Is York Professor David McNally (Former Head of the International Socialists) a Black Bloc Ringleader?

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Remember I questioned how curious it was for the CBC to be using a professor from the ultra-radical York University as an expert on Black Bloc during the G20? Well, it seems my Spidey senses were right…

David McNally appears to have a strong relationship with a number of Black Bloc radicals! Have a look at this clipping from the Acknowledgements section of his book entitled: Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance

Holy Hannah Batman! His acknowledgements include No One Is Illegal! How did the people at the CBC not catch this conflict of interest? Were they asleep at the wheel, or is there something more to the story?

Also, notice the close connections to Dave Vasey, Farrah Miranda from No One Is IllegalBlack Blocker Taylor (Pottymouth/Flook) Chelsea, Black Block supporter Judy Rebick, and Red Diaper Baby Naomi Klein! Are you noticing a bit of a pattern here? (Hint: You will find them on my chart!)

Not enough for you? Well, there’s more! David McNally was also one the head of the International Socialists! And, it appears that McNally was deeply involved in building a fusion of Marxism & Anarchism. Ringing any more bells for you here people?

Face it Occupy Toronto, your movement has been taken over by a radical extremist group! Isn’t it time to finally ‘Fire the Liars’ and get-on with your movement? Because, the International Socialists are well-known for their capacity to try to destroy individuals. What you watched them do to me could be you next…

And, to the programmers at CBC News– are you fucking kidding me? Is your research department so lazy that they let this slip by, or is your organization as corrupt as Brian Lilley says you are? It is really time for you to get your shit together guys!

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  1. my thoughts are occupy van is totally infiltrated by people like this as well. Not so much out here in vic.

    1. Oh, I know Occupy Vancouver is infiltrated like this, and most of us from there know who the cast of characters. I’ll be writing about them, of course- but, first I’ll take care of Toronto….

    • Horatio Dunesbury on May 2, 2012 at 09:35
    • Reply

    please guys, Occupy is not “inflitrated” by people like that, Occupy IS people like that.

  2. CBC is a big part of this problem. I hate it when they promote such obvious liars and thugs – and virtually never get called-out for it (well except here Greg)

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