Feb 08

#GAE Media Spin Unmasked Pt 3: Hollaback Leader Backs Doxxer (Feat. Julie Lalonde, HeartMob)


Purely conjecture, but Elliott also uses a heart for his logo

Hollaback is a feminist organization whose main goal is to raise awareness of “street harassment”. Their tactics are controversial, some might say they’re a form of cyber-bullying- allowing women who claimed they’ve been harassed to shame men (because only men harass) by posting their stories, pictures, and videos on the organization’s website. The group was launched in New York City but has chapters around the world.

Hollaback raised a lot of eyebrows on January 27th when, only a few days after Elliott’s exoneration, they announced the launch of HeartMob- an online “‘army of good” that plans to organize individuals to fight back against online trolling. Media reports used Elliott’s case as an example of the type of situation where HeartMob might be useful.

Julie Lalonde is an Ottawa-based “women’s rights activist” and the founder of Hollaback Ottawa. She’s worked on projects with Stephanie Guthrie and has been one of the complainant’s most visible supporters since the end of the trial. Like the other media coverage described in this series, Lalonde’s interviews with the Huffington Post and Ottawa’s 960 News radio have been high on spin while playing fast and loose with the truth.

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Feb 05

#GAE Media Spin Unmasked Pt 2: Desmond Cole Plays Dirty (Feat. Toronto Star, Newstalk 1010)

Steph Guthrie, Mike Layton, Desmond Cole (2014)

Steph Guthrie, City Councillor Mike Layton, Edward Keenan, & Desmond Cole (2014)

Please click here for Part 1

If it wasn’t for the Toronto Star’s dodgy coverage of social justice warriors it’s likely I wouldn’t be writing this story. I’ve caught some world class lies and misinformation in the Star; they lied about Jane Fonda marching in a climate protest last summer, wrote a horribly misleading story about the government tracking protests in 2014, covered a “heroic” anti-police activist without mentioning his recent crimes, and defied an unrepentant organizer of the G20 violence as a jailhouse activist hero.

In 2012 I wrote a story criticising Star columnist Antonia Zerbisias for diefying another unrepentant G20 convict. I didn’t know her reputation back then, turns out she’s a vicious creep who likes to play dirty. Antonia responded by threatening to include me in a story about Internet stalkers that featured Elliott. A couple weeks later I had an unexpected meeting with Gregory Alan Elliott, he didn’t seem like the monster Zerbisias tried to frame him as. Antonia’s temper tantrum was my primary motivation for investigating Elliott’s case- I really must thank her one day.

Desmond Cole is an anti-police activist, and like Antonia, is a morally bereft character who also likes to play dirty. It was only a week ago when he told two lies on Newstalk 1010. Now, only a few days later, he’s written a sensational story that tells yet another lie- two weeks and three lies!

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Feb 02

#GAE Media Spin Unmasked Pt 1: Murky Disclosure At The Globe And Mail (Feat. Emma Woolley)

Not guilty, not good enough for SJWs

Not guilty, paid dearly, but not good enough for SJWs


January 22nd marked the end of a nightmare for Gregory Alan Elliott when Judge Brent Knazan ruled he was not guilty of criminal harassment over Twitter. Elliott was arrested after a prolonged two-way disagreement with three politically connected social justice warriors. This is the second known harassment case over Twitter, the first involved threats made to Conservative MP Michelle Rempel.

Elliott’s ordeal is a tragic example how the impact of being accused of a crime is punishment in and of itself. The arrest cost Elliott his job, his life savings, and over three years living in limbo and banned from the Internet. The maximum penalty he faced was six months in jail but he’d probably had got less time if any. A careless mistake in the court’s final ruling falsely accused Elliott of making an ugly homophobic tweet- the error was reported in newspapers on three continents.

Most of the stories published in mainstream and online media had some sort of balance. Left-leaning journalists were more likely to report on the homophobic tweet (few have made corrections), right-leaning journalists were more likely to focus on freedom of speech issues. That said, three of the stories about Elliott’s acquittal were blatantly manipulative- and they all had one thing in common, they were written by friends of the complainants.

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Jan 29

Newstalk 1010 Misleads Public On Police Safety Precautions (Feat. Desmond Cole)

Cole & Steph Guthrie recognised by Toronto Life as "influential hashtaggers"

Cole & Steph Guthrie recognised by Toronto Life as “influential hashtaggers”

Desmond Cole is a prominent Toronto activist who’s taken a special interest in the police. If you’ve been following the debate on the Toronto Police Service’s “carding” policy it’s likely you’ve heard his story claiming he’s been stopped by police and asked for personal details “50 times”. It’s a shocking story if it’s true, it would be helpful to his credibility if he’d make a police freedom of information request and share documentation to back his claim.

The day after Gregory Alan Elliott’s acquittal, Cole did an interview with one of Stephanie Guthrie’s friends on Newstalk 1010. I was shocked to hear him claim in the introduction that Elliott was charged with “online sexual harassment”. I listened to it again this morning and noticed that Newstalk had edited the mistake out- without noting there was a correction. Not very professional guys!

Shortly after his interview about Elliott, Cole moved on to his favourite subject of attacking the Toronto Police Service. He explained that they’d ordered barricades for their headquarters at 40 College Street. He assumed that the barricades were ordered out of fear protesters might storm the building after James Forcillo’s verdict- the cop charged with murder for shooting Sammy Yatim on a streetcar in 2013. Cole took the opportunity to ridicule the cops saying there’s no way they’d need the barricades- oh, really?

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Jan 23

Court Ruling Makes Serious Mistake Judging Gregory Alan Elliott’s Character

Three years & two months later, Elliott is not guilty

Three years & two months later, Elliott is not guilty

Courtroom 125 was quickly packed when the doors opened on Friday morning. Gregory Alan Elliott’s family and friends congregated towards the right side of the gallery, Stephanie Guthrie and her supporters on the left, and journalists dotted in-between. The room was overflowing by the time the judge walked in, he first ordered extra chairs and later allowed observers to sit in the empty chairs normally reserved for a jury.

Judge Brent Knazan stepped up to the bench with a whoppingly large 89-page ruling and warned observers to look forward to a long day as he read through all of it. Moments before he started reading, the judge matter-of-factly looked up and said “oh, and Mr Elliott, you’ve been found not guilty.” It came so quickly I looked next to Lauren Southern to confirm, she nodded saying yes and we both tweeted out the good news.

But despite the liberating feeling of the judge’s ruling – Twitter will stay free place for the time being – there was one part that left a bitter taste in my mouth. The judge stated four separate times that Elliott had made homophobic comments, a stain on a historic and important court victory. I was having a difficult time reconciling my conversations with Mr Elliott with the person who wrote “Enjoy your AIDS, #TOpoli faggots”. How could this be the same man? Well, it turns out it wasn’t Elliott’s tweet.

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