Need I say more???

Let’s Play Spot The Ninja!

Home Page for APC

Google Images search for “Anti-poverty committee”

Google Images search for “Anti-poverty committee” “HARSHa Walia”

Slideshow of APC Members: Great photography!

MySpace Page

Here’s some more Ninja propaganda for NoII to distribute!

Harsha supports the APC!

Macdonald Stainsby asking for what time/start of the next APC action

Something Quatchi insisted I add…

Institute for Anarchist Studies

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    • Another Nick on December 15, 2011 at 18:46
    • Reply

    Yes,… far more.

    You haven’t even begun to scratch the surface – Dig Deeper – Much Deeper.

    Here are some ticklers…

    The Revolution Business

    CIA Coup College

    Occupy – A Globalist Agenda

    U.S. Ambassador Montgomery Supervises American Agents in IRI and USAID, Which Fund the ‘Opposition Six’!

    USAID Transition Initiatives

    CANVAS[ing] For The Nonviolent Propaganda Offensive: Propaganda In The Service Of Imperial Projects

    Global “Revolution” Plotters Backed, Financed by US State Dept, George Soros, CANVAS

    1. But, everyone at #OccupyVancouver tells me our ninjas are only confused kiddies in Value Village costumes! The National Post calls them “leftovers”. How can you be so sure?

      Harsha supports illegal immigrants and poverty pimps- how could this help foreign governments?

      And, if true, why no mention of the TIDES Foundation?

    • Another Nick on December 15, 2011 at 19:52
    • Reply

    “illegal immigrants and poverty pimps- how could this help foreign governments?”
    I’ll let you ponder that question as the answer is repeatedly found in the aforementioned links.

    One more reference…

    Think bigger – much bigger. You’re staring at the bark, unaware of the forest.

    1. I’ve had my eye on TIDES for a while. But, this is one the first bits of information that makes a direct connection to Soros.

      I believe Soros was also funding Adbusters, and supported Robin Hood Tax (the OV march where few understood why they marched).

      I’ve asked @soros to chime in, but (as expected) there was no response. Lol

  1. […] Anti-Poverty Committee:  group who were involved in the attack on the Hudson Bay Company that destroyed the anti-Olympic protest movement on the day David curiously neglected to send legal observers. […]

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