Nov 19

Jet-Setting Extremist Says Climate Change Will Lead To Canadian Civil War! (Feat. Eriel Deranger)

Eriel Deranger: Love is the movement!

Eriel Deranger: Love War is the movement!

In our last story about the zaniness of the climate change movement we covered how jet-setting activist Clayton Thomas-Muller celebrated his promotion at with an airplane selfie! Clayton was in California last month with fellow Love Is The Movement tattoo cult member Eriel Deranger where they both spoke to the groovy California new age social engineering group Bioneers. Deranger and Thomas-Muller are both gearing up for the UN’s Paris COP climate change talks.

Two days later Deranger has decided to go all Bernie Saunders on us in the APTN article Could climate change lead to civil war in Canada, where she claimes that “It’s climate change that brought that country (Syria) to its knees.” Forget ISIS, Assad, and the influence of the Saudi’s, it’s all about climate change! Deranger, and APTN’s article, goes on to say that Canada is at risk of similar “civil unrest.”

It’s moments like this I’m thankful the RCMP is tracking these people…

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Nov 17

Jet-Setting NGO Climate Campaigner Celebrates New Job With Airplane Selfie! (Feat. 350, Bioneers)

Save the Planet, drink plastic bottles of Fiji water!

Clayton Thomas-Muller: Card carrying Aeroplan Elite member

Our last story featured jet-setting Canadian climate activist Clayton Thomas-Muller’s September trip to New York. Clayton showed his contempt for 350 founder Bill McKibben’s position that it’s crazy to import water from Fiji to the USA by enjoying a cool & refreshing plastic bottle of Fiji water with his New York Pastrami sandwich. “Ohhhhh the anticipation” Clayton exclaimed, drooling over a drink and sandwich many say symbolizes American’s problems with overconsumption.

When I asked McKibben about Clayton’s connections to Canadian extremist groups at this summer’s Jobs Justice Climate march he responded saying “I like Clayton, he does a great job”. I followed-up asking, “Are you aware Clayton has been on a list of extremists kept by the RCMP?”, Mckibben responded by saying “I like Clayton, he does great work.” Any doubt about how much McKibben likes Clayton was recently wiped out after he recently rewarded the jet-setting Canadian activist a permanent position.

Clayton is a valuable asset to the ENGO industrial complex, few first nations activists have expressed such enthusiasm to fight their pro-energy indigenous brothers and sisters on behalf of the American billionaires and groovy California new agers who fund him. On October 20 Clayton announced he’s now a full-time “Stop it at the source” Campaigner- as the Hollyhock regular likes to say #Hella! So, how did he celebrate?

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Nov 10

CBC Winnipeg Targets Family Owned Startup Over Half-Baked Gripe About Racist Typo

Tasteless to the extreme...

Tasteless to the extreme…

Halloween has passed, and as this site predicted on October 2nd, the media was overflowing with criticism of politically incorrect costumes- the CBC published almost a dozen. CBC Regina reported on a teacher who was “really surprised” an American company sold “inappropriate” costumes and subsequently showed them to her elementary school students. CBC BC reported on a Thompson Rivers University social work instructor who claims he noticed the problem shopping with his sister and nieces.

CBC News showcased a Toronto protest led by a couple who assisted a defrocked United Church minister as he lied to Six Nations elders about discovering a mass grave of residential school children, and a woman who assisted as he pulled the bones out of his pockets at an Occupy Toronto meeting. All three stood by him long after APTN proved they were animal bones (a story I proudly assisted with). Annett was one of the most notorious cultural appropriators in Canadian history.

Most of the CBC’s stories focused on a couple of large-scale seasonal costume retailers. They were textbook examples of lazy and uncreative journalism but – to be fair – the company’s decisions to market products with names like “Reservation Royalty” is tasteless to the extreme. CBC Winnipeg took a different approach, attacking a family-owned startup for selling a relatively innocent kids costume. Adding insult to the injury of putting the owner’s fledgling new business at risk- the story focussed on a mistake, an allegedly racist typo on costume’s price tag.

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Nov 04

Interactive Chart: Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet

This chart is a work in-progress outlining Justin Trudeau’s new Cabinet ministers and their external relationships. Click on a person or organization for more information, click on the link between them for info on how they connect, hover over them to expose their relationships- you can zoom in/out with your mouse scroll wheel, or using the “+/-” buttons on the chart.

For a larger format of the chart please click here

Please send me a message is there’s anything you think I should add to it: grenouf(at)

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Oct 23

Toxic Feminism Part I: Occupy, Antonia Zerbisias, Gregory Alan Elliott, And Petty Vandalism

Now that's my kind of feminism!

Now that’s my kind of feminism!

I take great pride coming from a family of strong women, they might not have called themselves feminists, but that’s how I saw them. My maternal grandmother was a real-life Rosie the Riveter who welded aluminum fighters and bombers during WWII. My paternal grandmother was a technical draftsperson who continued working after the war- helping the UK Army design machine guns, military vehicles, and the infamous rubber bullet.

One of my earliest memories was going to the bank with my mom when she went to apply for a mortgage. Years later she explained to me how the manager was incredibly resistant, Canadian banks didn’t give mortgages to women back in the early 70’s. She resisted and fought back hard, they eventually gave in and she became one of the first women in the country to be issued a mortgage in her name alone.

Feminism was borne out of a fight for freedom- the right to vote, the right to own property, and the ability to get a mortgage to buy it with. My grandmother’s feminism – through the airplanes and guns they helped create – saved the world from the horrors of fascist regimes.

I know contemporary feminists who are making an important difference- one whose contributions leave me in awe. I’m not an enemy of feminism, I’m an ally; that said, Canada is ground zero for a new form of the movement- and it’s toxic.

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