David Suzuki is Buying Ads Using the Keyword “Occupy Vancouver”…


David Suzuki came to OV, it was inspiring to have such a big name TV star come speak to us at OV! Later, he sent a couple very excellent PR gurus to teach us a thing or two about how to make and communicate with media.

I’m still working on making Lisa Johnson smile at me again! Please Lisa, can I buy you a coffee? Or, perhaps a triple shot of Tequila? Are you feeling the heat?

Anyhow, back to the subject, I typed “Occupy Vancouver” into Google a few times today, and found that each time came up with an ad for the Suzuki Foundation! David, I’m so happy you are able to get some benefit out of the OV name- you should see what the Black Bloc have done!

David's feeling the heat for Lisa Johnson too! (And Quatchi of course!)

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