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Dr. David Ostrow- CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health

Trying to keep up-to-date on the shenanigans of Vancouver Cop Watch (VCW), I checked out their Facebook a couple of hours ago- and, wow, was I ever surprised to see what they had posted! It seems that I found evidence of a crime- an employee of Aldergrove Neighborhood Services made an illegal criminal record check against me. I have notified the Langley RCMP about this, and have registered an official complaint with her boss.

Lynn Marois

But, I also found something much more disturbing- an issue that every resident of Vancouver needs to be aware of. First, Ann Livingston tried to frame my criticism of VCW as being sexist. This is hardly the behaviour people would expect from someone who takes over $200K per year from Vancouver Coastal Health.

But, also, another registered nurse, Bonnie Fournier (who is connected to the Pickton case) has laid-out a plan to have me detained for a mental health investigation! I’ve heard of ‘car 87’ being used for such attacks before, but never did I imagine to see someone actually write about it on Facebook!

Bonnie Fournier

Below is my letter to Dr David Ostrow, the CEO of Vancouver Coastal Health- asking for him to put a full investigation into the matter. I will now be contacting members of the Vancouver media. The people of this city need to understand the type of corruption they are facing in the DTES…


cc: BC College Of Registered Nurses, Langley RCMP, Vancouver Police Department, BC Ministry of Health

Dear Dr. Ostrow,

I’ve written you about a past incident when an employee of Vancouver Coastal Health had misused her position in your organization to accuse me of being ‘mentally ill and dangerous’ as part of a political attack. Well, unfortunately, it appears I am under a similar attack by two registered nurses with connections to your organization.

I cannot tell you how dismayed I am by this situation. VCH has a very serious problem on their hands…

A few days ago I began writing some articles about an organization called Vancouver Cop Watch (VCW). One of the leaders of VCW is Ann Livingston, the director of the VCH funded Vancouver Area Network Of Drug Users (VANDU).  VCW has a long history of harassing members of the Vancouver Police Department on the streets, and posting derogatory information about them online.

After I wrote this story, VCW began to get a lot of attention in the media- culminating with an interview on the Bill Good show on CKNW radio a couple of days ago. During this interview, VCW told a number of mistruths to the public, and Ann Livingston criticised the police for making attempts to stop people with substance abuse issues from walking into traffic. This was rather disappointing to me, as I am aware that a number of people have been hurt and/or died because of the issue.

I wrote another article about this situation yesterday, where I identified that VCW was given assistance misrepresenting themselves to the public by a notorious anarchist, and public nuisance, who has a reputation for interrupting proceedings at Vancouver’s City Hall.

What came out of that today was beyond my imagination of what could happen- and, is indicative that VCH has a serious challenge on your hands. Ann Livingston, and a nurse named Bonnie Fournier were involved in some very serious threats against me. Additionally, an employee of Aldergrove Neighborhood Services claimed to have made an illegal criminal records check against me. (they have been notified about this situation). Here are the postings:

As you can see, they made serious allegations about me- indicating that I am potentially dangerous to women in a public forum. I am astounded that Ann, who takes 100’s of thousands of dollars of funding from VCH, would be so irresponsible. But, later in the thread, things get much worse:

I’ve never met, nor heard of Bonnie Fournier before- but, on discovering that she is a registered nurse who works in the DTES, I am seriously disturbed to see what that she is suggesting to misuse public services to commit an act of political psychiatry against me. I’ve heard people complain this has occurred in the past, but never took it seriously until now. How many people has this happened to in the past?

I need VCH to take immediate action on this issue- this is too serious to be let to continue. I believe that there needs to be a full investigation into the threats against me- and into whether similar actions have been taken against others. It seems to me that the people of Vancouver have a serious problem on their hands.

I will shortly be contacting the media about this situation, as it is too important to not let the people know what is happening with VCH and your related people/organizations. Thank you for your attention to this matter, I look forward to your response.

