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Vegetative Liberal MPP Nominates Tomatoes As Ontario’s Official Vegetable! (Feat. Michael Colle)

Ontario has been going through a bit of a tomato madness the past few weeks. It all got started when Heinz shut down their Leamington, Ontario plant. The shutdown was part of a manufacturing industry exodus from the province, a trend many argue is in part due to Ontario’s outrageously high electricity costs. Each shut-down …

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Toronto Police Board Member Promotes #BlackLivesMatter Protest Against SIU Decision

Last July an officer in the Toronto Police Service shot and killed 44-year-old South Sudanese immigrant Andrew Loku inside of his apartment building. A few days later a group of anti-cop protestors organized a protest under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter Toronto. The protesters gathered and blocked the intersection of Allen Road at Eglinton Avenue interrupting the journies …

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Why I’m Considering Filing A Human Rights Complaint Against Buzzfeed Canada

I woke up on Saturday morning to read a shocking article about Buzzfeed Canada’s Senior Writer Scaachi Koul. I wasn’t upset with Buzzfeed’s intention to hire a diversity of writers; variety is a good thing, particularly when it comes to words and ideas. There’s also nothing illegal about running ethically managed affirmative action plan. If …

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Court Ruling Makes Serious Mistake Judging Gregory Alan Elliott’s Character

Courtroom 125 was quickly packed when the doors opened on Friday morning. Gregory Alan Elliott’s family and friends congregated towards the right side of the gallery, Stephanie Guthrie and her supporters on the left, and journalists dotted in-between. The room was overflowing by the time the judge walked in, he first ordered extra chairs and …

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Gregory Alan Elliott Twitter Trial Update: Crown Starts Off Relentless, Ends Hearing In Tears

Last Friday was the one-thousand and eighteenth day since Gregory Alan Elliott was arrested and charged for alleged criminal harassment of three politically connected social justice activists. The arrest caused Elliott to lose his job after over a decade of employment as a graphic artist with the City of Mississauga. Elliott’s bail terms have restricted him …

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