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Newstalk 1010 Misleads Public On Police Safety Precautions (Feat. Desmond Cole)

Desmond Cole is a prominent Toronto activist who’s taken a special interest in the police. If you’ve been following the debate on the Toronto Police Service’s “carding” policy it’s likely you’ve heard his story claiming he’s been stopped by police and asked for personal details “50 times”. It’s a shocking story if it’s true, it …

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Court Ruling Makes Serious Mistake Judging Gregory Alan Elliott’s Character

Courtroom 125 was quickly packed when the doors opened on Friday morning. Gregory Alan Elliott’s family and friends congregated towards the right side of the gallery, Stephanie Guthrie and her supporters on the left, and journalists dotted in-between. The room was overflowing by the time the judge walked in, he first ordered extra chairs and …

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Eight Important Things To Know About Gregory Alan Elliott’s Twitter Trial

On Friday morning Ontario Court Judge Brent Knazan is expected to give his ruling on the Gregory Alan Elliott Twitter trial. Elliott was charged with criminal harassment in 2012 for his communications with three politically connected social justice warriors over Twitter- the case has implications over all of our online freedom. I’ll be there to report …

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Globetrotting Anti-Capitalist Macbook Lover Doesn’t Want Poor Canadians To Fly

350.org middle-manager Clayton Thomas-Muller is one of Canada’s most jet-setting climate activists. Clayton’s recent journeys have included far-flung destinations like Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, San Francisco, Paris, and the Mediterranean island of Malta. If he’s been smart enough to have always stuck to the same airline alliance, the indigenous activist’s status card is probably …

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Updated: “Activists” Sabotaged Enbridge’s Line 7 Pipeline (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Update: A story just released by Reuters has confirmed that the protesters “partially” shut-down Line 7, there was no impact on deliveries. Once again, this site beat the mainstream media to the story by many hours.According to a posting on Reddit’s Anarchist News page this morning, criminalized activists took the dangerously stupid path of shutting …

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