The Battle Has Only Begun! (In response to my demands…)

Hi Everybody!

Yes, admittedly, my choice of language was inciting. I expect your list of demands to be inciting too! If they’re not, then you are probably not speaking from your heart! At this point in the game, smudging it all with political correctness seems quixotic…

It warms my heart to hear so many people could see through the cloud of offense and understand my intent. If you are still unsure, and need inspiration, please listen to The Beatles’ Revolution and have another read.

Abbie Hoffman had it right when he threw his stack of bills over the traders at the NYSE. He showed the world what pigs the bankers are! We need to think this way too!

The only thing we need not do is anything that doesn’t give benefit to the 99%. So, great to shutdown the national banker’s convention but not so good to shutdown a retail branch in the future (though, that was fun!) Rather than block traffic for workers at rush-hour, block the road in front of the cement mixers that are helping gentrify our city!

But, be careful about blocking the gas trucks- I saw it happen in the UK, and it really pissed off the 99%!We are transitioning into phase two of our movement- whatever that may be. We need to enter this place with a new perspective, one where we analyze PR impact on the hearts & minds of the people we are working to help! If we can do this, we will undoubtedly, have victory!

Love you all! (even Harsha, I mean it)

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