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Vancouver (DTES,Unionist,CoC,Etc) Black Bloc, You are Useful Idiots!

Do you actually believe your pseudo Waffen SS tactics could do anything but hurt a movement that is founded in love and peace? And, do you actually believe you have the foundation to make this a reality? Perhaps it’s just the reverberations of yesterday’s meditational yoga experience- but, this appears to be a somewhat deluded perception… Please …

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#OccupyHarper: The Prime Coward Is Afraid of us!

I just came across a story in a New Westminster paper The Royal City Record entitled New Westminster gets a hush-hush visit from Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Folks, it looks like we scared the Prime Minister to the point where he feels the need to hide! This only further confirms my believe that #OccupyHarper was incredibly successful! …

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