Fire The Liars! (But, first, fix the electoral system)

Would you buy a used car from this man?

First, let me be clear. I thoroughly dislike Stephen Harper- few people would be happier to see him thrown out of office. That’s what motivated me to organize the Occupy Harper event last year- it was very satisfying to expose his cowardly ways

So, when I first heard about the Robocall scandal I instinctively wanted to step outside and scream “fire the liars” at the top of my lungs! But, regardless of how satisfying it would be- we are only at the early stages of the investigation, and we have yet to see solid evidence of who is responsible.

Summary justice can be a slippery slope…

Meanwhile, as the politicians & pundits bask in their schadenfreude, they are  missing one of the most important things we can learn right now-  Elections Canada (EC) is failing to deliver on one of their most important mandates!

It’s their responsibility to ensure that voters are knowledgeable and informed about how elections work. Had they been successful, I’d probably not be writing this article.

1.) It is not EC policy to use robocalls to announce the relocation of a polling place. Had voters known this, the impact of these calls would have been negligible.

2.) Most voters, particularly our youth, have little confidence their vote can have a real impact on the results. But, considering Harper won the last election by a margin of only 8,000 votes- how likely is it that he wouldn’t have got in-office if there weren’t so many disenfranchised voters?

So, I’d like to leave a challenge to the politicians who will join us on Sunday. It’s okay for you to come out and bash Harper for a little while, we’ll enjoy it. After all, who doesn’t these days!

But, can you save a couple of minutes and dig into the real problems with our electoral system? What do you think should be done to improve voter education? Are you prepared to make a serious effort to cure us of our apathy? What will it take?

Do that and your country will love you…

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    • Mogs on March 17, 2012 at 15:53
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    I’d personally like to course correct your naiveté; you are of course on the right track but fail miserably to tell the truth, just like Harper and the Con Party.

    1) Harper did not win the election: Only 5,832,401 stupid people yes you heard me stupid people voted for the criminally insane Con Stephen Party.

    2) 8,757,658 real Canadians voted elsewhere, against the Harper Autocracy.

    3) This means Harper’s henchmen and witches lost by 2,925,257 votes. This is not a majority government.

    The corporate press will not tell the stupid people that which they should already know; Harper does not have the majority of the confidence of the Canadian people. He is a loser and then so we all are now that Mr. Mayhem Harper has stolen his way back in.

    Robo-calls: the Harper Autocracy is the only capable culpable responsible party, when we have a slob like Dean Delmaestro (sic) after the fact claim that his Con mob got Robo calls too…

    The Tory database is the only one that could possibly hold the info necessary to pull this scam off. The Tory Party is the only one who benefited from it. The test run was done in the 2008 election wake up dummies for elections fraud 2008 – 2011.

    Harper did it, he is a criminally insane person, good luck to you 5.8 million a**holes who voted for him, I hope you will enjoy the nonexistent F-35’s and new jails because you belong in them. Hopefully Harper bombs your homes and families instead of foreign territory and innocent children, women and men we are not at war with. Face it Harper is the exceedingly rich crooked man’s corporate bitch.

    1. I believe you are splitting hairs here Mogs. I agree with everything you say, in principle- but, like it or not, Harper won the election. I can say that with confidence for one reason- he’s the bloody PM!

      When I wrote this article it had not yet been public knowledge about the (alleged) connection to the Tory database. That said, it is not irrefutable that this is the source of the information yet. Take this for a possible scenario- someone could have identified those who wouldn’t vote Tory outside of official channels! Yes, it is probably more likely this information came from their DB- but, it is still open for debate…

      I won’t call you naive though- but, I will say you appear to be biased by your hate for Harper over your love for justice and due-process. That scares the bejezus out of me. Because, justice is more important than vengeance- and, if we ignore that, we are subject to injustice ourselves.

      Not good…

    • Mogs on March 18, 2012 at 14:45
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    Yes I may be a little over the top but I’m pushing 60 and sick of this B.S. we as a country are no-longer the envy of the world we had as a used to be peace keeping nation. Now lined up behind (with our politico’s noses up the yanks asses) and following them into imperialism at its worst. NATO is no more than a front for pillage and loot the oil resources of the world’s third world countries and or make way for pipelines. Why Libya and not the other dictatorships of the world? Follow the oil fools, “We won’t get fooled again!” – lyrics by The Who. We never declared war on Libya nor Afghanistan nor they on us therefore to have our troops there killing people is illegal. I can think of better uses for our brave young men and women than that. Now the vet’s returning are being shunned by the Harper government, where exactly is that at? They ought to be entitled to a whole lot of help and a pension equal that of parliamentarians.

    Any scientist that gets government funding or is on the government payroll has been silenced by SH also known as S**t Head, they have been forbidden to talk to the press. “You don’t know how lucky you are boy, back in the USSR boy” – lyrics by The Beatles. This is not right, our boy Harper has had many on his payroll that have a criminal record and checkered past. Vic Toews has a very questionable past and he is the top cop? It makes me shudder. The Con Party has dirt that we don’t even know about yet.

