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Jan 22

Political Violence: Elizabeth May Labels The Council Of Canadians As An Illegitimate Organization!?

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May is a strange duck. On the one hand she’s one of Canada’s most outspoken figures against activist violence- consistently insisting that it’s “unproductive” and has a negative impact on the environmental movement. But equally, she so often comes out spouting nonsense in regards to the people committing the …

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Dec 07

Talking With Ezra Levant About The Usual Suspects (Feat. Line 9)

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Dec 03

Yawn, Another Line 9 Pipeline Occupation… (Feat. The Usual Suspects)

A group of the usual suspects occupied an Enbridge construction site in north Toronto today. Protesting the Line 9 reversal project, the protesters claimed that Enbridge was jumping the gun on construction. Enbridge claims this was a maintenance project- something anti-pipeline protesters often complain the company doesn’t do enough of. Are we confused yet? The …

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Nov 26

The Vancouver Observer’s NEB “Spying” Story Was A Shameless Deception (Feat. Elizabeth May & Joyce Murray)

Last week the Vancouver Observer published a scare story criticising the┬áHarper government’s extensive spying on anti-oilsands groups. The writer explained that the “federal government” (wait, I thought it was Harper?) has been “vigorously spying” on anti oil sands activists and organizations across the country. Adding some fuel to the fire, they also hinted at a …

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Nov 07

Astroturf Environmentalists Hijack Grassroots At CPC Convention Protest (Feat Suzuki, Levant DePape & Alinsky)

This week the Conservative party held its convention in Calgary. It was a good choice, the Prime Minister’s riding is there and it’s an easy city for the CPC to round up a nice sized crowd. There’s also an added benefit- Alberta’s a lot less left-leaning than the rest of the country, so it’s more …

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