-Greg Renouf

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    • Occultpie Myass on June 20, 2012 at 22:15

    That is INSANE! First of all a nurse should know better than to discuss people like that on a public forum and second of all she should be removed from working in the mental health field as she has violated an important work ethic. Also, I believe that if you are able to give cognizant answers to questions such as: what year is it? day? your name? etc. they will not be able to touch you because you are not a danger to yourself or anyone else.

    1. This is what they call “political psychiatry”, it is a tactic I’ve heard many people complain about in Vancouver. Luckily, it was documented this time – with any luck, we’ll make sure it never happens again…

    • Bonnie Fournier on June 21, 2012 at 00:02

    This man has SERIOUS issues of harassment, ridiculing and intimidation! I am a DEDICATED, responsible and professional person. I am also a now retired Registered Psychiatric Nurse who was employed 32 years in the DTES. The families and friends have JUST finished enduring 8+ months of the Missing Women Commission Inquiry.

    We all experienced INTENSE anxiety, frustration and sorrow along distress witnessing the BULLY TACTICS towards Lawyers who were representing OUR interests and faced outnumbering in excess of TWENTY! Witness Standing relevant to the Mandate along with pertinent document disclosure WAS DENIED time and time again which DISRESPECTED our RIGHTS under the NATIONAL PUBLIC INQUIRY ACT as legislated to 2009.

    I will NOT tolerate ANY maligning of my reputation or abuse to people that I care about. I DO NOT intend to stand by and be defamed by a person with a LENGTHY HISTORY of nuisance and radical behavior and be FURTHER DENIED MY HUMAN RIGHTS or have my experience working under the MOST deplorable situations…AND, threatening at times, questioned!

    In my professional experience, this man displays a Narcissistic Personality and USES VULNERABLE people and groups to satisfy WHATEVER he requires. His “aka” of “Occultpie Myass” says it all as does the “evil twin” identity reference.

    I DEMAND that his stalking and harassment of people helping people STOP IMMEDIATELY and that his document submission to you be concluded as nonsense. ANY communication between VCW and me is the result of CONSISTENT DURESS he has and is causing by compromising our situations and circumstances, of advocacy, for a marginalized and often forgotten Society!

    THANKING YOU, for your attention, I am,

    Bonnie J. Fournier

    1. Is this the same Bonnie Fournier? We have never met, so I don’t know…

    • Undercover Kitty on June 21, 2012 at 12:54

    I have had a chance to read and re- read this post , and additionally, am able to say that Greg is a good and trusted personal friend of mine To suggest that Greg has issues around women is, utterly laughable. In the time I have known Greg, i have never, NEVER , EVER seen him act in any way but with respect and integrity towards everyone.

    It does appear , however that others, such as one person named here and by her own post as shown has taken the liberty of infringing on Greg’s rights to privacy by undertaking an illegal search of him and any history that clearly does not exist. It seems to me that Greg has hit a raw nerve by exposing the truth and exposing persons who are not all they appear to be. He should be commended for these actions as it is the TAXPAYER who is paying these salaries of these persons making these accusations against him, on taxpayers time.

    Bonnie, you comment that would suggest that he may have an ” accident ” , as you said, a ” woops, bump on the street ” is, in of itself a threat to his personal safety . As a registered Nurse, it is reprehensible that you, a health care professional would even suggest the accident causing of harm to another human being. I was certain that they oath you took as a health care professional was to do no harm. makes me wonder what other forms of double standards you subscribe to. You make a lot of statements, but as usual of persons who make such statements, you offer not even a shred of proof. …

    • Occultpie Myass on June 21, 2012 at 13:22

    Hi Bonnie,

    I am very familiar with “The Missing Women’s Inquiry” and I am very sympathetic to the women who’s lives were stolen and the heartbreak that their family has endured and will forever endure. My opinions on the Pickton murderer and the lack of care that was shown in regard to these women because of their ethnicity and their lifestyle may differ from Greg’s BUT, I still stand by my original statement that you had no right to issue the statements that you have on facebook. Working in the mental health field is a PRIVILEGE and for a woman with 32 years experience you should know better than to discuss others mental health status on a public forum. As a nurse you are not qualified to make a concrete judgement on someones mental health and nor are you able to do so without even having had an assessment taking place. There is more than enough stigmatization of the mental health community without someone who is in your position adding to the labelling and Othering of those who are living with these issues. You have abused your position and have harmed the community you claim to serve. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your loyalties. Are they towards the Consumer-Survivor community or are your loyalties to your own ego?

