This Guy is Criticising My Activism (Should I take him seriously?)

Just thought I’d share something funny. Darius Mirshahi is one of my new stalkers since I moved to Ontario. He’s a half-assed rapper, and a purveyor of cheap trinkets who appears to be working on a degree in ad-hominem.

Outside of selling landfill, Darius spends a lot of time following me on the Occupy is an Inside Job page on Facebook. He makes many damning accusations- like this brilliantly worded piece:

So, should I be concerned about Darius’s opinion? Should I take his words to-heart and change my ways? I have a poll for you my dear readers to help me decide:

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    • Hesus on March 19, 2012 at 14:38
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    kill yourself fool.

    1. Wow- deep man!

  1. […] even labelled it as a provocation! And, of course, our friend Darius Mirshahi, purveyor of sacred landfill, had to have his say. But, I am taking your advice dear readers and not taking him seriously […]

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