RCMP Tracked Extremist Attends TIDES Canada Funded “Indigenous Knowledge” Huckster Camp (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

In late February TIDES Canada President & CEO Ross McMillan wrote an angry letter to the RCMP. McMillan was upset by the release of an RCMP document obtained by Montreal’s La Presse analysing risks to Canada’s energy industry. TIDES was named for their connection to anti-energy protests, the document also identified the RCMP’s “most urgent” perceived threat …

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May Day Violence: Assault Charges Laid, More Thugs Identified! (Feat. Harsha Walia & Jakub Markiewicz)

In our last story about the Vancouver’s May Day celebrations we covered the violence that occurred when a group of thugs got into a clash with the police on Commercial Drive. The mayhem started when the thugs opened their “dance party” on the street, Vancouver Police told the crowd to stay off of the street but …

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Why Would The RCMP Disturb SFU Professor Tim Takaro’s Lunch? (Feat. Burnaby Mountain)

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from BC’s anti-pipeline protests on Burnaby Mountain it’s that Simon Fraser University has some seriously nutty professors. Nuttiest of all is English professor Stephen Collis, a man who writes poetry glorifying street violence like the Toronto G20. Then there was biology professor Lynne Quarmby (now a Green Party candidate) who claimed …

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Grand Chief Stewart Phillip Hoodwinks The Vancouver Sun (Feat. Peter O’Neill, Harsha Walia)

Earlier this week Vancouver Sun reporter Peter O’Neill wrote the naïvely titled story RCMP claim of B.C. anti-pipeline extremists shocks native, environmental leaders. From one perspective the story was gut-bustingly funny, blatant misinformation so poorly researched it could have come from the Vancouver Observer. But it was also profoundly disturbing- dangerously sloppy reporting that could potentially get people hurt. The story …

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Anarchists Accuse “Harper Government” Of Cancelling Dodgy Non-Profit PayPal Account (Feat. Shiri Pasternak)

After three and a half years studying anarchist appropriation of indigenous voices, one lesson I’ve learned is that organizations with the word “Solidarity” in their names are often a good place to look. Barriere Lake Solidarity is an excellent example- more anarchists than a G20 bail hearing, close connections with the pro-violence AgitProp extremists at the Media Co-Op, and more …

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