    And Bonnie, I can assure you that I am most certainly NOT Greg. Perhaps you are exhibiting signs of paranoia and dellusions….hmmm? Perhaps you are deteriorating? By the way, that term is EXTREMELY offensive and dehumanizing! Seems to me that you are one of those paternalistic, Medical Model proponents or you wouldn’t be speaking in the ways that you have on facebook or on here. Thank goodness you are retired and can do no further damage.

    • Silent Observer on June 21, 2012 at 14:31

    I know, and have great respect for Greg Renouf. I consider him a trusted friend, as a woman I have NEVER witnessed nor experienced anything but professional respectful behavior from Greg, he is a very much a gentleman…a very rare quality.

    The tactics used against Greg here, political psychiatry, are well known tactics used by the poverty industry in the DTES. This SYSTEMIC abuse of power is commonly used against the poor and marginalized to intimidate them, putting the fear of losing benefits from the government in their minds.

    Greg has tirelessly been exposing these abuses.

    I hope that his work is being read by honest politicians, media and law makers in British Columbia. Greg’s work is being made personal by some very radical individuals, and he is being abused by those that have the most $$$ to lose.

    This is a very common practice used to discredit whistle blowers that shine a light on problems/ abuses of the funding in the DTES….One only has to follow the money… Greg receives no funding for his work. That in itself is something to think about. Can all parties in these debates say the same?

    It has me wondering, there is too much smoke, I can’t help but think there is a fire.. follow the money!

    • harry lawson on June 21, 2012 at 17:50

    this saddens me. i used to do a lot of volunteer work in mental health.

    i have witnessed the systemic abuse of clents that would raise issues or complain about staff members.

    as a board member i would raise my concerns, only to be told it isan isolated incident, and that the board does not get involved in operations.

    how many isolated incidents before a problem is systemic?

    i have a concern regard a staff member accessing the police data base.

    i think all access should be done only by police officers and any request from front line professionals need to be justified and documented under oath.
    with full penalties under law for abuses.

    i wish you well in trying to resolve the matter

    1. Harry,

      Thank you for you input and concerns. This is indeed a sad situation. Not necessarily for me, as I’m a writer, and it is inevitable people will attack when I expose the truth- but, truly sad for those people who aren’t able to protect themselves from this sort of abusive behaviour.

      Your use of the word systemic is right on the money. The more I see in my research, the more patterns I identify. Just today, after yesterday’s empty threats of using car 87, another part of the pattern emerged. Their next step was to try and use the RCMP to bully me so that I stop my investigation. I know of at least two people who have been victim to this exact same pattern.

      This is the weakness of those who abuse the power of their positions in the poverty industry. They are all too dependent on using the same tactics time and time again…


    • Sage on June 22, 2012 at 02:37

    I don’t personally know Greg, but I am female and find him in no way sexist as evidenced by his writings or the topics he covers. I very much appreciate his whistle blowing on what is now far too commonly referred to as the poverty pimps of the dtes. Ms. Fournier’s response to Greg appears not only uncalled for, but down right frightening. Is this the job of these ngo’s and poverty industry people, to lock up people exposing truth?

    Now I wonder how much of the Pickton case was effected in a negative way by her ego, making case more about her agenda than the truth of what actually happened on that hellish farm? After reading what these women write, I don’t know what their agenda is, I can only say it certainly appears they have one!

