The Foibles of Ken Collier- Chair of The Council of Canadians in Red Deer

Ken Collier of The Council of Canadians

People, I’m worried about something. The more I hear about the upcoming May Day actions and General Strike, the more I get the feeling that something bad is going to happen. And, when I mean something bad- I mean violence. I started getting this feeling about a week ago, after I heard stories from people at Occupy Toronto who were at the planning group last weekend.

First, this group includes known radicals like No One Is Illegal- that’s bad enough. But, also, there was apparently a lot of manoeuvring that evening and changing of rules that appeared specifically meant to keep the ‘established’ activists in-power, and others out of power. I can’t quantify much more than this- but, my Spidey senses are tingling at 110% right now…

So, I made one last ditch attempt to get through to the Council of Canadians today- sending out one of my #SacredProvocations to Garry Neil, and to the regional leaders of all CoC offices across the country:

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Yes, it was a bit naughty of me- but, I can’t think of what else to do at this moment. As I explained a few times in the past- the CoC’s let the Black Bloc genie out of the bottle during the Olympics, and they have a responsibility to help put them back in there…

Pretty quickly, I got a rather unexpected response from Ken Collier- the Chair of the Red Deer chapter:

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Hmmm, either this guy has really bad judgement-, and sent out a slanderous link about me without checking the facts- or, he is mean and vengeful. Either way, how did he get to such a high position at the CoC’s? Or, is this the reason he got there…

Here’s my response to Ken:

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I’m really getting sick & tired of the Council of Canadians. I’m about ready to say they have reached their sell-by date. I’ll have to say, that if the CoC’s cop-out once more now, and something bad happens during the May Day celebrations (or any other time in the near future) it will be clear that it is time for them to retire Maude Barlow out to pasture, liquidate the furniture & office equipment, and let a more competent and brave organization take over.

Last chance saloon CoC’s- will you please stand up and take responsibility for your past blunders now? Show us what you’ve got Ken, Garry & Maude!

Perhaps This Maude Could Do A Better Job?

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