BullyWatch: Dave Vasey Is a Coward who Uses Women as Human Shields!

On February 9th, Dave Vasey took his first shot at me- wrote this letter, asking me not to come to the Action Committee meeting that day:

It has come to my attention through comrades in Vancouver that statements have been made about your behavior there. see the following http://occupiedvancouver.net/2011/12/19/statement/

In solidarity with Occupy Vancouver organizers, Action committee will prioritize safety, according to the guidelines around violence developed by the GA and Marshal committee.

Please do not attend the meeting today – if you do, you will immediately be asked to leave. Members of the marshal committee have been contacted and will be present.

Dave Vasey
It was quite disheartening to receive this from him. I’d been with Occupy Toronto for a week then, and had already made some good friends. I had been to two Action Committee meetings, and had began building solid working relationships with people there. I’d offered a few good ideas too- in particular, a direct action to get retailers to take CAT brand boots off of the shelves in support of the closing of the local Caterpillar factory. (Yes! you heard that right, something for the unions!)
I learned later that evening, with visiting the Livestream team, Dave had told a different story to people than what he wrote in the letter. He told them he ‘suggested’ I don’t come, and made no mention of having his henchmen being present to remove me. It was already clear to me that something was seriously wrong- Dave is a liar.
After some encouragement by others, I decided to go to the next Action Committee meeting regardless- people were ready to stand up for me they said (and they did). As soon as I got to the entrance of OISE I noticed I was being followed by someone- turned out to be one of the marshals. Creepy, Gestapo like tactics…
Dave made a big stink out of things, we went to the side of the room and had a conversation. Three marshals joined us, and a couple of good occupiers joined as we talked. I explained to Dave that the letter was a setup, in support of protecting Harsha Walia from the ambiguous statement she made about violence. He told me that she was his friend, and he wanted me out. I looked at Dave, right in the eyes, and said that he was at risk of losing credibility, and it was not my intention for that to happen- so, please consider. Coldly, Dave said no.I then mentioned that I knew he was close friends with Macdonald Stainsby- an outspoken Tar Sands activist with deep connections to the TIDES Foundation, an organization funded by members of the 1% like George Soros, Hewlett, and Packard. Suddenly, Dave totally lost his cool- he went white as a ghost. Dave then looked at Wilsun and said ‘see, I told you!’ This is the moment I knew that something was seriously wrong…

Do you feel like Mac Tonight?

Macdonald Stainsby is a man who has caused deep harm to my life. He was long-term friends with my ex-partner- knew her since they were in their teens. Back at the height of the abuse I was receiving from Harsha Walia and her friends, Mac wrote a very ugly and damaging letter to her. He made allegations that I was acting ‘abusively towards Harsha, that I was paranoid and mentally ill. It was a vicious attack on my personal life that has since been disproved.
Stainsby is also the person who threw a pie in David Eby’s face at the end of the Olympics in what looks like a sarcastic ploy to separate Eby from the political damage of having withdrawn his legal observers on the day the Black Blocdestroyed the anti-Olympic protest movement. Folks, something big is happening here…I spoke with Stainsby this morning on Facebook chat- asked him some questions about his connections to the George Soros funded TIDES Foundation. As you can see, he has no problems being funded by the 1%!
Dave also has connections with TIDES, including the Ruckus Society (declared a terrorist organization by DHS), IEN, and others. So does Taylor Flook, and a few others in his circles. I’ve asked Dave to confirm his status with Soros/TIDES, but he has not answered. Something is rotten in Occupy Toronto…
Dave hasn’t even bothered to respond to me since I write my letter to him. Instead, he used his ex-girlfriend Taylor(PottyMouth)Flook, and Krystaline Kraus to do his dirty work. To put it simply, Dave Vasey is a coward who uses women as human shields rather than speak for himself and tell the truth.
People of Occupy Toronto- are you going to let this continue?

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