    1. Sage,

      Thank you for your positive comments and support for my work. It has been challenging to deal with the accusations people throw because of my writing. That said, after the same empty attacks have been thrown for so very long, they have lost their ability to stick.

      I wrote a story many months ago criticising how people cheapen issues of sexism, racism and classism by using them as weapons. I’d hate to imagine how many cases have been ignored as a result of so many people crying wolf.

      This also leads right to the Pickton case. Some people in the community have spent so much time crying wolf about issues with the police, and other abuses, that people have become desensitized. There’s a direct possibility this had an effect on getting proper attention on the Pickton case. This is just too tragic for words…

    • harry lawson on June 22, 2012 at 06:16

    we must remember not all people or organizations are bad. however if you have people with other agendas manipulating a system. then we all lose

    what i have witnessed is a pattern of constructivley denied services.

    marginalized people deserve to be heard and treated with dignity.

    the true blame for what is wrong rest with the 2002 budget cuts for mental
    health and addictions.

    not only did we loose services we also lost the means to help preventstaff burn out and the negative effects on clients.

    we lost many great workers and those comming in are burning out just as fast.
    and the staffing bar gets set lower and lower until we have what is happening to you/

    1. Hi Harry,

      Indeed, not all organizations and people are bad, there are many good people out there who are trying to do the right thing. I know one of those people- unfortunately, he recently left the DTES because the people with agendas made it unbearable for him. This is such a shame because this was a man who truly had his heart in the right place.

      I’ve also experienced constructively denied services. I’ve gone to both the BC Civil Liberties Association and PIVOT Legal asking for help when people in the poverty industry worked to destroy my career by posting slanderous information about me on the Internet. Both organizations completely ignored me- probably because they have staff who are deeply connected to what happened.

      I wasn’t in BC in 2002, but I have heard of, and seen, the damages they caused. Thank you for reminding me of this problem- I agree, this is deep at the core of why we are where we are today. We need to find a way to get the public’s attention on this…


    • Standing Water on June 22, 2012 at 10:54

    “the true blame for what is wrong rest with the 2002 budget cuts for mental
    health and addictions.”

    I respectfully disagre. This problem is so much larger than money. Much true blame lies with the University system, especially the one extant in British Columbia. It is an unreconstructed eugenics-programme for ensuring that people _exactly like the ones in the DTES poverty-pimp industry_ are promoted into positions of authority, because they are the “beautiful type”: easily co-opted by propaganda, willing to work for the collective without thought of morality, vicious to the extreme if their “turf” is challenged. What these DTES characters are offering is nothing more than an insight into the pathologically indifferent and depraved personality type that obtains University degrees for the purpose of “helping” sick people. We’re not talking architects who build buildings for people who can care for themselves; we’re talking poverty pimps, people who would be out of business if they did their jobs excellently. There is a perverse incentive to maintain the “status quo”, because that is what generates the funding.

    It is very clear that they’re only “helping” themselves—anyone who challenges the University Gravy Train, well, that’s what Psychiatry and Police are for, right, to keep them in their place. Political psychiatry is the norm in Vancouver—this is not malevolent conspiracy, it’s that these University people are fucking stupid. In Vancouver, if you start spending your own money too quickly, buy a red sports car, start behaving rudely to your wife, dating a 19 year old, that might be grounds for involuntary commitment. I have heard it described by a member of the profession in British Columbia that someone who is behaving in such a way, after internment and administration of lithium for a couple of weeks, will typically _thank the psychiatrist_.

    The reason you’re getting staff burnout is that the sort of people who could do the work without degrees, and who for almost all of history did, very well, are now forbidden to get their hands dirty. We have nothing but University hacks, and the writing is on the wall: they are savage fuckups. Universities mostly accept people who are already burned out and unable to think for themselves, so by the time they’re into a situation where they’re working to pay bills, doing unethical things because their higher-ups tell them that’s how things go in the DTES if you want to keep working, the symptoms of their ever-present burnout are going to start to appear.

