All’s Quiet on the Occupy Front

We had a long march today against the police violence that happened to an Occupier one week ago. The crowd was a mix of Occupiers and a large number of Black Bloc. Despite a lot of tension, all ended up being peaceful.


Some of the police who followed us

We had a mix of police on bicycles, horses and some cars. At one point, just off Younge St, it seemed they were ready to kettle us- however, nobody was arrested. They were ready for it though, had a paddy wagon trailing us for a couple of hours…


The march ended at St. James Park at around 8pm. There was a sense of kinship and collective relief as we gathered in the Gazebo.


We then walked down to Cloud Gardens, the location of our new occupation after our eviction from Osgoode Hall. It is a lovely space- grass, flowers, nice lighting and a white noise in the background from a waterfall.


All’s well that ends well…

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