Is it Time to De-Occupy Rogers Mobile? (With a hammer…)

I’m absolutely sick & tired of Rogers mobile phone service. Not only are they overpriced, but Rogers has incredibly bad service. Let me tell you about both…

I used to have a shared account with another person. We had so many problems with Rogers’ billing that, during a period of a couple of months, we spent at least 25 hours on the phone with Rogers ‘customer service’. It caused a lot of stress in my friendship.

In December, I upgraded my data plan one day too late. The result was that I was assigned data charges of over $500 for a single day of usage! When this crazy bill came in January we both tried to have it reduced- but Rogers would have none of it, they insisted it was fair to charge that much. The whole affair left quite a bad taste in my mouth- to say the least!

I upgraded my phone to a better model in January. And, a couple of days later we split our account to two personal accounts. Rogers didn’t transfer the charges for my phone purchase to my account- already a screw-up. We’ll get to this issue more in a moment.

Last Sunday, out of frustration with Rogers, I tweeted a public complaint:

Very quickly, I got a response from Rogers:

That was impressive- at first! But, after over a couple of hours of back-and-forth messages, we hit a roadblock- Rogers needed authorization from my friend to look into her account. I mailed her, and she mailed them back about an hour later.

I’ve had no response from Rogers ever since. I told her I was ready to shut my Rogers account, and that this was hinging on the results. But, no results…

Then, this morning, I find that my account has been cut-off- it appears they finally transferred the charges for the phone upgrade without telling me. Outrage!

I called Rogers, spoke with three people- ending with a call with a manager who was not at all helpful, quite the opposite. I told her that I’m going to go to Wind Mobile, with a hammer, and will register a new account there.

Why a hammer? Because, as I told her, once the new account is registered, I will be using the hammer to smash my Rogers phone- and, I will be using my new Wind phone to film the action. I even invited Wind Mobile to help me promote the video and make it go viral!

So, I’ve just got a call back from someone who seemed entirely unhelpful with my problem. I told him about the hammer- let’s see what happens. If it goes bad, I will be sharing a video of me smashing my Rogers Samsung Captivate phone…

In the meantime, please follow my new Twitter account! @Rogers1Number1

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  1. Great post – thanks for sharing! It’s important to document all of these cases. I think what’s most frustrating is that they keep saying “we’re improving our policies etc. etc. etc.” bust nothing ever changes.

    I’ve added this post to my list of bad rogers customer service links on my blog….and feel free to add my post too! “9 ways Rogers Communications delivers terrible customer service through social media”

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