Harjap Grewal marching with the Black Bloc during the Toronto G20... Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia marching with the Black Bloc during the Toronto G20..." />

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Jul 20

The Video Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia Don’t Want You To See… (feat. Council of Canadians & NoII)

UPDATE: Harjap just filed another “privacy complaint” with YouTube- if people like him get in any sort of power, the world will be ugly and filled with censorship… — On Friday I got an email from YouTube saying that an individual had made a ‘privacy complaint’ about a video I posted showing clips of an …

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Jun 15

Watermelon Environmentalist Admits It’s All About Israel! (feat. Macdonald Stainsby & DGR)

One of the commonalities I’ve observed in Canada’s socialist activist communities is that very little is as it looks on the surface- there’s almost always a hidden agenda. A great example of this was when 100’s of members of the Toronto activist community joined in to support 22 striking Porter Airlines refuellers. At first glance …

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May 27

MediaWatch: Rabble’s Krystalline Kraus Misleads The Public On Renaming Of A Vancouver Island Park…

I was reading Rabble.ca on Thursday (I read it so you don’t have to) when I came across an interesting article by Krystalline Kraus. As my regular readers will already know, Krause is far from being a reliable journalist- often it seems she writes more lies than truth. My favourite example of her ineptitude was …

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Oct 31

Updated: Sid Ryan, Black Bloc Anarchists, And Why We Should Welcome Bill C-377…

Many good-hearted members of Occupy Toronto were tricked on September 17th. The put a lot of hard work into preparing a rally for the anniversary of the Occupy movement. They painted signs, some busked for money to pay for the bus. There was a lot of genuine¬†good-heartedness¬†in their efforts- unfortunately, their good intentions were trampled …

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Oct 31

Occupy Victoria Gone Wild 2: Zoe Blunt Gets Nasty! (feat. Macdonald “End-Is-Nigh” Stainsby)

If you read my article about Occupy Victoria Gone Wild!, you’ve probably been expecting this. Vancouver Island Activistocrat Zoe Blunt has taken another attack on Victoria’s We Are Change (WAC) group. Blunt is a member of an “end-of-the-world” cult called the Deep Green Resistance (DGR). Before we get started, here are a few important facts …

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