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Welcome Media Co-Op Readers! (Do they receive Government Funding?)

It appears that Media Co-Op has linked to my site! This organization is one of Canada’s foremost producer of violence inciting media. Something to be proud of! (if you are a Black Bloc terrorist…) Media Co-Op is most famous for filming Harsha Walia’s racist & sexist hate video a filmed at Irwin Oostende’s  rave club/media …

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The Cancer of Occupy by Chris Hedges

_____________________________________________________________ What’s the Link Between Kevin O’Leary, Chris Hedges & The Reverend Billy Talen? Please read this article by Chris Hedges– arguably the most prominent writer of the Occupy Movement. Chris has been with Occupy Wall Street since the start. I remember watching him on Livestream during the early days of OWS- his words were …

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An Anonymous Warning To The Black Bloc

Great video from Anonymous on the Black Bloc issue that details how Black Bloc tactics are hurting the movement. The video begins with images of the G8 in Montebello Quebec- where the Quebec Provincial Police infiltrated the demonstrators and tried to incite violence…. Related articles An Anonymous plea to BlackBloc… (www.genuinewitty.com) Are Black Bloc Tactics Terrorism? (www.genuinewitty.com) …

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Another Letter to Garry Neil at The Council Of Canadians

Garry, When we spoke a couple of weeks ago, I explained how I can understand your position that Bob Ages and other employees of the CoC are participating on their own time at Occupy Vancouver, and not as employees of the Council of Canadians. But, as we both agreed, there is some transference from the Olympic …

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An Anonymous plea to BlackBloc…

Someone with Anonymous (who will probably stay anonymous, lol) wrote a short essay to the Occupy Oakland Black Bloc. Their sentiment is perfectly aligned with mine so thought I’d share. I posted this on the Occupy BC facebook page earlier today. It seems that Raincoaster found it- her comment is quite interesting…

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