[Updated] Why Do We Always See CUPE & Fred Hahn Hanging Out With Anarchists? (Feat. Brian De Matos)

UPDATE: Brian De Matos responded to the video Your Humble Narrator created on the YouTube page. It leaves me with a new question- why do so many people who hang out with Fred Hahn and CUPE feel the need to make threats when they’re exposed for their ignorance? Just another union affiliated thug who can’t …

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CUPE Assists OCAP Lawbreakers In Their Stupidest Protest Ever! (feat. Alex Hundert)

Events led by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty always make for an exciting story, yesterday’s housing protest was no exception. The fun began at Alan Gardens park where OCAP members bribed about 200 useful idiots to show up with food, free bus tokens and a license to create mayhem on the streets of Toronto. It …

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Will Toronto Police Allow OCAP To Setup Occupy Toronto 3.0 At Allan Gardens Park Tonight?

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has made an announcement that they plan to setup camp and occupy Allan Gardens Park tonight as part of a protest against gentrification. OCAP is a union sponsored organization that’s closely related with Sid Ryan at the Ontario Federation of Labour. They’re probably most well known for leading the …

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[UPDATED] Ontario Common Front: Where Unions, Activists & Anarchists Converge…

Update/Correction: Dan Beaudoin is not a member of the Indignants, but is very close with them. The Ontario Common Front describes itself as “a coalition of over 90 community groups and labour unions that represent millions of Ontarians”. Looking at their list of endorsing organizations one will see many Ontario unions- but, also, some of …

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More Laughs From Swamp Line 9 ‘Know Nothing’ Protesters (feat. Occupy Toronto Livestream)

On Thursday afternoon Ezra Levant did an epic show on Sun News sharing his discovery that the people fighting against Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline reversal had very little idea what they were protesting about. One person had the misguided belief that the oil would be filled with abrasive sand. Mike Roy of the London Ontario …

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