Big News in Today’s Budget- The TIDES have turned!

Map of Organizations Attached to Soros (Including the TIDES Foundation)

I’ve been writing about the TIDES Foundation for a few weeks now. It has been a hard subject to approach because I support a lot of the causes that they do. That said, I’ve felt equally uncomfortable with the lack of honesty & transparency in their activities. Quite the dilemma…

Today’s Canadian budget includes a section titled “Enhancing Transparency & Accountability for Charities.” This provides $8 million earmarked for the CSA to better audit the political activities of charities and improve the transparency of their foreign sources. It appears that the TIDES are turning for our friend George Soros… (sorry for the bad pun)

So, on the one hand, it makes me feel better to see this issue is being attended to. That said, this also means we may have to re-evaluate how to fund the battle against important projects like the battles against pipelines and Tar Sands projects. So, the victory is bitter sweet.

I see an opportunity for the Occupy movement here. We need to look into ways how we can take more grassroots actions, and help the organizations that are at risk of losing foreign contributions. Something to talk more about this spring & summer.

Perhaps, if the movement has to forsake money from American billionaires, we also have the opportunity to rebuild trust of Canadians who were uncomfortable with this. I’d guess this is at least 10% of the population- what if we could now convince them to each give $10-$20 to the cause? Bet we’d be rich!

I’ve attached a copy of the information from today’s budget below- ripped off from Vivian Krause’s website FairQuestions. She’s worked hard to bring out the truth on this issue- today’s budget appears to be the result. Thanks for the hard work helping keep us honest! It may be painful for us today- that said, her work may help make Canada less of a pawn to the needs of the financial elite…

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    • brotherwolf1 on March 30, 2012 at 10:26
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    Greg , have you noticed that is is a soros going all around the circle almost evenly spaced out ? it appears ( and this is purely my uneducated theory ) that each member of the Soras family is charged with controlling a certain number of organizations .

    1. Indeed – let’s call them the Soros crime family. ;-)

    • Seriously? on March 30, 2012 at 21:36
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    If your cause is worthy and just in the eyes of Canadians then they will give you money to fight it. If they don’t then you know where you stand.

    From what I can tell Canada as a whole has judged your movement and found it wanting. It was fun in the beginning for a few but now everyone but you few have moved on. You aren’t the 99%. You are the .00000999%. Thanks to your movement embracing violence, be it assaulting cops this week for ANY reason, or your involvement with the terrorists Black Bloc there is little to no chance you will ever be embraced by anyone but the most disenfranchised on the very perifary. That group is small to the point of irrelevant.

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