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Has Brigette DePape converted? lol

Has Brigette DePape converted? lol

I was surfing through Facebook on Saturday afternoon when I saw the above posted meme. If you’re not familiar with Brigette DePape, her claim-to-fame is the day she interrupted the Senate carrying a sign reading “Stop Harper”. The meme gave me a bit of a giggle, so I hit the “share” button on my phone and sent it out on my Twitter account- a few people re-tweeted it, and life moved on.

When I woke-up Sunday morning I checked for messages on my phone and noticed I had a stack of notifications on my Twitter account. Checking them out I saw that my tweet got a whole lot more traction,  with scores of pathetically assumptive responses from angry morons across the country. I always figured DePape’s supporters were tragically uninformed- today I have no doubt.

Antonia Zerbisias: Ex Toronto Star columnist & promoter of common criminals

Antonia Zerbisias: Ex Toronto Star columnist & promoter of common criminals

The bulk of the abuse didn’t start coming in until an attack was tweeted from by Toronto Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias. The first time I ever heard of Antonia was in 2012 when I was researching the Toronto Star’s curious habit of glorifying the criminals who organized the mass violence at the 2010 G20. Antonia’s contribution to this trend was a story she wrote promoting convicted G20 ringleader Amanda Hiscocks as a jailhouse activist hero.

Hiscocks was sentenced to prison because she was teaching and counselling our province’s youth to commit a violent crime called de-arresting (where protesters use force and intimidation to grab back people being taken into custody). I wrote an article criticising how Antonia deified Hiscocks, who was entirely unrepentant after her conviction. Demonstrating her low moral fibre, and calling to question her professionalism, Antonia responded by publicly threatening to include me in an (already vindictive) article she was writing about “trolls” (and she’s been trolling me ever since- classy).

Dumb as a box of rocks

Dumb as a box of rocks

Our first stop riding down the moron express brings us to Ed Tanas. On the surface he seems to be a nice guy; he’s a cat lover, volunteers at a food bank, enjoys geeky pursuits like ComicCons, and drives a Nissan Leaf. Tanas’ comment could indicate he’s a man without a sense of humour- but dig a little deeper and it seems he has a pattern of talking out of his ass.

Patrick Ross caught onto this back in June 2014 when Tanas (a Liberal) took a shot at the Conservative party- alleging that they may have used a picture of Trudeau in one of their ads without permission. Ross determined the photo was a stock image for sale on the open market- the sample had a watermark, the version on the Conservative’s ad didn’t. It appears that Tanas is a typical weasel- knowing that, I’m guessing he wasn’t dumb enough to think I was inferring DePape supported the Conservatives.

David Unger: Dumb as a box of rocks?

David Unger: Dumb as a box of rocks?

David Unger is a retired electrician, originally from Vancouver but he now lives in Kelowna, BC. If you look-up the word wackadoodle in the dictionary don’t be surprised if you see Unger’s picture beside the definition- he actually believes that he’s channelling to a parallel dimension where he’s been in a dialogue with the mythical wizard Merlin- wackadoodledoo!

Unger labelled the Brigette DePape meme as “a targeted attack by the #CPC to defame & silence women”. Of course, there’s no evidence anyone in the Conservative Party had anything to do with this image- perhaps he learned the truth from dear old Merlin? Also notice the cheap trick how he tried to turn the meme into a gender issue- assholes like David Unger make a mockery out of feminism.

Ian King: Dumb as a box of rocks

Ian King: Talks out of his ass

Our next stop down the moron express brings us Ian King from Winnipeg. King’s Twitter account identifies him as a retired graphic artist but he’s listed as an administrative associate at a non-profit called Artspace. King’s comment was an excellent example of how poorly informed most of the people in the swarm are.

I’ve never written about the Conservative party’s ability to win the election, I’ve never speculated whether they could win or not, and I’ve certainly never tried to “show otherwise”. Also, for the record, I’m not a supporter of the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, or any other political party. I’m going to offend everyone saying this- but, personally, I view people who worship political parties as being a bit naïve.

Boycott stratapress.com!

Boycott stratapress.com!

Dean Jordan Is the CEO and founder of StrataPress.com, a Nanaimo BC based company that provides an online document management service to Strata corporations (condo associations). Jordan demonstrated his unsuitability to be a Chief Executive Officer by publicly telling me to “eat a bag of dicks. Developers, realtors and condominium owners might want to be careful before hiring Jordan’s services- his behaviour indicates he doesn’t have the maturity to trust with valuable customers, documents, and business transactions.

Anonymous Coward: Dumb as a box of rocks

Anonymous Coward: Dumb as a box of rocks

As is common on Twitter, many of the scores of people who swarmed me on Sunday hid like cowards behind anonymous accounts. In this case a shy genius going by the name “Hawk” suggested that I love Stephen Harper so much that I keep a copy of a nude painting of him on my ceiling. I’m still unsure how to take this- is it closeted homophobia, transference (who’s stapled to Hawk’s ceiling?), or just another shining example of how people participating in the swarm are as dumb as a box of rocks?

If you’re already familiar with my relationship with Stephen Harper then, like me, you’ve probably been smirking throughout this article. To be fair, it can hardly be called a relationship; Harper and I have only crossed paths once back in November, 2011. I found a press release saying he scheduled a Vancouver photo-op with BC premier Christy Clark. Occupy Vancouver had just shut down so I figured it was a good opportunity for a reunion- #OccupyHarper was born.

