An Open Letter To Jon Allan About The Robocall Rallies

Screenshot from Jon's Facebook page

Dear Jon,

First, let me make it clear- I like you, and enjoyed the moments we worked together on the Robocall rallies. You seem to be an intelligent, straightforward, and amicable person. So, I must say, I’m totally confused what you are doing these days with the rallies- you seem to have gone off the rails.

As I’ve explained, I was not at all impressed with how you broke the democracy of our group by adding new speakers and changing the mission statement from “investigation now” to “new election now” without a vote amongst the organizers. But, that’s done now, and I’m happy to let you go your own way.

But, even after I’ve pointed out the misrepresentation of the ‘6 million calls’ I see today you are still promoting the same thing now. This is deeply disappointing Jon, and misrepresenting the story like this while calling for a new election is dangerously undemocratic. To be honest, your rhetoric scares me.

I’ll be attending your next rally Jon, and seriously hope you will tone-down the rhetoric this time. You are not doing our country any favours by jumping the gun- let’s have a full investigation, and then a new election. Okay?


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