    I have been following this blog for some time, and all I can say is that Greg Renouf is the sort of journalist who ought to be in the newspapers—he has something to say, and he says it, rather than hemming and hawing, which is a neurosis that over-education and University inculcate: be very afraid your professor would fail you, so don’t do anything except that which you know will please him. I have no permission to perform an assessment, but, informally, I should say that from his writing I detect no hint of personality or other mental disorder.

      • Occultpie Myass on June 23, 2012 at 01:39

      Standing Water, please do not paint all University students and grads with the same brush. Some of us have direct and lived experience with the system and are obtaining our education so that we can work towards being in a sense “a tool” for people who need help to use to become the people that they want to be.

        • Standing Water on June 23, 2012 at 11:14

        With greatest respect, I disagree. People seek post-secondary education because of duress applied during childhood. It is entirely possible, and the historical record indicates, that far fewer people sought post-secondary education absent a culture of entrenched child abuse. And at that point, your nervous system may be going all a-titter. You do not feel abused. Well, if you do not, you could go one of two ways—you could go “there is nothing abusive about confining people and calling them “failures” if they won’t work for free,” (ever get paid for an assignment?) or you could recognize it a criminal system of physical (confining) and psychological (evaluative) abuse, the goal of which today is to generate funds for the University system, by abusing K-12 students until they feel incredibly neurotic and paranoid about lack of credentials, so they enroll in postsecondary thus continuing the gravy train for the University educated—and keep in mind that all of the technical professions get done regardless. The University obstructs technological developments and inflates “artistic” developments like sociology, art history and other things that likely would not survive in current form except for taxpayer subsidy.

        And in furtherance of their depravity, and in frustration of our ancient liberty, to wit, that no single group or body of people, such as those with degrees, be granted the sole right of practicing and trade or profession, they have captured almost everything worth doing, and required people like you to get degrees because you desire to help people.

        And, in the end, all University grads/students may be painted with the same Brush, in that they have all been pained by the same Brush—and remember, it used to be a University Graduate wielding a hairbrush or a paddle, swatting the kids until they “thought right,” or, rather, “thought similarly to how the University man learned to think,” which he presumes is “right.” Rarely do University people who are “helping” others admit that their help is cult-like and consists in making people into the form and image of the University and its procedures. They like to pretend that they are helping people become some immaterial object—“wise”, what “they want to be”, etc. etc. You’re going to ask someone who was kept as a slave from 6-17 what he wants to be?

        Anyone who is not sufficient in money, land to attend University without taking on debt cannot really be expected to correctly state his own motivations; one part of his motivation is likely poverty, inadequacy, but in my experience most University goers/grads focus on their noble intentions, rather than on self-interest. After all, if University is simply a club of self-interested “good people”, how is it _any different at all_ from a Masonic Lodge?

        How is a Bachelor of Arts not as much as if a Third Degree Master Mason or whatever they call themselves? How is a hiring requirement that one have a Bachelor/Masters degree not more or less equivalent to a requirement that one be a Master Mason? The only difference is that there are different convocations granting masonic degrees, and they probably have cooler bibs.

        Take, for example, the requirement that a VSB principal have a Masters degree. It can be in anything—creative writing, fine art, physics whatever. How is that possibly a bona fide requirement? It is clearly little more than a system of political filtration, and the only people who say otherwise are those who have been abused since childhood by this system or who benefit from it.

        Anciently, our education was performed in the cathedral churches. There were no degrees amongst the ancient greeks or romans. They certainly could have invented such if they had desired, but they did not—they start to obtain around the 12th or 13th century. Universities provide very little real education. They are better seen as degree-factories, rather than educational institutions. If you wish to be educated, go to Church.

    • Occultpie Myass on June 25, 2012 at 13:00

    WOW! Sad but very amusing at the same time :D

    You enjoy your church and I’ll enjoy my education and the ability to support my family.

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