Story Of The Robocall Rallies, Palestine House, JDL, International Socialists, Judy Rebick And A Cryptic Coptic!

Jon Allen speaking from the bed of the ‘Palestine House’ truck..

I didn’t think much about it when Jon Allan mentioned he had a friend from the Palestinian community who would be helping us plan and marshal our parade route. Jon said he was an expert at setting-up rallies, and it was good to know we’d have someone experienced to help make the first rally possible.

When he came to our second planning meeting this man was, indeed, a wealth of knowledge. He was able to help us with the details- things like we shouldn’t plan a parade route that makes a left-turn, as that would block traffic and the city would be unlikely to give approval. We were on the right track, and things were looking good…

But, after I started to get the feeling that something was not right about the direction of the rally, I started to investigate more deeply and was rather surprised to discover we were working with a rather controversial group that have deep connections to Judy Rebick and the International Socialists!

The deeper I dig into the Robocall Rallies, the more it appears they are not what they appear to be on the surface…

Palestine House is an organization with a rather coloured history. Last summer they were facing, and denied, allegations of being involved with human smuggling. They lost federal government funding last year due to breaking the rules about non-profits engaging in political activity. They also appear to have a rather rocky relationship with the Jewish Defence League (JDL) who have held protests outside of their building.

The photographer from the JDL who was busy taking pictures…

The JDL link was interesting to discover because I remember on the day of the first Robocall Rally someone pointed-out to me that a member of the JDL was taking pictures of the inside of the truck. Someone suggested I get a couple of pictures of him- it all felt a bit like a game of Spy-vs-Spy.

When researching if their connections with the International Socialists, I discovered that Google has over 1,300 links connecting them. One of the more telling links is where the IS denounce how the government de-funded Palestine House– curiously, they play it off as a political move, and ignore the fact that PH were breaking the law by engaging in political activity. And, yes, it probably was a political move- but, it was PH who made the mistake of breaking the law now, isn’t it?

Have a look at the license plate “Al Quds”

Now, have a look at the license plate of the truck that is being used for the Robocall Rallies “Al Quds1”. The Al-quds Brigades are a millitant wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad that are labelled as a terrorist organization in Canada! Personally, I find it rather disturbing to find an organization like this calling to have a new election without even waiting for an investigation- don’t you?

Imam Zafar Bangash speaking at the first Robocall Rally

If you thought that was concerning, this next part gets even better. One of the speakers who came from Palestine House was Zafar Bangash, a radical Imam who is a racist, homophobe who has threatened that if the West attacks Iran “Jews may be singled-out for revenge!” Talk about strange-bedfellows for a rally about Canadian politics!

Now, this is where the story starts to get weird. Because, right after his speech we had Mathew Carroll from get up on the “Al-quds truck” and call for a Canadian Spring! Followed by a friend of Jon Allan’s who was supposedly one of the leaders of the Arab Spring!

I say weird, not only because we had an Englishman calling for a Canadian revolution shortly after a racist & homophobic Imam on the back of the “Al-quds” truck. But also because his organization,, has Judy Rebick as one of their major advisers, and Judy is a Jewish, American-born, gay feminist! Can you see how this is a little bit confusing?

Well, it turns-out that Judy Rebick has been a major supporter of Palestine House for many years now. Judy is also a supporter of the International Socialists, and supports Marxist/Trotskyist politics. So, I guess this next image shouldn’t be too surprising:

Robocall flyer handed-out by some Middle-Eastern members of the Canadian Communist Party!

Okay, not surprising, but it is certainly alarming! Here we have the Communist Party calling for the immediate resignation of the government for an incident that hasn’t yet been proven in the courts! I really have to wonder if Jon Allan knows what he is getting into here- after all, it was he who invited these people to speak without calling for a vote with the people who were supposedly working as a ‘team’ on the rally…

I wrote about Sherif Azir in a past article about the Robocall rallies- he raised a lot of eyebrows when he spoke at the first rally and called for a “New World Order”. In my second article criticising the rallies I mentioned that I was not convinced that Sherif was who he said he was.

Many people who have watched the video of Sherif speaking that day have made similar comments about his appearance, this is what drove me to ask the question. I was surprised when Jon told me he was a Coptic Christian- particularly because he was dressed like an Arab- he was even wearing a kaffir! My Coptic friend has confirmed this is rather unusual. Perhaps he purchased his kaffir from the Communist Party table?

Communist Party of Canada selling kaffir scarves at the last Toronto Robocall Rally.

So, that’s where the story of the Robocall Rallies, Palestine House, the International Socialists, Judy Rebick and the cryptic Coptic stands as of today. I’ll be attending the next Robocall rally this weekend and will definitely be sharing an update with you after.

And, Jon Allen, if you wish to clear-up anything you think I may have got wrong, I’ll be very happy to print retractions where necessary. But, if you continue ignoring my important questions, we’ll all have to wonder what you have to hide here…

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  1. Reblogged this on Toronto Movement Against Voter Suppression.

    • bonnibrai on April 24, 2012 at 19:42
    • Reply Lots more here Greg .Good work !!

    1. Thanks for the information! (and the compliment)

    • Occultpie Myass on April 24, 2012 at 20:23
    • Reply

    No one likes a Jew. They are dispensable don’t ya know! It’s a well known fact, especially in the OTME camps that Jews are the cause of all the worlds troubles and they control everything. But don’t worry, they’re not anti-Semites, no sir! And they will remove any Jew bashing on their page as long as you point it out several times and to several people and beg to have the offender denounced, this way they appear to be upholding their “safe” space policies.
    P.S. No one likes fat people either. It’s a free for all for all the Jew haters and fat shamers.

    1. I’ve noticed hints of antisemitism from the “usual suspects” running OTME. This is deeply sad. If you have evidence where this has occurred, I’d be very interested in seeing them…

    • abu hanoud on April 29, 2012 at 22:48
    • Reply

    greg ….. AL QUDS mean Jerusalem. And the truck is not for PH as you and the JDL call it. You and your JDL friends will see that truck in all the upcoming rallies for freedom and free speech. I am so happy that truck is pain in your and there ass.

    1. Al-quds meant Jerusalem may years ago- I know that. But, today, it is called Jerusalem. lol

      I’m all for rallies for freedom and free speech. My problem is rallies that lie about six million calls…

    • Celina on May 19, 2012 at 22:50
    • Reply

    Really? In the bible (1st Testament) Jerusalem is referred to as Yerushaliyim. Which is Jerusalem in Hebrew.

    • jayson fleury on May 21, 2012 at 11:42
    • Reply

    Now i know who you are….sticking up for your bosses in terms of their not guilty of fraud election…ok now we know who you are…typical old skool tactics of finger pointing and blaming….welp….you ppl carry on….lets see who can live off the land after this summer…..thank you for sharing this intel…jf

    1. Jayson,

      You need to work on your reading comprehension. What I said is that there should be a trial before there is a conviction. Considering you are currently going through the court system, I figured you’d agree with that. Or, should the judge just sentence you before hearing your case?


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