Why Are Homeland Security And The RCMP Investigating Toronto Activist Sakura Saunders? (Feat. Taliban Billy)

Anarchist Sakura Saunders  at the occupation of the Line 9 pumping station...

Anarchist Sakura Saunders at the occupation of the Line 9 pumping station…

Sakura Saunders is what CSIS or the RCMP would refer to as a multi-issue extremist. She leads militant (and often illegal) actions against mining, oil, Israel, the police, and whatta ya got. Part anarchist and part socialist- it’s not the cause that matters as much as the opportunity to stir-up her revolutionary followers (that, and to fulfil the wishes of her revolutionary funders- she travels a lot).

Saunders is an American who only moved to Toronto a few years ago, but has managed to build a strong following here. Many love her, but there are some who’ve seen through her mask- some people at Occupy Toronto labelled her an Activistocrat– well trained, well heeled, and always keeping herself at the centre of the action.

Now it appears that Saunders is attracting a new kind of fan. This time from law enforcement- on both sides of the border…

One of the more interesting parts about running a website is looking through the statistics to see who’s been reading. Not only can one learn basic things like city, country and what network they’re connecting through- but, unless the user has taken measures to avoid being tracked, the statistics can also tell us what search term was used to find the story. In the case of today’s story, the search term was “Sakura Saunders”.

Here’s an example of the most recent visit from the US Department of Homeland Security:

(Click to expand, then click again)

(Click to expand, then click again)

This record is from a single day in November, and tells us that two unique readers from DHS arrived at this site after searching Saunder’s name on Google. When averaged, each person visited 60 page views and spent over 32 minutes reading. Over the past three months DHS staff have arrived at this site 18 times searching Sakura’s name, reading an average of 37 page views over 14 minutes. During the same period 12 people arrived using this search from the RCMP, reading an average of 18 pages in just under 9 minutes.

What does tell us? Well, first, it appears that Canadian officers are faster readers than their American counterparts (unfortunately, there’s no way to test their comprehension). More importantly, this shows us a degree of incompetence by law enforcement in both countries- it’s not very difficult to hide one’s search terms, it’s astounding they’re not.

By this point in the story it’s likely that some readers have gone all Elizabeth May on us complaining about how the evil government is spying on innocent activists. Saunders is, after all, nonviolent- right?

Perhaps, and maybe it’s acceptable to overlook the fact her husband write rap songs about the G20 encouraging people to “smash s##t up”- but we should only judge her by her own actions and words:

(Click to expand, then click again)

(Click to expand, then click again)

In this screenshot, Saunders promotes a vice.com article about Romanian anti-fracking activists sabotaging exploration equipment similar to what’s being used in New Brunswick. Saunders shares with the world her belief that the saboteurs are “brave people” and how their actions give her “hope”. In Saunder’s world, it’s brave commit criminal damage- that’s how messed up she is.

But she’s not hurting anyone, right?

Enter Taliban Billy…

If you were following this site over the summer, then you’re probably familiar with Taliban Billy- a controversial, and scary, character who showed-up on the Occupy Toronto Livestream fundraiser on July 14th. Billy got his name from his infamous quote about wanting to start a Taliban:

Us Indians have to do something really extreme to get the world’s attention, like forming a Taliban“

Billy then went on to advocate for the murder of a police officer, to declare that the Holocaust wasn’t real, he threatened to “start f##king killing white people” and to cut the “F##king head and heart off” of a “33rd degree Mason”. It’s needless to say that Billy is a seriously disturbed young man…

Well, it appears that young Billy has a new Facebook friend, and it’s none other than Sakura Saunders herself! And, just two days after Saunders made her posting about “heroic” sabotage, Billy posted another incredibly concerning comment on Saunder’s Facebook page:

(Click to expand)

(Click to expand)

Saunder’s posting is in reference to the anti-fracking protests in New Brunswick where Media Co-Op writer hack Miles Howe was arrested after once again crossing the line between journalist and activist. Saunder’s comment is less aggressive this time, she simply calls for people to join in solidarity for the protesters.

It appears that Billy’s mind may still have been resonating on how Saunders praised the brave saboteurs in Romania. Seeking approval, Billy showed Saunders just how badass he is exclaiming how:

“we the Cree will be Blasting these motherfukkkers out” (notice the three k’s)

Saunders has yet to respond to Taliban Billy’s post, it’s likely she won’t. Considering her history, it’s unlikely she’s going to be telling him off, Billy’s anger is just the type of energy the revolutionaries have been seeking out. As for Billy, he’s really just a pawn- we must hope he can one day get his life together and realize he’s been surrounded by darkness (he’s got a brain on him, and could probably go far).

It’s easy to understand why the DHS & RCMP are investigating Sakura Saunders. She may never be the person who blows up a pipeline or a dam, but her actions and rhetoric have the capacity to encourage someone like Billy to cross over the line. And, considering her participation in the Egyptian revolution in 2011, and her support for Venezuelan despots- it’s likely many other agencies (who appear to be more competent) are too.

Put simply- this woman is dangerous…


As a special bonus, here’s a video of Sakura baiting the police into arresting her in 2007. For many years now, Saunders has showed-up at this exact same spot and did the exact same thing- despite having been told many times she’s trespassing on private property. Notice how she shrieks like she’s never been arrested before, trying to make it look like the evil police officers are brutalizing her- Saunders is incredibly well trained…

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    • silent observer on November 29, 2013 at 00:24
    • Reply

    Your hard work, flawless research and due diligence on this file has been outstanding. You’re to be commended for your efforts.. I’m so very proud to be able to call you my friend.. So very proud of you my friend. I know these past 2 years have been brutal on you, but just know that many, many Canadians are very grateful to you for taking the risks you have, to keep us safe.. You’re a very special man.. and a wonderful friend xo

    1. Thank you so much friend. :)

    • The Hammer on November 29, 2013 at 13:43
    • Reply

    So Sakura Blue is a fan of a racist Holocaust denier eh? Pretty bad. Even Krystaline Krause spoke up when it came to Billy.

    1. I’m not sure what Sakura’s position on the Holocaust is, but she’s definitely one of the most anti-Israel people I’ve come across in my research…

        • The Hammer on November 29, 2013 at 17:58
        • Reply

        Well, that is saying a lot. Because you have met a lot of really bad Israel haters.

    • Sally Outeast on November 29, 2013 at 19:04
    • Reply

    She is well ‘heeled’ .. not ‘healed’ i think you meant to say .. haha… professional activists .. they are riot … literally.. they need to focus on the bigger picture and stop dancing in the dialectic.

    1. Thanks for the editing assistance, always much appreciated…

    • Allan on November 30, 2013 at 12:31
    • Reply

    If she is an American living in Toronto, and has no Canadian citizenship, then why the hell is she still in this country?? What the hell is the matter with our system that we can’t just turf undesirables like her out??

    1. She’s married to a Canadian- so unfortunately, we’re stuck with her for now.

  1. Actually, although rare, if there can be a way to prove that she is involved with terrorist type , her citizenship, if she has one, can be revoked and her being deported and placed on a security watch list. Personally , i would love to see that happen as well, all of her cronies and fellow so called : activists ” placed on such a watch list and a no fly list. it bring bring me endless joy to see them in jail and / or have then watched 24/7 by just about every law enforcement and security service agency out there, to the point where if they drink a glass of water, at least ten organizations know how many drops came from that tap. The public needs to know and be made aware of just how violent and dangerous these ” activists ” really are. I will be doing a story on them as well in the very near future to continue to showcase their purpencity ( sp ) for violence .

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