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Cop Watch Leader Makes Veiled Threat Against Vancouver Police Officer (Feat. Jamie Richardson)

The first Cop Watch started in the San Francisco Bay area by Van Jones, an American Maoist who later became Barack Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” (and was thrown out after his extremist connections were exposed). It sounds like a good idea on the surface,¬†ordinary citizens standing on the sidelines with video cameras keeping an eye …

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#ShutDownCanada Protesters Make False “Assault” Accusation Against Vancouver Police (Feat. Audrey Siegl)

Audrey Siegl is one of Vancouver’s most prolific protesters, if there’s a protest going on it’s likely she will be there. She’s recently been seen at the #BurnabyMountain protests, she was a spokesperson for the Oppenheimer Park occupation, she was at a protest against farmed salmon in-front of a Costco store, she was a participant …

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#ShutDownCanada Fails: Small Crowds, Aborted Train Sabotage & Unabashed Racism

In early January Vancouver activist Dan Wallace announced a potentially exciting protest called #ShutDownCanada. The organizer’s goal was to get people to join in from coast-to-coast-to-coast, block critical infrastructure, and “severely impact: the country’s economy”. Adding to the anouncement, Wallace declared the event would “respect diversity of tactics”- activist code that means it’s acceptable if …

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