Sep 03

Green Party Backs Extremists, Endorses Misinformation Attack Against RCMP (Feat. Unist’ot’en)

Masked thugs at the Unist'ot'en Camp

Anarchists and other “settler allies” at Unist’ot’en peacefully raising their fists…

The Unist’ot’en Camp is a protest site in northern BC that claims to be at the junction of several proposed oil and natural gas pipelines. The camp is officially part of the Unist’ot’en, a clan belonging to the Wet’suwet’en First Nation. The is represented by two indigenous spokespeople and claims to have the support of 5 hereditary chiefs, outside a handful of local aboriginals, the vast majority of participants are political activists from outside of the community

While many who attend are peaceful, the camp’s list of guests and endorsers is a who’s who of militant extremism- several who’ve openly endorsed violence. This is reflected in their tactic of chasing down pipeline workers and threatening to forcibly “confiscate” their equipment if they dare return. Despite what many perceive as violent tactics, they’ve been allowed to continue this behavior for several years.

The RCMP have been tracking the camp since at least 2010. One of their more recent visits was filmed by Unist’ot’en on July 15th. The video shows a cop quietly listening while a blond-haired white hippie kid wags his finger yelling “do you know this is unceded territory!”. On August 27 a pipeline crew threatened to call the police after being obstructed. Unist’ot’en supporters made a surprising announcement the next day which – if true – would have indicated a historical shift in RCMP policy.

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Aug 22

Was Thomas Mulcair’s Heckler An NDP Stooge? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

In October 2009 a group of protesters interrupted NDP leader Jack Layton right at the moment he was about to begin making a statement on climate change. The man who started the interruption was Dave Vasey, the former leader of Occupy Toronto, and one of the elite group of Canadian activists who share the same tattoo saying “Love Is The Movement”. Vasey was joined by fellow tattoo wearer Chelsea Flook, the former leader of Occupy Edmonton, and an angry anti-police protester who helped organize the December 2013 anti-cop protest in Toronto with Vasey where they burned an effigy of a pig.

There was speculation in the media that the event was a trick by the NDP. This was partially driven by the fact that one of the people who spoke to the media on the activist’s side was Joe Cressy, an NDP strategist who now sits in Olivia Chow’s former seat in Toronto city council. Cressy denied this, saying that he wasn’t “an NDP activist”- many were skeptical about his claim.

A similar protest happened in on Thursday. It wasn’t in Parliament, but on the campaign trail in Winnipeg- that said, it followed the same pattern. Adding to the coincidence, the man who led the heckling is close friends with and wears the exact same tattoo as the people who interrupted Layton. Oh yes, and he’s no stranger to Thomas Mulcair- the two met in New Brunswick back in February.

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Aug 20

Dear Vancouver Media: Here’s The Truth About The Commercial Drive “Street Party”

Seriously Vancouver media, look at the imagery!

Seriously Vancouver media, look at the imagery!

On the evening of May 1st a gang of anti-police “activists” created chaos in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood. It all started out okay, with a barbeque and music in the park followed-up by speeches by activists from the labour movement, communists, and other affiliated activists. But then all hell broke loose when a group of hardcore extremists crowded, intimidated, and assaulted the police.

Coverage by Vancouver’s media was so horribly inept it was borderline malpractice. News stories explained how the majority of people at the event were “peaceful”, and painted a picture how a few bad apples “infiltrated” the event. While the former claim is entirely true, the infiltration story is complete nonsense- the May 1st street party wasn’t infiltrated by the extremists, it was organized by them.

The same group of organizers are planning on a second Commercial Drive street party tomorrow evening. The Vancouver Police Department are justifiably uncomfortable, their officers at the last event were put into a seriously dangerous situation. As expected, the media is ignoring the danger posed to the city’s cops (most who are good people with families and dreams) and continues with their inept reporting. There’s no excuse for this, the majorty of the city’s reporters already know the key players.

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Aug 19

NDP Candidate Fights Bill C-51, Backs Anti-Canadian Violence Advocate (Feat. Jacqui Gingras)

Jacqui Gingras: Hates Bill C-51, fetishizes revolutionaries

Jacqui Gingras: Hates Bill C-51, loves revolutionaries

Jacqui Gringas is the NDP’s candidate for North Okanagan-Shuswap, a riding covering towns including Vernon and Salmon Arm, BC. With the exception of a year spent as executive director for a now defunct charity, Gringas’ LinkedIn page gives the impression she’s spent her whole life as an academic. Her last job was as an associate professor at Ryerson University- she recently moved home to run in the election, chances are she’ll hightail it back if she loses.

The press release announcing Gingras’ candidacy claimed that she’s “campaigned for climate justice with LeadNow, for a fair economy with the Occupy movement, and for Indigenous treaty rights with Idle No More”. The first claim can be confirmed, but there’s no evidence available to prove she’s taken part in Occupy or Idle No More (I’ve participated in and researched these movements in-depth and never heard of her until now).

If you’ve been following this website’s research on LeadNow then you probably already hear the alarm bells- their leader Jamie Bigger personally apologized to me in 2012 after he and his colleague publicly called on supporters to overthrow the government. But it gets worse folks, two days ago Gingras backed the country’s most prominent supporter and enabler of far-left violence- a woman who’s openly declared that Canada is an illegitimate country.

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Aug 18

Labour Affiliated Clowns Promote Violent Tactics Against Harper Campaign! (Feat. The Indignants)

Mike Roy (Indignants) and Sid Ryan (OFL)
Mike Roy (Indignants) and Sid Ryan (Ontario Federation of Labour)

If you’ve been following this website for long, or you were lucky enough to have watched Ezra Levant’s hilarious coverage of their August 2013 Line 9 pipeline protests, then you’re already familiar with The Indignants. The London, Ontario group is one of the wacky and misguided band of protesters in the country so it’s no wonder that they’re affiliated with the thugs at the Ontario Federation of Labour.

The Indignants are regulars on the London protest circuit and are often bused out to Toronto to help make up for the dwindling numbers of labour movement astroturf events in Toronto. Their behaviour is mostly like what one would expect from clowns, and can sometimes be very expensive to police. That said, members of the group have long histories of arrests and have been observed promoting arson.

With election season in full-swing, the labour movement’s allies have been organising protests against Conservative candidates across the country. The Indignants have been quiet for the past few months but it seems that the election has waked them up- Harper is coming to London on August 19th, and they’re promoting a violent response…

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