. Harrison Helkrow) made a lot of enemies on the radical community during the G20 when he was the leader of Red Power United. Indigenous groups had planned to block major highways on June 24th to protest the Ontario government’s plans to apply Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) towards them. But one week before the blockade, the government decided not to apply the HST to indigenous communities, and band councils cancelled the protest.

But Friesen ignored the wishes of the band councils and announced that he would still be running blockades- saying that he planned on having two groups of 30-40 people each who would blockade major highway intersections. This, of course, was something his fellow radicals could agree with- they hate the band council system.

Next Friesen made a big mistake- agreeing to meet with a CSIS agent to discuss his plans for the blockade. He wasn’t meeting as an informant, and he brought the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) along to secretly tape. His intention was embarrass CSIS with the recording.

In the end, the blockades never happened- it was assumed that Friesen didn’t have enough support. This was likely because of Friesen’s response criticizing an anarchist firebombing of an Ottawa branch of the Royal Bank of Canada. Friesen’s statement condemning the bombing was a surefire way to garner hate from his radical comrades.

The radicals responded to Friesen’s criticism by trying to label him as a police informer, homophobe, misogynist and someone who was physically abusive towards women. It’s hard to know if any of these accusations were true as no proof has been provided. That said, many of these accusations were made by Rabble writer Krystalline Kraus – a woman who’s infamous for making false accusations against ‘enemies of the movement’. Rabble was one of the major supporters of the people behind the violence- so it makes sense they’d want Friesen shut up.

So, on the surface, it looks unlikely that Friesen was involved in lighting police cars on fire yesterday- after all, he’s spoken out about arson in the past. But, digging a little deeper, it appears he was accompanied on his travels by a man with a reputation for setting fires:

Jayson Fleury is no stranger to fire...

Jayson Fleury (Eagle Claw) is no stranger to fire…

Jayson Fleury (Eagle Claw) is a well-known indigenous shit disturber with a history of baiting the police from coast-to-coast. Besides his reputation for cop baiting, Fleury’s also well known for his love of fire. During Occupy Toronto (when not street fighting with the police) Fleury was as a fire keeper for the ‘sacred fire’. In March 2012, when Fleury and others were protesting at Toronto’s High Park, one witness claimed that he was with a group who burned down a playground. There are similar concerned about the arson of a train station in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. And, in April of 2013 Fleury was filmed using fire to bait the police in Toronto’s Dundas Square.

Jayson Fleury being arrested during Occupy Toronto...

Jayson Fleury being arrested during Occupy Toronto…

Considering his militant pose in front of the burning police cars, one can assume that he wasn’t upset about them like he was about the Royal Bank firebombing- that said, the picture gives no evidence he was involved in the arson. There’s also no evidence that the police burned down their own cars- the same thing was said about the G20, and was later proven to be a myth (there was a cop in one of the cars who had to be rescued).

It appears to Your Humble Narrator that the radicals are using Friesen’s history as a tool to create FUD, and to distract the general public from the fact that the Mi’kmaq protests are anything but peaceful. Since June, anti-fracking protesters have been doing everything possible to bait the police into taking action- cop baiting has been an essential part of their strategy.

Looking at some of the people and organizations backing the protests, it’s no surprise this is happening. For example, the Council of Canadians were directly responsible for engaging violent protesters during the 2010 Olympics (Fleury was there). Then there are people from the ‘peace churches’- following the scripts they created while engaging in conflicts on the Israel/Palestine border. We’ve seen this all before.

The reality is that we may never know who the individuals were behind the fires. What we do know is that the groups backing the anti-fracking protests are playing the same game they did during the G20 & Olympics. Considering this, it’s no surprise what happened yesterday- and, until they stop, we’re likely to see this happening more in the future.

I’ll leave you with a video of Jayson Fleury baiting the cops with fire back in March:

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    • Matericia on October 18, 2013 at 19:04
    • Reply

    Dirty tricks are their bag, man! http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/rcmp-bombed-oil-site-in-dirty-tricks-campaign-1.188599

    1. Perhaps, but that’s a much different situation. History is showing that the RCMP have a history of responding to indigenous blockades with an incredible amount of patience (yes, there have been bad incidents). Canadian police are some of the most gentle in the world in these types of situations…

    • useful idiot on October 19, 2013 at 21:35
    • Reply

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds:

    “Canada directly funded Elsipogtog in 2011 to the tune of almost $30-million, though it appears to have spent almost another $10-million.”


    Greg, would love if you could make it to NB to report on this madness…

    • The Hammer on October 20, 2013 at 17:31
    • Reply

    Oh wow, so he was going to protest the Ontario government even after the government gave them everything they wanted. Tells you all you need to know there. The radicals do not care about native issue. They only care about protesting.

    And how much longer you think Rabble will be able to keep up given they have stopped paying some correspondents?

    • david v on October 23, 2013 at 12:06
    • Reply

    The natural people are called “insurgents”. We live everywhere. Main concerns are rail, road, air, water, hydro electric lines, pipelines, poles, bridges, refineries, power plants, oil, ocean platforms, tunnels, airports, waterways, communication and control systems. Disruption would affect businesses, governments, resource and economic functions. Main border crossings under constant surveillance are Windsor, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Lacolle, Emerson Manitoba and Pacific Highway.

    The main transport hub is Winnipeg Manitoba. An 85,000 “Warrior Cadre” could easily overwhelm 52 small RCMP detachments. One disruption could lead to resistance in other places. Their figures are extremely low!


    Check this site out, and if you haven’t already, check out taieke alfred.

    • useful idiot on October 23, 2013 at 15:42
    • Reply

    pfft, you idiots couldn’t organize a 2 car parade, much less an “insurrection”. Get a job.

  1. He is not ‘baiting the police with fire’. He is holding a sage bundle & using it to ‘smudge’ the area & the people. Sage smoke, like incense, is used to remove negativity & restore peace. He is trying to get a dialogue going with the cops but perhaps his words are not adequate. Neither side is listening very carefully. I think some deeper knowledge of First Nations customs would be in order before creating more confusion by projecting the writers own opinions as to what is actually transpiring here. Peace is what we want. Give peace a chance.

    1. I know what smudging is, and I have deep knowledge about sacred fires- I also understand a provocation when I see one…

  1. […] is it true that Harrison Friesen set the RCMP car fires? His past tells a different story- in fact, Friesen spoke out against arson during the […]

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