Sep 29

Pan-Am Games: Did Peter Munk Just Flip A Bird At The Anarchists? (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Bye-bye Sakura, See You're Friends Behind Bars!

Bye-bye Sakura, See Your Friends Behind Bars!

If you’ve not already heard the news, Peter Munk retired from Barrick Gold this year. Depending which side of the fence you sit on, Monk is either a great Canadian businessman and philanthropist- or Toronto’s version of Mr Burns. Monk is so hated by Toronto’s militants they’ve created campaigns that not only attacked his business, but his philanthropy too.

If there’s a list of people who hate Peter Munk, one person stands out from the crowd. Sakura Saunders attacked Monk wherever she could-  outside of Barrick Gold AGMs, on-campus at the University of Toronto, and on exotic far-away trips funded by undisclosed sources. And wherever she goes, Sakura yells and screams at the top of her lungs often parading a line of trophy activists from far-away lands or nearby reserves.

A story was released today that was so perfectly coincidental it leaves one wondering. Barrick Gold has become the official supplier of metal for medals at the 2015 Pan-Am Games. Barrick Gold has, in effect, handed Saunders what could be her most powerful rallying cry.

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Sep 29

Toronto Lawmaker Hires G20 Lawbreaker Who Rejects The Legal System (Feat. Shelley Carroll)

Shelley Carroll: Anarchist fetishist or useful idiot?

Shelley Carroll: Anarchist fetishist or useful idiot?

On March 21, 2010, a group of city councillors gathered for an in-camera meeting to discuss the city’s plan to build a temporary police holding facility during the G20. City councillors Shelley Carroll and Adam Vaughan were reported as deciding that a single location would be a better solution. Vaughan was influenced by conversations with activists who attended the 2001 riot at the Quebec City Summit of the Americas saying “They didn’t know there was a detention centre, they didn’t know where it was located, they didn’t know how to get lawyers and support to that detention centre, and a whole series of issues around that.”

It was reported that when the Black Bloc anarchists started to smash up downtown Toronto that Shelly Carroll responded tweeting “Protest can’t stop consumerism at Yonge and Bloor, Off to Queen and Beav to watch Ghana Game!”. It was a strange response to criminals who were embarrassing Toronto on the world stage, and curiously devoid of criticism. The makeshift jail Shelley Carroll helped to create overflowed with prisoners- some arrested for entirely valid reasons, and 100’s of others using legally unsound mass arrest and kettling tactics. Surprisingly, 36 city councillors voted to commend the police for their behaviour.

Carroll and then Mayor David Miller “made the motion more palatable” by adding a clause calling for an investigation into the police. Carroll said it didn’t take too long after this incident to realize she made a mistake voting for the commendation- having risked emboldening rogue policemen. But Carroll’s call for a police investigation only addressed half of the problem. If Toronto is going to be successful avoiding a G20 replay during the Pan-Am Games, the city must also understand who the instigators were. Disturbingly, there’s no better place to start this investigation than Shelley Carroll’s city funded payroll.

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Sep 27

Radical Mennonite Anti-Cop Troll Gets Pwnd By @TorontoPolice (Feat. Doug Hatlem-Johnson)


John Furr Even- The Single Tweet That Says It All!

On March 23, 2012 I had the unique opportunity to have coffee with one of Toronto’s biggest trolls. I was new in town and Doug Hatlem-Johnson invited me for a friendly conversation. He seemed nice enough, the Toronto Star promoted him as a Mennonite street preacher and hero to the homeless, and he’s an American who worked for the Mennonite Central Committee. He sounded interesting enough so I figured why not!  Well, it only took about 30 minutes into our meeting for me to realize I shouldn’t rely on the Toronto Star as a character witness.

In the past three years I’ve been researching militant radicals, I’ve met no shortage of distasteful characters. That said, of the many anti-social faux revolutionaries who’ve crossed my path, few have even come close the vitriolic hate I’ve seen trumpeted by Hatlem-Johnson. If you’re ever in need of the perfect example of how lost (and often depraved) Toronto’s social justice movements have become- you need look no further than Doug Hatlem-Johnson (twitter handle @occbaystreet).

In the hours of the day when he’s not at OCAP ralies, socializing with violent G20 ringleaders, radicalising or exploiting his marginalized victims, deifying cop-baiters, hanging out with OCAP and masked thugs, or bad-jacketing his perceived enemies; one of Hatlem-Johnson’s favourite activities is to search for (and all too often create or embellish) opportunities to attack the police. In Hatlem’s world, all forms of policing are inherently evil- and it’s his solemn duty to wipe them off of the map.

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Sep 23

Misleading Reports On Government Protest Tracking Are Dangerous (Feat. @TorontoStar, @CBCNews)

This picture might be the most honest part of the article...

This picture might be the most honest part of the article…

If you’ve been following the news the past couple of days, and travel in or keenly observe social justice circles, it’s likely you’ve seen the Toronto Star’s story about federal government tracking of protest movements. The headline of the Toronto Star’s provocatively titled story Ottawa admits to tracking hundreds of protests suggests the possibility the government was previously lying or hiding the truth- or, perhaps, staff writer Alex Boutilier beat it out of Stephen Harper with a tightly rolled Saturday edition?

The photograph selected for this article is brilliant as the clickbait in the headline. At first glance, the crowd’s energy gives no reason to assume they’re worthy of being tracked; only a wildly oppressive government would follow the movements of the churchgoers, soccer moms and Nascar dads who showed-up (on the surface that is). Next there’s the thinly veiled implication that the government is spying on it’s own constituency- the pro-choice movement is more closely aligned with the Conservatives than the NDP or Liberals (and the movement had a history of violence by a minority of extremists).

But all that’s just nitpicking, and there’s no evidence of intent, right? Of course, one can’t judge a story on headline and photograph alone- the real test is understanding the meat of the content. The meat in this story, the author’s follow-up, and a spin-off story from CBC Hamilton is so rotten it leaves the reader longing for a quality meal at a Shanghai KFC.

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Sep 18

CUPE Communications Staffer Spreads Malicious Libel (Feat. Kevin Wilson, Alex Hundert & Antonia Zerbisias)

This is not okay...

This is not okay…

I came across a seriously disturbing Facebook meme yesterday. Pictured above, a disturbed individual made a play on words with the Rob Ford campaign’s “Ford More Years” slogan- crossing out the word Ford, and replacing it to say “Tumor Years”. Most reasonable Canadians would find this message distasteful- people in our country have a reputation for being friendly, kind and compassionate. Yet, somehow, people were sharing this hateful picture about a man who was facing a potentially (now confirmed) life threatening disease.

I appreciated much of Rob Ford’s platform, and experienced first hand how he quickly responds to people’s calls for assistance. Though I was equally dismayed watching him lying to us about his addiction problem- too many bad things have occurred for me to consider supporting his campaign. But, as I would with anyone fighting a serious illness (including Harsha Walia during her battle earlier this year), my heart goes out to Rob and his family during this challenging moment in their lives.

I’d have ignored if it was an isolated incident, but I watched so many ugly attacks over the past week that I felt compelled to speak out. I figured posting my criticism on Twitter would be a no-brainer, who wouldn’t be horrified by the sheer nastiness of this message? Many people understood, some expressed dismay, others simply re-tweeted. But just as my faith in human goodness was being recharged, an unsavoury man responded with a lesson about the malicious depravity we see way too often from people in today’s union movement.

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