Occupations Gone Bad… (Denver & Vancouver got hit by a boulder…)

Linked from the DenverPost- can we be more sensational guys!

An article was shared with me today about the goings-on in Denver. They are apparently experiencing some hard times. Here’s a quote from it: (click for link)

“Our decision is based on festering frustrations with a small sector of OD who continue to marginalize, silence, and threaten our communities and ally communities. Despite the hard work of many involved in OD, its political platform continues to be framed by and for economically privileged, hyper-nationalist white heterosexual males. Experiences of race, gender, class, nationality, immigration status, and a multitude of other identities continue to be buried underneath the dominant “We are the 99%” narrative.

Attempts to dislodge the monopolizing of space in OD have been consistently met with threats, slander, snitch-jacketing, and other tactics of intimidation. From the start, despite our un-flinching support, our collective and other allies have been called everything from agent provocateurs to femi-nazis to pedophiles…”

This sounds a lot like what has been happening at Occupy Vancouver. And, while I fully expect that most of us are useful idiots, we most certainly do suffer from the influence of external organizations. Here’s the response I shared with them:

I will keep you updated on any progress, this could be quite interesting. Until then, if you haven’t already read Min Reyes’ article: Occupy Vancouver: Vindictive Occupy Everyone Who Questions.


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  1. I have not sensed that at all, but I guess I’m not actually living at the occupation. But I know the people running OD’s Facebook and Twiiter accounts are constantly posting things like the GA has voted to stand in solidarity with the AIM and participate in their demonstrations, or most recently there’s been a lot going out about acceptance of transgendered Occupiers. The only in fighting and division I’m aware of is a split between those who want to be non violent and those who don’t. But I’m not down there 24-7, so maybe I’m missing something.

  1. […] people who support the violent and anti-social tactics used by people in occupations like Oakland, Denver and Vancouver. Before you start questioning Chris Hedge’s cred, please tell us how many […]

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