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Just Who Are Black Lives Matter Toronto?

Big news today. Yursa Khogali, Black Lives Matter’s horrible racist who’s called white people sub-human, is being investigated for making what appears to be a violent threat against a Toronto police officer. This news comes just a day after the vicious murders in Dallas- as one person tweeted last night, #BlackLivesMatter might be the first hashtag …

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Will Vancouver Police Allow Pro-Violence Activists To Start A New Tent City?

After several months of mayhem, and allegations of a neighbourhood crime spree, a BC court has finally called for the shutdown of Victoria’s “homeless” tent city. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled in a 40-page document that the tent city is both a danger to the people living inside of it and the local community its residents …

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Liars, Lying Liars, And Desmond Cole (Feat. Black Lives Matter Toronto, CP24)

Desmond Cole has a truthiness problem. The first time I realised this was in January. He used boldfaced lies back then to attack the Toronto Police Service’s decision to order security fences to protect their headquarters. Desmond claimed that previous protests about the Sammy Yatim shooting were entirely peaceful. They weren’t. Protesters rushed two of cop …

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