Jul 27

BC Homebuyers Unwittingly Fund Misleading Water Campaigners (Feat. Real Estate Foundation of BC)

Real Estate Foundation of BC board members with Waterwealth Project in 2014

Real Estate Foundation of BC board members with Waterwealth Project in 2014

One of BC’s loudest activist campaigns over the past couple of years has been the fight against Nestlé’s water bottling plant in Hope, BC. Organizations battling against the company’s operations have complained that Nestlé was “tapping the water for free” in a “multi-million dollar giveaway” that’s “removing the water from the watershed” that could “suck Hope dry”. More recently, activists have been using BC’s regional water shortages to add fuel to the fire.

The “outrage” has received wide attention. Local BC media has been all over the story, there’s been some national coverage, and it was even covered by Russia Today– Putin’s propaganda channel that’s taken a special interest in attacking Nestlé. It would be hard to find a Canadian environmentalist’s Facebook stream without a link to one of the stories.

But there’s one minor problem, well perhaps a big problem, the activist’s claims are horribly misleading. More importantly, the solution they’ve called for has the potential to damage Canadian sovereignty. Adding insult to injury, BC home buyers have been unwittingly paying for the campaign…

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Jul 20

“Twitter Troll” Trial: City Councillors Encouraged Cyberbullying At 2012 WiToPoli Meeting (Feat. Carroll, Wong-Tam)

Shelley Carroll: "Where's our cyberbullies, why aren't we bullying the people that say things like that?"

Shelley Carroll: “Where’s our cyberbullies, why aren’t we bullying the people that say things like that?”

Women in Toronto Politics is a “non-partisan” political group started by Stephanie Guthrie, the primary complainant against Gregory Alan Elliott in the “Twitter troll” trial. The group has attracted the support of several far-left leaning city councillors including Shelley Carroll and Kristyn Wong-Tam. The group’s blog promotes a litany of left leaning causes including Black Lives Matter- a group Guthrie recently marched with, led in-part by a man who promotes killing cops.

On May 30th, 2012 WiTOPoli (rhymes with “monopoly”!) hosted a public event at the Centre for Social Innovation called “The Front Page”- including a panel to “explore how female players in the political sphere are discussed on Twitter, in the media, and elsewhere”. Carroll and Wong-Tam were on the panel- Elliott was in the audience, Guthrie tweeted him saying “Yay. Welcome!” on hearing he’d arrived.

The meeting was discussed in Ellott’s defence lawyers final submission as an example how Guthrie’s claim to be “afraid” of Elliott were less than genuine. But there’s one part of the night’s events that wasn’t discussed in the court and perhaps should have been. Shelley Carroll called on people to cyber-bully political opponents, and Wong-Tam defined insults as threats “threats” while cheering the virtues of taking vigilante action against such “trolls”.

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Jul 15

Blatchford Nails “Twitter Troll” Case, But Misses One Important Point (Feat. Gregory Alan Elliott)

Stephanie Guthrie

Stephanie Guthrie: Social Justice Princess

Yesterday marked the closing remarks of Gregory Alan Elliott’s trial. The best single word I can think of to describe the charges against him is “creepy”. The hardest evidence presented against him was testimony from alleged victim Stephanie Gurhrie saying he made her feel “creepy”. Elliott originally had three accusers until one dropped-out in the middle of the trial- the case against him has looked increasingly weak ever since.

The creepiest part of Elliott’s charges is that they actually made it to court- Toronto Detective Jeff Bangild testified that Elliott never made threats, sexual innuendo, or anything else of the sort. It was equally creepy listening to Guthrie testifying how she felt she was justified putting another man’s life at risk of harm in one of her many slacktivist campaigns against people she disagrees with.

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Jul 14

Shadows Of G20 Misinformation Loom Over Media’s Pan-Am Coverage (Feat. Colin Freeze, James Moore & Cam Wooley)

Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia providing cover for the Black Bloc during the G20

Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia providing cover for the Black Bloc during the G20

One week before violence came to the streets of downtown Toronto during the 2010 G20 Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour and Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians issued statements that helped launch one of the year’s biggest conspiracy theories. Ryan and Barlow warned the government not to plant agent provocateurs into G20 marches- pointing out Quebec Provincial Police sent undercover officers dressed as Black Bloc protesters at Montebello in 2007.

Meanwhile, in parallel, associates of Ryan and Barlow’s organizations who were leading the protest openly admitted some participants planned on violence. Websites were published, Youtube videos filmed, and militants wheat pasted signs across the city- making it clear some protesters came for a battle. Moments before the violence Canada’s most prominent supporter of Black Bloc tactics Harsha Walia led the militant bloc with her husband Harjap Grewal of the Council of Canadians at her side.

Media reports, both before and after the violence, were so commonly inept they helped fuel a conspiracy theory that the police were behind it all- many Torontonians still think this today. Last week, five years after the G20, the very same organizers led a march through Downtown Toronto to protest the Pan-Am Environmental summit- it was a great opportunity to see how and if quality of the media’s coverage changed.

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Jul 07

Toronto Star Prints Lies About Jobs Justice And Climate March! (Feat. Jane Fonda)

Lies, lies, lies, yeah!

Lies, lies, lies, yeah!

Yesterday afternoon, reading through media reports on Sunday’s march for Jobs Justice and Climate I noticed an anomaly in the Toronto Star. Their article, as you can see above, claims that David Suzuki, Jane Fonda, and Naomi Klein “marched loudly through downtown Toronto on Sunday”.

One of the habits I have when reporting on a march is to stand at the front with my video camera and make an end-to-end recording of the march. On Sunday I did just that, not only wanting to catch the video, but looking out for David Suzuki- I had a brief encounter with him earlier (he recognized me, guessing he’s a reader), but I had some questions about Suzuki and his grandson’s bad behaviour on Burnaby Mountain.

So I wrote to both the Star and their staff writer Tamara Khandaker, and asked them to confirm to me where they saw Suzuki and Fonda in the march. The only response I got was from CUPE’s communications staffer Kevin Wilson, a nasty little man who tried to deflect my questions spreading FUD. Well, today the evidence has come in- the Toronto Star’s article was a fabrication.

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