The International Socialists Want Violence In The Occupy Movement!


I’ve always felt some trepidation towards Fox News North– but, from time-to-time, they really hit the nail on the head. It was truly a difficult decision to publish this piece on my blog because it features ‘the devil incarnate’ for progressives, Andrew Breitbart

When Breitbart says “the anarchists and the socialists within would use their time-tested strategies of poking & prodding the police to create a Kent State moment” he is referring to the very same theories I’ve been referring to as Black Bloc and Trotskyist philosophies. And he’s right when he says they want a situation “where the police and the authorities overreacted to this innocent group of people…and use the International media to foment a revolution.”

Tear gas being shot at the students during the Kent State Massacre

This was filmed back in October, and he couldn’t have got things more right when he said that “they’re looking for a Rodney King incident.” They got that when the Trayvon Martin incident occurred. And, if you Google “Trayvon Martin” and “International Socialistsyou will find over 2600 hits! that this organization’s fingerprints are all over the “Million Hoodie March.”

Ezra Lavant mentions how the Mohawk Warriors had a significant presence at Occupy Toronto. I can confirm this, as I met many of them while I was researching OT’s sacred fire incidents (which I will write about in more depth later.) One of the more militant of the group was a close friend and associate of Kevin Annett is an International Socialist who played a con-game with the Indigenous community when he faked the discovery of a mass grave in Brantford, Ontario.

Jayson Fleury, Mohawk Warrior and associate of David Eby & Harsha Walia being arrested at Occupy Toronto

If I saw this video during the first couple weeks of the Canadian Occupy movement I would probably have laughed it off as a joke. But, each day I research into the players behind the Occupy movement, and the philosophies they are pushing, I become more convinced that this is true. Not to mention people like George Soros ‘predicting’ violence this summer.

It all began with David Eby, his connections with the Black Bloc and his history of cop-baiting. Then onto Toronto where I learned about Judy Rebick and her support of the leaders in the Black Bloc movement. And the latest, and probably most significant connection of Kevin Annett and his fraudulent bones.

So, dear Occupiers, I warn you to be very careful over the next few weeks. In particular, I suggest you are all very careful with your participation on May Day- I’ve heard rumours that there is a strong likelihood that useful idiots from the Black Bloc may show-up and raise some hell. Then, on June 21st, there is talk on the street that there will be a violent uprising of the Indigenous community- guns and all.

There is a popular Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times.” We are there now, let’s hope too many innocents don’t get hurt…

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