The People Don’t Trust the Government Who Don’t Trust The People…

There are tears on my face at this moment. On one side, our provincial courts have shut-down OccupyVancouver 1.0, and the city is working on turbo to make sure the movement stays shut down…

I feel like Chief Iron Eyes Cody, looking at the land as it betrays me, and some judge just threw a bag of garbage on my moccasins.

I know little about the person who made this decision- but I do know that Mayor Gregor reneged on his initial promise to us that the Occupy movement is a global phenomenon, and should not be resolved locally. He was my hero when he said that- now he is only Plasticman to me (the haircut, his company that pumps out 1000’s of plastic bottles each day, and the elasticity of his promises.)

As I shared with you on Twitter a couple of nights ago Mayor Gregor, the people don’t trust the politicians who don’t trust the people. If I were to distill the Occupy Movement to one single issue, this would be the one.

So, what are you going to do about this? You gave us permission to start it, you have some responsibility to having us find a way to keep Occupy Vancouver’s original spirit alive. Because, you & Suzanne put a lot of pressure on these kids in your cynical battle for ‘power’…

Or, were you full of it when you first said you believed in this movement’s right to exist?  WTF?

And, Judge, you’re smarter than all this- you are being used to oppress the voice of the politically awakened. You are not protecting those who are currently asleep- but, they will certainly not have much respect for you when they wake up. Is this the legacy you wanted to leave behind when you started your career?

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    • Just a man on November 23, 2011 at 16:36
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    Very thoughtful post, Greg. Thanks. I feel your frustration and pain. OccupyVancouver 1.0 is dead, long live OccupyVancouver 2.0!

  1. I cried today too. But there is hope. We’ve got a long way to go but we’re on the right path. Momentum is carrying the movement along and more of the public is seeing the truth. Keep up the good work and we shall overcome.

  2. Noni. There is hope- I have no doubt about that. Very soon (perhaps before NYE) the people will realize we are in the midst of the worst depression the people have ever seen. The Occupy movement will be ready and waiting…

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