After setting-up the Facebook event and contacting the media the night before, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Science World the next day- over 100 people showed up including many from the media. Harper’s security detail sneaked him into the building by driving in over the seawall. That’s when we knew we had him, the only way out was to stop us gathering on a sidewalk (which we had every legal right to do).

After a long stand-off, delaying the Prime Minister’s schedule for about an hour and a half, his security team decided the best escape would be to drive through a construction area. They almost got away without incident with the exception of one problem, the PM’s car drove too closely to a bike rack- images of the crushed bicycle were picked up by media across the country, the bike’s owner was quoted saying “Harper tacoed my bike”.

The Dark Side of Brigette DePape:

Clayton Thomas-Muller, Harsha Walia, Brigette DePape in August, 2014

Clayton Thomas-Muller, Harsha Walia, Brigette DePape in August, 2014

Brigette DePape is a professional protester who works for the Council of Canadians. The CoC’s are a curious group who’ve generously supported the culture of violence we’ve seen in far-left protests since the Battle of Seattle at the 1999 WTO. Their leader Maude Barlow has advocated for people who smashed windows at the 2001 Summit of the Americas in Quebec city.

DePape has often worked with Clayton Thomas-Muller, including appearances together at the People’s Social Forum, and PowerShift. Thomas-Muller is an activist extremist who’s been tracked by the RCMP since 2010 (for good reasons). Both have also worked closely with Harsha Walia, Canada’s most iconic supporter of Black Bloc style violence and de-arresting- the crime that put Mandy Hiscocks behind bars.

DePape and Walia both work with Shit Harper Did, a creepy group of professional protesters with tight connections to the labour movement. SHD held their own protest against Stephen Harper last year when two of their members sneaked past the PM’s security and stood behind him for a few moments before they were taken away- DePape was the spokesperson, but took none of the risk. As anti-Harper protests go it was pretty lame; they interrupted the PM for less than 30 seconds- #OccupyHarper delayed his schedule for over an hour and changed the way the PMO handles press releases.

It’s deeply disturbing to watch so many people worshipping DePape, even more so when they’re promoting her as a model for our country’s youth. There’s no evidence she’s done any smashy smashy in her career, but regardless of her actions, she’s deep in the heart of the same movement- people and organizations who’ve helped bring violence to the streets of Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Considering the bulk of the people who swarmed me over the DePape meme demonstrated such absolute ignorance of the situation, it’s not unreasonable to guess that most are ignorant about Brigette DePape’s dark side. Hopefully this incident will wake them up a bit, help them realize how silly they’ve been. What concerns me are the others- those who agree with Maude Barlow that it’s okay to smash windows, people who agree with Elizabeth May that smashing windows isn’t violent, and schmucks like Antonia Zerbisias who glorify violence promoters as heroes.



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    • Lawrence on April 6, 2015 at 09:30

    many leaders among People who promote violent protest (Black bloc) turn out to be financed by NGO’s who in turn are financed by the very same bankers who control the political parties they protest. It’s paid political theatre and it’s sad that so many can’t see this.

    1. Wait … so you’re saying bankers are paying violent protesters? And you know this, how, exactly? And just how much “financing” does a violent leftist street thug require? Do they have an office staff to maintain? Administrative assistants and an HR department?

        • Lawrence on April 18, 2015 at 15:02

        I know this because many of them openly admit to getting grant money from NGO’s such as the TIDES foundation or funneled through other foundations. And yes the overhead does get high having to fly from city to city to attend meetings and protests.

  1. The Conservatives and PM Harper are the first government and PM that has had to deal with the internet and social media. No government or Prime Minister or those who appear to side with them, before this, has had to endure the mob mentality that social media and the internet has spawned. Malcontents and anarchists like DePape have taken advantage of this newly acquired technology , that incidentally was developed by business and the military, things they hate yet have no problem using. These professional protestors use the internet and social media to spread their messages of sabotage and discontent and use them to organize themselves and connect with others similar to a big mob bent on taking matters into their own hands and defying the rule of law and that which makes us civilized.
    Many of the comments and contents on news site and on websites and twitter are spiteful and hateful and vile and meant to bully and undermine and sabotage our society. People like DePape seem to feel that they are on a mission and that they have some kind of self appointed authourity to know what is best for us all. That democracy is not valid and that their way is the only way and that we must all submit to it because only they know the truth. These people are actually dangerous and they walk a thin line. We have already seen that they have started to justify violence and it is only a matter of time before that violence may actually cause injury or death to others. This kind of thing s happening all over the world right now and must be taken seriously.

  2. Wow, Greg, you have encouraged even the stupidest morons to use words larger than five letters. Do these idiots live in a void space or is their programming so intense that any attempt at logical, rational thinking would be in instant death sentence? These guys only validate the need for bill c-51

    • Fritz Kohlhaas on April 6, 2015 at 16:27

    Bunch of losers!

    • CaligulaJones on April 7, 2015 at 12:19

    I’ve warned the Loony Left that what goes around tends to come around.

    If a supposedly non-political page can get props for being political when there is a Tory government, then the left can’t complain when supposedly non-political pages get political on a non-Tory government.

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