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Another Love Letter From Chelsea:
Rob Gordon’s letter points to your obsessive nature and points out you and he had major differences. Enough to sign the petition you tried to discredit. If you are looking for apologies and regret from people, what are you willing to own up to? I have never met you, but your online persona seems petty and toxic. Your pathetic attempt to write some discrediting blog post just proves the comment you based it on. You need to calm the fuck down. Especially on your paranoia and conspiracy theories. Seriously, it’s more disruptive and damaging to the movement than the stuff your claiming. Since you seem bent on making your problems the problems of everyone else, you have forced me to draw conclusions about your character from this alone. What ever you do in the future, I hope you take into consideration that you have made no friend or ally in me. You might want to reconsider your approach when attempting to infiltrate other occupy camps and other social movements. Whatever you don’t like in Dave is probably a reflection of what you do yourself. I suggest if you are asking someone to take a step back, you also consider how much that might be good for you too. You seem burn out to me.

Don’t email me again.
Sent from my iPhone (ugh)

Can you explain what this is all about?

My Response:

Dear Taylor,

Have you considered taking anger management classes? Because, right from the start, you approached me with hateful thoughts and a rather crude use of the Queen’s english: (click to enlarge)

The first ever communication I had from Chelsea…

There is so much wrong with what you wrote me then- particularly considering it was the first time we had ever interacted. You came to my personal space here and made me feel very unsafe with your words. And, now, you are doing the same once more. Your aggressive and dominating tone is not not very Canadian of you- didn’t you get the memo? We’re polite to each other here…

Why would I ask for an apology from Dave and the people who started bullying me yesterday? You’re not Canadian are you- perhaps you come from Brooklyn? The reason I had the audacity to ask my oppressors for an apology is because it would be the polite thing for them to do. I could have used their tactics and asked that they be excluded- but that is against the ethos of our movement. Don’t they teach this at the Ruckus Society? You trained with them- right?

If you are looking for a toxic online persona- here’s how you can find it:

1.) Read what you just wrote and put it in your memory.
2.) Power off your computer.
3.) Now that the screen is more reflective, use it to take a good look at yourself.

You should also spend some time studying about ad-hominem attacks and how to avoid them. Not a single accusation you have sent me is based on either fact or any type of quantification. I’ll give you some examples:

Harper kills baby seals! (Which seal, when, did he use a club?)
– Harper hates baby seals-he’s responsible for their death! (wrong)
– Harper paid for the clubs, so he is responsible! (almost right, but not quite)
– Harper clubbed fluffy the baby seal in his bathtub on June 21st! (right!)

If you try and use answers 1-3 to win an argument, you are insulting the people who you are trying to convince. And, once more, that wouln’t be the Canadian thing to do. Perhaps you should try #OccupyParis?

So, a question for you- what exactly do you say I am claiming? If you don’t specify, how am I to know what to answer to? I have only one simple claim- the rest of what I wrote was only questions. Here goes:

– I claim that Dave did me a serious injustice by asking me to leave, and stirring-up dissent about me with other people without allowing me to explain my situation.

– I claim that it was wrong of him to ask anyone to be ejected from Occupy Toronto, if we ever decide that banning is the right thing to do, then it should be decided by the GA, not by an individual. That said, I hope we never ban anyone again- that is not really inclusive- and we are an inclusive movement after all…

– I claim that it is improper for Dave to suggest he is, or should be, the leader in our leaderless organization. This goes without saying.

– I claim that anyone who is qualified to be a leader wouldn’t have sat and watched what happened to me yesterday while the bullying was going on.

One thing I do agree about with you is that what happened yesterday, and since Dave started this nonsense was indeed disruptive and divisive to the movement. Particularly the way he chose to do it. And, as I told you in response to your last letter, I really don’t like to use the word divisive- all too often it is used as a tactic to discredit. But, in this case, there really isn’t much else I could say. It truly was divisive.

I’m not so sure what you mean in saying that I ‘infiltrate other occupy camps’- you’re still using ad-hominem tactics. That said, if infiltrating means that I was one of the first 10-15 people on the grounds while we infiltrated and occupied the Vancouver Art Gallery on October 15th, then you are probably right. But, I did infiltrate in Vancouver earlier, I was involved from the 5th of October online, and I was at the first planning meeting, as I was also about the 5th person to speak on stage on our first day. Is that an infiltration, or are you just trying to make me look bad? If you are, you just failed miserably no cigar for you Chelsea!

It is a shame you can never by a friend or ally for me- I’ve looked into your career as an activist, and you have a lot of experience to share. But, it seems you have got bitter to me- what happened? I’m a good listener if you need someone to talk to. And, one day if you come to your senses, I will welcome you with as much love as I’ll have for any other occupier.

I can’t tell you how much I wish Dave was a reflection of myself. Because, we wouldn’t be in this situation if that were the case. I’m not only Canadian, but I’m also Engish- kind of a case of polite-cubed. Dave was quite the opposite the way he treated me- he must really like Harsha Walia for taking her side without hearing the details of either my side or hers. Or, were you just throwing-out some more of your ad-hominem attack tactics?

The only thing I’m burned-out on is the ad-hominem, ad-nauseum tactics some people have chosen to take. I’d like to suggest you watch the video’s on this link. And, I’ll give you extra credit if you can match the ‘harper kills seals’ examples with the appropriate video.

Just so we make sure nobody has any doubts- I have some questions for you:

1.) Are you being paid for any of your activist work related to OT?
2.) Do you support and/or exercise Black Bloc tactics?
3.) What is your relation to CUPE, are you still active?
4.) Are you still active with the Soros funded Rainforest Action Network or Ruckus society?
5.)  Can you please confirm you are not representing any interests other than your own at OV?
6.) What is your relation to Joe Cressy? Were you in on the fact that the invasion of Parliament was a PR trick, or did they leave you in the dark?

7.) Why did you say “don’t mail me again”? I’ve never mailed you before, you came to me out of the blue…

This isn’t conspiracy theory stuff- only want to make sure there is no confusion about a conflict-of-interest. After all, you came charging at me with foul language simply because I wrote my opinion about CUPE and the USW. So, I have to ask. On my side, I can attest that I only represent myself in Occupy.

As MLK said, we must love the oppressor- so, I will always have love ready if you are willing to see past that cloud of blind-allegiance you are tainted by.

Solidarity and Earth First!

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  1. Greg, I had a chance to read that drivel Taylor posted about you and wanted to think about my reply for a day or so, before providing one here in the form of a comment.

    I too had a short interaction with her yesterday and was on the receiving end of pretty the same sort of thing , only the words used were different. I have arrive at the conclusion Greg that she, along with her compatriots have , and continue to make attempts to destroy the reputations of person THEY deem a threat because those person, person like you, myself and others, ask the tough questions that they don not want to answer, do not want outsiders to know. The answers to the questions we ask would surely discredit the very fabric of whatever movement they are promoting at that moment.

    I find it incredible just what lengths some of these people will go to , to try and brainwash their close followers and at the same time , turn allies into non-allies. The truth seems to hurt them , Greg, bask in the knowledge that the truth cannot be stopped. People like you , myself and others are making sure of that .

    Occupy has real potential to effect change and i do think that if its done correctly it CAN work. Personally, my approach is the use of respectful meaningful, well research, fact driven , articulate and scholarly presentations to the persons who DO make the decisions and are the one in power. Change advocacy must be directed to those who have the power to effect change , not by smashing windows and destroying property. I can’t think of anything more counter productive than that.

    To those persons who wish to continue to discredit you and others , relish in the thought that they are the architects or their own demise and the penalties for that demise are high. hang in there brother, you DO have support .

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