    Of all the scary s**t ole Stevie boy is doing: he does allot of closed door deals, which is not allowed. Here in BC he and the ex-premier made a back room deal to add HST to our purchases with zero public knowledge or parliamentary debate, illegal as hell. The premier got ousted but Steve rewarded him with a cushy job. Tom Flanagan the U of C professor who set up the Tory data base also called for the assassination of Julian Assange of wiki-leaks, while on the air, this is illegal in Canada. The fellow who published viki-leaks is going to be tried and hung by the Tories to prevent debate on the election scandal. All the man did was share PUBLICLY available information and not even the worst of it. Now anonymous is sharing even more about Vic and isn’t this convenient for the Tories when they want to take control of the internet. Anonymous is most likely on the Tory payroll. Was it not not convenient that the con’s stole money for Tony Clements riding to host the G-8, G-20 hoax. And how Toronto’s finest stood and watched the so-called black block, also hired by the Tories, destroy downtown big TO and light up cop cars and later round up innocents to send a strong message that in Harper-land the Autocracy that it is – no dissenting opinions are allowed as it was in George Bush’s land south of the 49th. We here in BC knew about fraudulent robo-calls from the 2008 election the Con got elected only through deceit and that was Tory Harper’s test run to see if it would work to steal an election and if anyone would notice, it worked and very few noticed hence the all out assault on democracy in the 2011 election. Harper is also turning over your permission to exit or enter your country Canada to the yanks behind closed doors (high treason), yes they will have final say as to whether or not you can or cannot leave Canada, not just to the USA and back but anywhere in the world. This he did illegally as the leader of a minority government, there by law was supposed to be a parliamentary debate over this issue.

    Google this and read and weep:
    Canadian Independence:
    Salvation or Sacrifice to
    Canada – U.S. Relations:


    Harper is a scoundrel of the worst kind; I don’t hate him per se but I am certainly not fond of traitors and treason, of which Harpo is guilty of both.

    What is the punishment for treason in Canada? The penalty for high treason is life imprisonment. Let’s put Harper where he belongs, behind bars. We Canadians are to apologetic and we let criminals rule our country and our freedom suffers for it. I remember when Americans used to sew Canadian flags on their backpacks when they traveled, now nobody dares, not even ourselves. If you are content to let the Con’s make a mockery out of us then you deserve what is coming your way during these next few years of Harper,s “benign dictatorship,” not so Benign Autocracy is more like it.

    Google this and read and weep:

    “”Next City, Winter 1996/97.”

    Our benign dictatorship Canada’s system of one-party-plus rule has stunted democracy. Two prominent conservatives present the case for more representative government-by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan” :


    He knows he can do whatever he wants now, but unfortunately for him he cheated his way into power. “I pray om my god do I pray each day for revolution” – lyrics by 4 non blondes. No guns just fire the lot of them and throw the worst in jail and then throw away the keys. It’s beyond lies, its criminal and its treasonous. You don’t win an election when you cheat at it, that’s illegal. Mark my words everything I say here is true, when you get older you will see too. It has now come to light people my generation were particularly targeted by the robo-calls, any ideas why? Hee-Hee! I just showed you, he’s scared of our knowledge. We know who you are Steve, white trash.


    • Mogs on March 18, 2012 at 15:42
    • Reply

    On the lighter side a little poem for your amusement:
    Harper’s Land and the Roving Polling Stations,
    A Magical Mysterious Act: Election 2011!
    He’s building really big jails,
    And soon it’ll be filled with the wails,
    The shrieks of a dying Democracy,
    Soon we’ll be a Harper Autocracy,
    Harper land is definitely here,
    The voting fraud makes it ever so clear,
    Canada is gone forever,
    Unless we all shout “NEVER”!
    The F-35’s he’ll use on us,
    It will be like we’ve been hit by a Libyan bus,
    That is if we give him a chance,
    So now we must kick him in the pants,
    It’s time to say goodbye,
    We know he gave it a try,
    But, Harper you’re beginning to smell,
    So it’s time that you said, farewell.
    Harper you’ve gone way to far,
    You think our heads are empty like a jar,
    But we’ve caught you red-handed,
    And now it looks like you’ve landed,
    In a terrible mess,
    Now c’mon just fess,
    Up to the fact,
    That you orchestrated this act!
    And because of that,
    You will never get fat,
    At the hogs trough political,
    Because we aim to cut your umbilical,
    So you’ll never be able,
    To sit at the con party table,
    No sir not ever again,
    You won’t even be allowed to campaign!
    We’ll march two-four abreast,
    We’ll put Harper to the test,
    We’ll call it the Canadian spring,
    We’ll have a real good fling,
    We’ll march on Parliament Hill,
    We’ll get rid of that shill,
    Who calls himself the prime minister,
    Since really he’s evil and sinister.
    Know anyone that can put this to music?


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