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Jason “Reacharound” Bowman

Jason “Reacharound” Bowman is one of my favourite characters I’ve covered on my site. The above picture should help you understand why- he’s a clown, not only because of his silly facial expressions, but also because of the ridiculous nonsense that comes out of his mouth. But, along with all of the laughs he brings us, Bowman often leaves tragedy in his wake. His lies helped kill Kevin Annett’s scam (no so tragic), a woman travelled across the country for his ‘Citizen Prosecutor” services and ended up living in a homeless shelter- and, now, it seems that his antics have screwed-over the Mohawks…

After Bowman got caught lying about filing a court case with Kevin Annett this summer he quickly moved to his next fraud. Jason conned Bill Squire of the Mohawks that he was qualified to handle their land claims under the Haldimand deed. He took his con a step further when he tried to declare himself the spokesman for the Mohawks– the truth is that he was only a spokesman for Bill Squire.

Unfortunately for Bill Squire, he didn’t laugh-off Bowman’s claims, and now it looks like there’s a risk he’ll be losing his home…

Squire lives in a complex called the Kanata Village- a replica seventeenth-century Iroquois village that opened in 2000. Squire’s group the “Mohawk Workers” have been squatting on this city-owned property since 2007. Surprisingly, the city of Brantford has been paying the utility bills ever since- electric, gas, water, sewage and even the phone bills. So far, the total cost to the city of Brantford has been somewhere around $50,000.

Since his arrival at Kanata, Bowman’s been sending letters to everyone and his dog with demands for money on behalf of the Mohawks. He’s been like a gnat to many- even the Mohawk’s lawyer, Aaron Deltor claimed that Bowman was an outright fraud. Bowman crossed-over from the ridiculous to the absurd a couple of weeks ago when he went as far to file a claim that airlines had to pay a fee to fly-over Mohawk airspace,

Bowman’s a idiot, a dangerous one too, because he has nothing to lose in this battle. But, Squire has a lot to lose- his rights to squat at Kanata Village is rather dubious, and the city of Brantford has been paying for his utilities. When asked about how Brantford taxpayers were subsidizing Kanata, Bowman made quite a reckless response:

“It’s laughable – maybe laughable isn’t the right word, because it’s depraved,”

I say reckless because Bowman is only a guest there, bit Bill Squire’s life is dependent on Kanata. That, and because the results of Bowman’s idiocy have put Bill Squire at-risk. And, just yesterday, the city of Brantford voted to stop paying for Bill’s utilities- it looks like it may be a long, cold, winter for the Mohawk Workers this year.

If that isn’t bad enough, Brantford is now considering whether they should evict Squire and his crowd from Kanata. I’ve been told that Squire lives in the facility there- so, there’s a possibility that both Squire and Bowman could end-up homeless now. Somehow, I don’t think that Bowman will be getting any ‘reacharounds’ from the Mohawks anytime in the near future- it’s my prediction they will kick his ass to the curb soon.

Bowman has some other things to worry about too. First, it is my understanding that the Law Society is going to becoming after him now- they don’t have a sense of humour when it comes to someone impersonating a lawyer. There have also been people from a number of law firms reading my articles on him- seems he’s making some powerful enemies.

The last thing that Bowman has to worry about is prosecution for his involvement with Kevin Annett’s fraudulent claim to have found a mass grave at Brantford. Things are heating-up for them after APTN broadcast it’s show debunking the scam- the people involved in it should be very concerned about their futures…

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    • The Hammer on October 24, 2012 at 07:55

    Some of the best lawyers in all of Canada are native lawyers working with various native groups. It is not a good idea to get on the wrong side of these guys when it comes to the courts.

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