Jul 09

Just Who Are Black Lives Matter Toronto?

Big news today. Yursa Khogali, Black Lives Matter’s horrible racist who’s called white people sub-human, is being investigated for making what appears to be a violent threat against a Toronto police officer. This news comes just a day after the vicious murders in Dallas- as one person tweeted last night, #BlackLivesMatter might be the first hashtag with a body count.

Dan Dicks posted an interesting and fascinating piece on Black Lives Matter last night. It’s a movement about dividing people. He mentions my Black Lives Matter Toronto chart in the video, check it out here. Here’s a list of my articles on the Black Lives Matter movement in the order they were published:

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Jul 07

Will Vancouver Police Allow Pro-Violence Activists To Start A New Tent City?

More violence for the DTES?

More violence for the DTES?

After several months of mayhem, and allegations of a neighbourhood crime spree, a BC court has finally called for the shutdown of Victoria’s “homeless” tent city. Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled in a 40-page document that the tent city is both a danger to the people living inside of it and the local community its residents have intruded on. The protest was organised and backed by professional activists including the infamous Ivan Drury of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

DTES Activists love tent cities, they’re virtually a guaranteed way to get the media coverage they so desperately desire. The Vancouver Police Department typically plays into their hands, claiming their duty is to “keep the peace” over that of to enforce the law. This inevitably leads to 100’s of thousands of dollars of policing, medical, and legal fees for city taxpayers.

Well folks, the time has come for another tent city on July 9th, this time in the DTES. It’s led by the usual suspects who’ve setup similar past protests including the Carnegie Community Action Network (CCAP), the Vancouver Area Drug User’s Network (VANDU), and the International League of Peoples Struggle (ILPS). And, considering who’s signed-up for Saturday’s protest, there’s every possibility we’ll see violence as we have in the past.

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Jul 05

Liars, Lying Liars, And Desmond Cole (Feat. Black Lives Matter Toronto, CP24)


Desmond Cole: Habitual liar…

Desmond Cole has a truthiness problem. The first time I realised this was in January. He used boldfaced lies back then to attack the Toronto Police Service’s decision to order security fences to protect their headquarters. Desmond claimed that previous protests about the Sammy Yatim shooting were entirely peaceful. They weren’t. Protesters rushed two of cop stations, “de-arrested” a well-known criminalised protester, and tried to break through police lines.

Less than a week later Cole published an article in the Toronto Star with one big lie and several dirty tricks about the Gregory Alan Elliott trial. The issue was brought to the attention of the judge who ruled on the trial after Elliott’s defence lawyer specifically called out Cole’s bullshit. The Star, showing zero remorse, made no attempt to apologise and continued Cole’s pattern of dirty tricks.

Cole has since become an unofficial spokesperson for Black Lives Matter Toronto- perhaps the most racist group of Social Justice Warriors in all of Toronto. Whenever BLMTO causes controversy Desmond is one of the first people speaking on behalf to the media. The pattern repeated itself yesterday after BLMTO’s controversial protest where they blocked Sunday’s Pride parade- Cole was all over the media, continuing his unfortunate habit of telling boldfaced lies.

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Jun 25

Transit Union Funded AstroTurfers Get Their Spin On With A Dodgy Petition! (Feat. TTCRiders)

TTCRiders can't stop deceiving the public...

TTCRiders can’t stop deceiving the public…

Three weeks ago I had the opportunity to get a first-hand look at one of Toronto’s most deceptive NGOs. The TTCRiders puts great effort into making themselves look like a genuine grassroots passenger’s advocacy group. But look down past the surface and you’ll see a blatant conflict-of-interest – the “passenger’s union” has become captive to the money and causes favoured by the ATU driver’s union.

Depending on who their leaders are talking to, the TTCRiders are either a legitimate grassroots organization representing over 1.8 million transit users, an activist group backed by 10,000 enthusiastic supporters- or (the truth) a gang of 120 grassroots impersonators originating from the labour and climate change movements.

Tired of the same old deceptive tactics, the old dogs running the TTCriders tried a new trick on Friday. Their new tactic was a real laugh riot- as fraudulent as it was grossly inept. It also raises an interesting question- did their leaders decide to fudge 200 signatures out of desperation to make themselves appear less insignificant, or are they so pathological they simply couldn’t resist the temptation?

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Jun 23

Anti-Canada Extremists Arrested After Queens Park Chemical Attack Hoax (Feat. Syed Hussan)

Just rolled up a van and were free to spill

Just rolled up a van and were free to spill

Shortly after 10am this morning a group of protesters rolled-up in front of Queens Park and simulated a chemical spill in the name of the people of the Grassy Narrows First Nation. The group’s eco-terror simulation had all the trademarks of No One Is Illegal’s anti-Canada extremists; like Jaggi Singh’s Teddy Bear Catapult at the 2001 Summit of the Americas, when his close allies at Black Lives Matter Toronto set up a potentially large bonfire in front of Toronto Police Headquarters, or when BLMTo and #OccupyINAC protesters recently left a mysterious liquid in front of Kathleen Wynne’s house.

NoII leader Syed Hussan was an accessory to today’s attack. His primary duty was to act as their spokesperson, but he also waved around a banner behind a Toronto police officer who was addressing the media. Reports are that six people were arrested, it’s uncertain if Hussan was, probably not.

The protest was over new allegations that Ontario’s government hasn’t done enough to deal with mercury poisoning at the Grassy Narrows First Nation. There’s no evidence and haven’t been any statements indicating any of the people who were arrested came from the community, or whether a majority of the people in the community agree with this action taken in their name. NoII has an unfortunate history appropriating native voices for labour backed radicalization campaigns.

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