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[UPDATED] Twitter Nasties: Vancouver Parks Board Should Censure Sarah Blyth Tonight (But should she be sacked?)

Update: I spoke with the media relations for the Parks Board at 4:30 and they told me that the motion would go ahead as planned. Now, there has been a change, and the proceedings will be held in-camera. This is what the City of Vancouver calls democracy? __________________________ Vancouver’s political Twitterverse has a become an increasingly nasty …

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[UPDATED] The Pidgin Protest: NDP MLA David Eby’s Downtown Eastside Olympic Legacy…

Update: The people of Vancouver-Point Grey have now elected Eby into office, God help us all… Radical activism in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) has been getting out of hand for several years now- beginning in the early 2000’s with the formation of the infamous (and now defunct) Anti-Poverty Committee. The APC was a militant anarchist organization …

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[UPDATED] Anarchists, Unionists, Mennonites & Porter Airlines Strikers: It’s About Israel, Stupid! (feat. Barrick Gold)

Update: Shortly after I published this article I found a meeting has been announced at OISE on Friday protesting the Jewish National Fund- here’s the link. Update 2: It appears that Porter Airlines is now suing COPE… Update 3: Two days after publishing this article Megan Kinch of the anarchist-led Media Co-Op publishes a very …

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[UPDATED] Mathew Kagis: Will Vancouver-West End Voters Support A Cop-Baiting Clown?

Update: It appears that Kagis doesn’t like this article- his response has been to ask someone to commit a crime (which is a crime in itself). Classy- can you believe that Sandy Garossino associates with these people? (Remember that next time she’s on the ballot Vancouver…)   ________________________________ British Columbia’s having a provincial election on …

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Derek Soberal: The Infamous Cop-Baiter Who Thinks He’s An Accredited Journalist (feat. Doug Hatlem Johnson)

For lovers of bedlam, there’s no shortage of entertainment to be seen in the activist community- sometimes there are more clowns to than you can shake a stick at. But, of all the idiocy to be observed, few individuals stand-out as much as Derek Soberal. And it’s hard to miss Derek, if there’s a TV camera …

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