Something Good Occupy Vancouver stands for!

Beyond all of the silliness of the Tent Council, and people who like to dress-up like ninja’s, Occupy Vancouver has real meaning. It is a shame the above mentioned people have to destroy that…
Here’s a Media Release just out from OV, that I stand behind 110%!

For Immediate Release

MEDIA COMMUNICATION — Occupy Vancouver Issues Challenge to Municipal Elections Candidates Re: Campaign Contributions

Occupy Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territory, November 14, 2011 –

Occupy Vancouver has send letters to all municipal candidates
challenging them to immediately reveal the sources and amounts of
all campaign donations greater than $100, including any money collected
outside the elections cycle by 11:59pm Thursday, November 17, or
face the music on Election Day.

Occupy Vancouver’s General Assembly condemns the influence of
corporate money on Vancouver’s elections and municipal
decision-making. “Corporations are effectively buying elections,” says
Eric Hamilton-Smith, a protester and organizer at Occupy Vancouver,
“As a result of this influence, elected officials tend to create
policies that benefit their financiers’ interests rather than the
interests of the people who elect them into office. This is
particularly problematic here in Vancouver, where big developers have
contributed to an affordable housing crisis.”

According to Tristan Markle, author for The Mainlander and Occupy
Vancouver organizer, “The big developers need prices to stay high in
order to ensure maximum profits. To protect these donors, the NPA and
Vision will go to great lengths to maintain the unaffordable status

According to data from the Vancouver Sun, the lion’s share of campaign
contributions received by both the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) and
Vision Vancouver come from big developers. In 2008, approximately
two-thirds of campaign money raised by Vision Vancouver was from
corporations, including half a million from developers. The NPA also
raised half a million from developers that same year.

At the November 13th 2011 General Assembly, Occupiers agreed by
consensus to the following two proposals:

1. Removal of the influence of corporate contributions from municipal
elections so that citizens—not corporations—are put at the forefront
in municipal decision-making.

In order to achieve this, Occupiers suggest the following reforms:
• Establish limits on the amount of money candidates can spend while
• Establish limits on the amount of money any one person can donate to
a candidate or political party
• Prohibit corporations and other entities from donating money to
election campaigns
• Prohibit donations from non-BC residents

2. Establishment of real transparency in municipal campaign finance by
requiring candidates and parties to reveal their donors and amounts
before, not long after an election is over as is current practice.

Occupy Vancouver is giving all candidates until 11:59pm Thursday,
November 17th to make their campaign contributions publicly available
online or be held to account by voters on Saturday.


If you would like more information or would like to schedule an
interview, please contact:

Communications Work-Group,
Occupy Vancouver Media Committee,
[email protected]

Occupy Vancouver is a non-violent political movement to transform the
unequal, unfair, and growing disparity in the distribution of power
and wealth in Vancouver and around the globe.


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  1. why can’t that remain OVan’s focus? this stuff is brilliant.

    1. That’s exactly the question I’ve been asking…

      I brought up this issue 2 months ago! The response was “we don’t need no stinkin’ issues!” Madness…

    • Ksuzie on November 16, 2011 at 01:14
    • Reply

    My only fear is that if people vote for independents then Anton will get in because she has a lot of support. Gregor is not perfect…but I don’t want a right wing city government. We already have a right wing (despite thier name) provincial governement, and a right wing federal government. I may be wrong, but I get the feeling Gregor would be more open to new ideas than Anton. If the independents had had more of a chance to gain momentum before this election, I might feel differently.

    1. I actually kind of like Anton more than Gregor. While started a manufacturer of overpriced juice, she spent her time creating sports programmes for kids in the DTES. I never thought I’d say such a thing, but Gregor is inconsistent- and the more I watch him, the more he looks like nothing more than a hairdo…

      I think Anton’s problem is that she is hanging out with the wrong kids. Rumor has it her advisors used to work for Rob Ford…

      A good friend of mine gave some advice on voting today- she said it is best not to let any one party have too much power. Basically, mix it up, and don’t vote by party lines.

      Our problem is campaign finance and apathy . Only Anton & Gregor have the cash to get their names out there. This is an issue that OV is working on, we’re having a meeting about this on Friday. If you have time, I’d like to invite you to join. It would give you an opportunity to see that there are many hard working professional people at OV.

      I’ve been working on a similar initiative in federal government where I recently got buy-in from Joyce Murray.

      Will you join us? At the minimum, we’d have the opportunity to meet and talk in-person…

    • Ksuzie on November 16, 2011 at 02:04
    • Reply

    I have a class tomorrow night or I would. Actually tomorrow is a busy day because I’m behind on a class project being presented tomorrow and I will be scrambling to get things done between other obligations. Another time between now and election day–you can fill me in? I know it’s getting clost to that time!

    1. Of course, I’ll keep you updated. Nice talking with you tonight- you seem like an interesting person…

    • Ksuzie on November 16, 2011 at 02:05
    • Reply


    • Ksuzie on November 16, 2011 at 02:23
    • Reply

    Thanks, you too. I respect and appreciate the time you’ve taken to do such good writing and really present a fair view of all this. You have pointed out the reasons for supporting occupy vancouver as well as some areas where it can improve. I’m glad I found your blog. I will have more time to meet up after this week, perhaps at the end of the week. Keep in touch.

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